Bifurcation: The Time of Choice

Busy Busy Dreamtime!

With the proliferation of all of my resent expansive dreams, I have gone beyond trying to interpret or make any sense of them. NOTHING seems to make sense anymore, neither my dreamtime, nor my daily life. Perhaps that’s because life, as we have known it, doesn’t makes any sense to me either.

When I awoke this morning, I felt a deep loss of the world I used to know, both personally and globally. A world that used to bring me joy and satisfaction. But that world has slipped away. Instead, I am seeing all the chaos and disruptions in the world playing out on their individual stages of war, mass killings, withdrawal of human rights, political battles, etc, with people called to action in massive demonstrations. But none of this feels real. It all feels irrelevant to me. Not that I don’t have compassion for those who are experiencing these things. I feel deep compassion. But, I no longer feel part of that world, nor the need to engage and add my energy to it. I no longer belong in the world of chaos.

I have to ask: Is humanity experiencing a collective global healing via all this disruption? Or a bifurcation? And what part am I meant to play in any of this?

The following is the answer I received from my Inner Wisdom according to my personal soul path. Perhaps you may find some relevant words of wisdom here, as well:

In many ways we could say this is a bifurcation as a “point of choice” for every human on the planet at this time. This is an epic year of revelation for humanity. As our light shines more brightly, all that has been hidden in the shadows for eons of time is now being revealed and seen for the very first time, much of it very shocking and overwhelming.

The time has come for each individual to weigh in with their heart and make a choice: whether to continue living within the collective thought matrix as it continues to implode upon itself, or step into the freedom of their own sovereignty.

For many the choice is an easy one, but carrying it out is far more challenging. There are so many entanglements that keep drawing us back into its web: family, friends, careers, health, religion, politics, and group attachments. These are things that have defined who we think ourselves to be. By departing from the collective consciousness, it feels as though all of these people and things become lost to us.
We feel the web dissolving and there is nothing holding life in place anymore. Thus, we feel untethered, floating in a void, in an abyss of the unknown. Now you realize why it is so difficult for humanity to do this!

As uncomfortable and challenging as this is, it is an appropriate phase of transformation. A temporary phase, until we acclimate to this new way of living as sovereign beings, living fully in the present moment, free of the antiquated matrix of old timelines. This is where all our new potentials await. But we can not fully step into the new until we have completely detached from the old.

We each have a choice and we are each on our own personal timeline, even though it will take humanity several years to move through this chaos of disengaging. It will serve you well to remove yourself from all that no longer serves you without comparing yourself to others. What is required is a complete trust in your own soul path. Although this sovereign shift in consciousness requires everyone to do this solo, know that you are never alone. You are more fully present with your Soul and your I AM than you ever have been. Herein lies the wisdom for you to step fully into your new potentials and create anew.

On a soul level you are aware of this. And yet your human aspect has not embodied the true knowing of it as yet. Allow yourself to feel the emptiness as a gift, as the freedom from the perils of the old world. Recall your prior experiences of transitioning from nothingness into form during your initial incarnation and creation of this planet. We are now completing that cycle by returning from substance to nothingness in order to create a new reality in the quantum field, instead of creating via structure and thought via duality.

Take time for a sojourn with your GodSelf. Withdraw from your external world for a period of time, a few hours, days, or even a few weeks. Continue to shift your point of consciousness away from the complications which used to give your human ego sustenance. Make a commitment to your SELF to go deeper via your own Soul expression, be it writing, artwork, music, immersion in nature or simply being in the silence with your own Soul. Herein you will find the true substance of life.

Rest assured, all is well. If you have read this far, it’s because you have already chosen. You are exactly where you need to be. You have reached a point in which there is nothing you need do other than the simple actions required for the comfort of your physical body or anything that expands your joy. Energy is in service to you and everything is being provided that you will ever need. Take pleasure in the simplicity of daily life. Relax and allow your energy to serve you. Simply flow one day at a time, one moment at a time, until you have fully anchored into the new.

There are echos of this message from many others who are on a similar path. So even though you are stepping into your sovereignty, you are not alone. And your presence as a wayshower is important for those who are now awakening simply via your Presence. Although it feels like it has been a long time coming, things are moving very quickly now. Allow the flow to carry you. Be at peace and continue to allow your Soul to lead the way, knowing all is well.

**By Sharon Lyn Shepard


4 Replies to “Bifurcation: The Time of Choice”

  1. Claudia

    PS: You are right and you’re not. Probabjy depending from where you’re looking at it. From a human standpoint it has been as bad as in not wishing that process on ones worst enemy. I have experienced those gaps on a daily basis (for + 2000 days) but never got used to them bc not one is the same. And I have and still am experiencing what some articles of late are saying about what implementing the I Am Presence does to the thought process. But ONLY bc I had totally disconnected from “my old world”, which btw. I did not experience as “free will or choice”. THAT had been layed out before “incarnating this time” as I could see for myself one night some years ago.

    So was it complicated TO GET THRU this?
    No, but only bc I had no choice.
    Was it complicated TO UNDERSTAND what was happening to me?
    YOU BET, bc the process is only selfexplaing once you’re thru.

  2. John

    Your not the only one that feels apart from the world even though carrying much compassion and i agree exactly where i need to be. much love to all.

    1. P.S.

      I resonated with this message a lot. I feel that we are bridging the gap right now, and that can seem more complicated than it is.

      1. harrrrrie

        Please try to be in joy when out and about, or at school, work, other’s homes, at the store, where ever you are. The dimension you are in at any given moment is how you feel emotionally and if it’s joy, it’s much easier to have positive thoughts too.
        Joy, appreciation, happiness for any reason, anticipation of the next moment of joy, anticipation of the next moment you can say something lovely or loving to a friend, relative or even a stranger. Feeling like bright sparkles of light and love energy is lifting off of you, blown around by the slightest breeze, landing on everyone around you. Knowing your love, light, and joy are infectious, and will spread to everyone eventually. Knowing if someone approaches you, you will only speak kindness. There’s a feeling of lightness, like you are almost being lifted off the floor by your angels and guides. Like they are providing energy to you, more than you need, but it is so welcome, it feels so good.

        You know everything is okay. If someone in the checkout line dropped dead right next to you, you will handle it all like you are the angel. Calm, soft spoken, reassuring, you call 911. You check to see if you need to do CPR. The situation is floating. What needs to be done is automatic. All is under control and feels light as air.

        Nothing has to feel stressful or chaotic or puzzling. Maintain your love, joy and positivity and everything falls into place for you. Everything is a miracle.