Vastness of Being: Waves of Love

Increasing waves of energy are here, churning up foundations from deep within, affecting us on a global, collective level, rocking foundations that were built on greed and control, collapsing old ideologies that can no longer be upheld.

Sometimes I feel like I’m looking out into the world – meaning what humans are up to – with a feeling of shocked numbness, wondering, “What’s next?” There are some people who want to move us backwards, to resist the changes that are happening in human consciousness

In the larger, collective picture, when it looks like we’re moving backward, it’s actually a retrograde before the wave of change comes forward, like the water receding before the wave comes in, for there is truly no going backwards and we will see this playing out in our world in the coming months. This is also appearing in our personal lives as we notice we can no longer tolerate certain discordant attitudes or opinions held by friends or family that we once brushed aside. We will see changes in relationships and circumstances in our lives. We can no longer hide from what doesn’t resonate with us. Whether it be a job, a friendship, where we live, with whom we live, and so on, we will be letting go of old ways that no longer serve.

I have written about this before, check out my blog post Incoming Wave Sets from June 2021 here!

We have been in a slow, steady increase of waves of change and in the next few months there will be an acceleration in the frequency – energetically and in “time” – of waves that shake the foundations of our very civilization. Our entire way of living here – and this goes for most cultures all around the world – based on fear, lack and hoarding, which has led to exploitation of the Earth and Human Beings – is coming to an end.

And here we are, in the middle of it – at times surfing the waves, or other times, falling into the waves or being pushed under or caught in rip currents that pull us far from shore into delusion, we are navigating this with messy grace. For, yes, there is grace here, even if you may not feel it at times, there is grace if you come into stillness and stop resisting the changes. Resistance will only lead to struggle and pain.

Are there things you feel you need to change in your life? Even if it is something small – make changes – no matter how small, any change made will set up an energetic shift in your life, changing your trajectory. Learning or trying something new will also have a similar effect.

Nurture Your Comfort Zone

Look towards what brings comfort to you. We will be needing the small moments of comfort as our world rocks and rolls in the incoming waves. Comfort brings a bit of stability and helps us to focus on the moment.

We are not alone. We have Divine guidance – even if we don’t feel it at times. Divine guidance is with us if we but clear out the noise of our thoughts and let go of resistance to change.


Tuning in for a message: Another school shooting – 19 elementary school students and two teachers gunned down by an 18 year old boy. And two weeks before, an 18 year old boy gunned down people in a supermarket. Not to mention shootings that take place almost every day. WTF is going on in America?

I feel like the timeline has taken a turn into the darkness.

Unfortunately humanity hasn’t moved the dial yet from arrogance, fear and control, to compassion, cooperation and respect. What feeds the mind, feeds the heart. What people focus on, feeds their actions and perceptions.

There are many hard experiences happening for humanity’s shell to crack open, to be brought to their knees. Humanity is journeying in the dark night of the soul at the moment. Rage is bubbling up from within and erupting like little volcanoes and large volcanoes. This is a cleansing.

There is no way to make sense of these killings. It is not really that the people involved “signed up” for this. They got caught in the cross hairs of a society controlled and manipulated by people who don’t even know they have a soul. They are detached from Nature, and from the nature of their own beings, driven by greed for power and money. They often layer religious righteousness on top of their actions, a false and dark veneer that infiltrates into their consciousness and physical being. Tendrils of cruelty and malice reach into their hearts, their organs, their very being. This destructive energy will implode within them, along with the crumbling foundation upon which their lives and beliefs are built. We are speaking of the influencers – those in the public eye who influence thoughts and beliefs for their own gain. Others, impressionable, traumatized in some way, get drawn into rigid beliefs or just have so much anger that plugs them into the malice and cruelty which fuels actions that ravage people’s lives.


The “love and Light” people speak of sending into the ethers – into the consciousness of humanity, has great potential to bring about a shift into an expanded consciousness. We know it sounds as tired as “thoughts and prayers” but if people truly send love, which is also a form of light – we are speaking energetically here – there is a soothing and softening effect that happens, and a rising of frequency accompanied by a falling away of energetic structures of density. We suggest, when using light frequencies, you envision soft light – perhaps not white light, but a golden rose light with sparkles of white. This may sound absurd to some, but in the quantum field, there is true transformational power in working with light frequencies accompanied by love and compassion.

Now is the time to sit in meditation and raise the feeling of love and compassion within you and send it out into the consciousness of humanity. You can concentrate it into specific areas, or you can send it in a more general way. Don’t force it, do it only when you are truly able to gather the feeling of love and heart felt compassion within you. And when you cannot connect to those feelings, find your comfort zone where you can nurture and nourish yourself.

Always take care of yourselves. Many are feeling sudden waves of sadness and grief and find themselves crying for no apparent reason. Others are feeling a numbness, like they are moving through their lives in a kind of daze. At times you may feel disconnected and rudderless. Humanity is in a liminal space – an in between place – as so much of what “reality” has been based on is crumbling. This is happening all over the world. The foundation is dissolving, leaving people ungrounded. Know that this is a transformation. Feel your feelings. When you cry for no reason, you are helping the collective consciousness process deep emotions. This experience reveals how deeply connected you all are. This is the evolutionary transformation that is happening. You are not alone, you literally share consciousness with one another. Unity consciousness.   

Be careful about your judgments of one another. So much hatred is being sent to certain individuals who are on prominent display – playing out dramas in the world. Compassion is needed. There is a deadly frequency of wanting to see others suffer that is flowing through people who don’t realize that they are a conduit for this destructive energy. It is time for people to take responsibility for the energy they are running through their being and radiating into the world. Pay attention and try not to get caught up in group-think. When you are drawn into group opinions, there is a rigidness of thought and feelings that stop the flow of life force energy and leads to hatred. Back away, rise above judgment and self-righteousness and become a witness. Compassion is needed. Love is needed. Start within.

Sit in nature, send your energy into the Earth, connect with the magnificent nature of this planet. Feel how incredible it is to be here, in a body, in this physical realm in this moment of transformation. Know that you are part of a shift in consciousness that Humanity is undergoing and know that your focus, your willingness to love and feel compassion, is a vital part of the tapestry of the collective consciousness and energetic emanations of Humanity. Turning your mindful attention towards love and kindness will help to bring about an evolutionary shift changing the trajectory of Humanity into a thriving, collaborative organism of creative Being.

Shine on,

Leilah and The Vastness of Being.


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    M’y Hermano hubert is in the hospital. Thé police took him becaise he was beatibg my father. George bush was there. Bothrribg. We do not want anything with him.

  2. harrrrrie

    Some of this is not true!

    “There is no way to make sense of these killings. It is not really that the people involved “signed up” for this.”

    But their souls did. That is exactly what happened. Our souls planned the the Uvalde shooting and all other violence in this world.

    Our souls decide what kind of life they are going to have before they incarnate. And it’s for their learning, for our learning, for Creator’s learning and to balance previous lives that involve karma.

    For example, the people in Uvalde who were shot by the gunman, happened because they were involved somehow in the death of the gunman in a previous life or lives. Their death this time is a balancing of the deaths in their lives and the gunman lives. When they finally forgive each other, the lives in their future will not involve violent death. Forgiveness does happen and stops the violence. If it didn’t, the violence would go on forever, pre-planned in every life.  And growth of the soul, Creator and our DNA wouldn’t happen.

    So forgiveness of this gunman needs to happen. Otherwise the carnage will go on, life after life, each taking turns being the cause of the death of the other.

    It’s easy to understand then that we are not at fault for any of the problems we cause, errors or mistakes we have made, hurting of others, or hurting ourselves.

    Our souls decide what kind of life we are going to have, every single life. They decide if we are going to be good guys or bad guys or somewhere in between. We all experience lives as murderers, rapists, soldiers, abusers, racists, avengers, addicts, etc. As well as lives as priests/preachers, caregivers, philanthropists, and other benevolent lives.

    The mistakes we make are not of our doing. Our souls planned all the negativity for our learning. Our souls, Angels, guides and helpers encouraged us to make these mistakes. The mistakes are not our fault. That is why we make bad decisions even though we know better.

    So, forgive yourself and all others. Realize and understand everything in our lives was planned to happen, including all the good things, for our learning, and for our soul’s and Creator’s learning.

    It is so much easier to rise above guilt, shame, fear, embarrassment, recrimination, punishment, retaliation, revenge, anger, sorrow, grief, sadness, negativity, etc knowing we are playing a part, a role in this Earth School of learning. We are learning everything we need to know here so we can go out into the cosmos and help other planets solve their problems. Also in the meantime we will learn everything we can about our universe and all universes so we can become a Creator ourselves some day. Our destiny is to someday meld all our souls together and become a junior Creator. After some experience as a Creator, our Creator will leave to do Its next project and we will take over running this universe. Then someday we will designate beings to be our junior Creator, we will go off to our next project and our junior Creator will take over running this universe. And on and on. Cool, right?

    I know, sounds far fetched. We Earth humans were created with all the best DNA in the universe so we could become super beings, and eventually Creator. We have the best features, talents, powers, skills, abilities, energies etc of all the universe. We were planned for exactly this. We already are creators. We create everything every day. We have already proven ourselves by mastering the 4 negative energies, surviving the most negative planet in the universe (previous 4 civilizations didn’t survive), and now rising to the 5th dimension and beyond while being incarnated. No one in this universe or any universe has done this before. Our Creator is so highly thought of by other Creators and the Council of Creators that our Creator is in the top 5 of all Creators of all time. Other Creators are now following our Creator’s example and are designating junior Creators for their systems/universes.

    So, you probably feel like a pawn or puppet, living a miserable, painful life because your soul forced you to. But that’s not true. You do have free will. You didn’t have to make mistakes. You didn’t have to follow a corrupt government or live a negative life. But your soul needed this life and you obliged and now look at your reward. Your reward is the greatest of all in history to infinity.

    Now you need to forgive yourself and all others, knowing now there is no fault, we played our part. Feel joy to be alive at this time, even if you are miserable. Live a loving light-filled life and take care of yourself and others in need if you can. Send love and healing to all the Earth and rejoice that you get to live in a wonderful world some day where all your dreams will come true. It’s guaranteed, we are worthy and we deserve it.

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