Synchronicities That You Should Not Ignore

Synchronicities are basically “coincidences” that make sense or follow each other. The universe deliberately creates them for us so that we know we are on the right track.

There can be many different kinds of synchronicities in our lives, and some are much more noticeable than others. Synchronicities don’t happen all the time. We should respect them when they show up. These are signs that say we are in harmony with our higher selves.

Here are some of the most common synchronicities that happen to mindful people. Have you ever registered them as well?

You will encounter the same species of animal over and over again

Synchronicity can take the form of animals. If you keep seeing the same animal or the same kind of animal, maybe you should see what it means symbolically. These are usually good signs, and the universe obviously wants to tell you something. Take a look at this list, for example, you may find it there: A list of totem animals and their meaning.

Déjà vu

If you feel that you have already done or experienced something just before it happened, it may be the vision that the Universe has previously shown you. Maybe in a dream, or it’s a sudden insight. It’s actually a matrix error. You know something you shouldn’t normally know. These signals are sent to you by your senior management. There may be various reasons for this. For example, to realize that the world you live in is not what it looks like at first glance. To wake up and start searching for the truth. Or in short, the senior management simply draws attention to itself.

Are you thinking of a song and then you hear it on the radio

Are you thinking of a song, or are you still playing it in your mind, just to turn on the radio and find out it’s playing? This is how the Universe reminds you.

Accidentally meeting someone who can advise you

When going through something difficult or getting stuck on a difficult decision, it can be extremely stressful. Maybe you’re sitting on a bus, solving what is now, and the person sitting next to you suddenly starts a conversation. This conversation then leads to a decision and a solution to your problem. Or a random passer-by will say a sentence that answers what you are dealing with without realizing it.

Do you remember someone and they call

? Have you ever thought about someone and then a message came from them, or did he call you? Is it foreboding, synchronicity, or rather telepathy? Probably a little from everyone.

You will notice recurring numbers

You will see numbers like 1111 or 222 and so on. In this case, it is good to look into the symbolism of numbers.

Perfect timing

It happens that on the way to work you pass all the red traffic lights and you have a green wave all the time. Or you go to the store just in time to take the last pack of something you desperately need. Everything just works out for you and your perfect timing seems unreal.

You think of someone and then you meet them outside. You

may not have seen each other for years, and you may not have broken up then. And suddenly you met. The universe brings you this person. Maybe you have something to say, something to explain, or help each other.

Suddenly you got what you wanted

Imagine it: You sit at a table, you work, and then a colleague comes to you and gives you a present. If this gift happens to be something you wanted but didn’t have the means to do, it’s synchronicity. You never mentioned it, but he knew it would be something you liked. They may say, “I saw it and I knew you just had to have it.” Or “This reminded me of you.”

**By Alue Loskotova