Saint Germain: Various Q & A

Hi folks, I was able to access my yahoo mail account and took all your questions out that account. They’re now on a word file waiting to be answered by St Germain.


Question 1 from Karen
Knowing the importance of staying in the present moment, I am working on clearing, calming the lower energy “chatter” in my mind when it occurs. Do you have some advice and or strategies that would help me and everyone else?

St Germain: Ivo and Sharon have gone into detail about this in past messages. The mind chatter that permeates your thoughts has to do with your level of adrenalin. Adrenalin is a key element in the battle over the human body, as is the pineal gland.

When your adrenalin levels are too high, you have too much mind chatter. Quieting the adrenalin levels is most important. This requires relaxation, not rest although healthy sleep is important. Relaxation – calming the body in order to calm the mind – is important to calm the mind chatter.

When you have too much mind chatter, you are in a fearful state, you may even have higher levels of anxiety. It is important to meditate, to quiet the mind, relax, perhaps take up yoga. Earth’s people are so goal oriented. Instead of just swimming and enjoying the water they swim laps, always pursuing some goal or another. Impossible standards of weight loss and health are put before you in this time of a polluted planet. Of course your bodies will be polluted and overweight unless you vigilently watch every morsel you put in your mouth. The foods you eat are poison to the body and you are set up with goals of beauty and masculinity that are difficult to achieve given the resources you have right now. This also affects the stress levels and raises the adrenalin.

You are also eating too many carbohydrates in the form of empty sugars, too many chemicals which act like speed in the body, and too many food colorings which also invigorate the immune systems and the adrenals into taking action against them.

Remove as many poisons from your body as you can. Remove stress from your life. If you cannot deal with stressful people, remove them from your life. Study buddhism and learn to relax and be calm.

The other thing that comes to mind is that people are reactive. You react to everything because you are hyper-alert. Your coursing adrenalin causes this hyper alertness. So you react, then when you react to an external stimulus, your adrenalin spikes again. It is the hamster on the wheel scenario.

You must teach yourselves to get off the wheel.

Questions from Kathleen:

Question 1
I’d like to know if there will be earth changes such as pole shifts, earthquakes, tsunami’s, etc. that Ruth Montgomery spoke of in her books. If so, where will the safe zones be located?

St Germain: Yes, but not as severe as Ms Montgomery predicted. Understand that everything has to do with timelines and timelines have altered since this book was written. The worst timeline was eliminated at the end of 2012 and there are options being enacted right now that are the best options although they may not seem that way to you.

For example, people dying of various devices. This was carried out on a certain timeline to avoid another timeline of worse destruction.

Me: This really speaks to the fact that we were in deep trouble if we have to choose to allow thousands of people to die instead of the whole planet! It will get better but we still have trouble ahead to go through.

St Germain: Indeed, earth was in a terrible position and now those upon the planet are working to rectify its karma. This karma, by the way, extends into the galaxy. It is not just personal karma, global karma but it is universal karma that is being re-balanced on the planet now.

Flipping the polarity of earth from negative to positive will take much work for the people of the outer surface. You have been entrenched in negativity for so long that the journey back to love for all upon the planet will take time. For some you are already there, but for others it will take longer. This karma will be rectified through a series of negative events put upon by negative forces, and you see this now.

We have tried to prevent this from happening but unfortunately the people were not working with us. Now we are at “End Game” as you might call it and have realized one of the worst case scenarios for the planet. However, we steadfastly move forward. There have been many gains by Light forces but these have been done behind the scenes as there are too many people on the surface that would reject the news as nonsense. They would reject news of a global government, they would reject news of alien forces coming to liberate you and they would reject news of anything other than what they are accustomed to hearing. So it is presented to you in this manner – something that is more palatable and acceptable to those of lower frequency.

You must understand this is a raising of consciousness in all upon the planet and there are many who still feel that aliens are little green men and that they can do nothing to help us upon the planet. The solution is being revealed to all in such a way that they will find it acceptable, so there is no mention of alien forces or galactic space programs. It all appears in the usual manner – as political jousting.

Question 2
I live in California, which is one of the most affected states. Right now we’re under attack with multiple (7) bills. What’s the best course of action to remove these demons from office? I keep hearing that the white hats are in control, but I’m not seeing anything or anyone standing up to these creeps. (Question was altered in order to pass censorship).

St Germain: As this is an event of consciousness changing, it requires work on multiple levels. First the mind should be changed to disallow any activities of this sort. Secondly action must be taken at political, school and health levels to stand up for one’s sovereignty.

Me: Kathleen, we have the same thing happening here in Canada wrt to children’s consent. Also there are many things being enforced by the police state as you saw in Ottawa this past January.

St Germain: In fact the white hats have control of the operations and most of what is being carried out is for the sake of those who have not awoken, who are still in the lower third dimensional consciousness. Those who are of higher consciousness have a hard time, we realize, staying quiet and so if this suits you, do not stay quiet but begin to try to convince others to join you. Start groups, become a political lobbyist, sit in on school board meetings. Any action you take to change the system is duly noted as everything is energy and the more energy there is directed to change, the more will change.

Question 3
When will the new technologies be released such as med beds, replicators, Tesla free energy devices and anti gravitic vehicles?

St Germain: Med beds have already been announced. Of course it will take time for their use to become widespread and there are certain people prominent within the disclosure movement who are working to produce anti-gravitic vehicles run on free energy.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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