While You Were Waiting

As our outer world accelerates its morphing into brand-new societal structures, our personal lives can feel tumultuous and uncertain. A sense of waiting is common, often intermixed with apprehension. Continue reading to understand this phenomena in your own life and learn how to cope.


The pace of change today is unprecedented. It’s more than a generational thing. We’ve been living with an accelerated pace of societal change since the 2020s began. An incremental momentum for what’s occurring now began decades ago. This impacted the entire world and everyone alive.

You are feeling this deep in your bones, even if you have no words to describe your changing states of being.

To be sure, even simply recognizing your shifting states of being can be challenging. A big reason is the subtleties and the micro shifts within your larger transformational experience. There is no road map for this new dynamic; this is a novel experience for humankind. There really IS no description, at least not the kind your ego-self wants.

Your wise inner self understands these challenges of living now. It is able to perceive micro shifts and potential new doorways of opportunity becoming available over time. Your ego-self is impatient, however, often ruminating about the seemingly slow pace of manifesting positive change and grasping what your role is at each juncture.

The Feeling of Waiting

In some cycles, like we just had with mercury retrograde, the feeling of waiting can be magnified. As mercury went direct today, it could have felt like a car shifting gears: jerky, unstable, not yet trusted to reveal new direction and next steps. This is maddening to the ego-self – it wants guarantees and a clear map to what’s ahead.

5 Tools to Cope

Here are 5 tools to cope with waiting.


Accept that your ego-self is impatient and demands answers in advance of your taking the next step. That next step will be one of many you will need to take along the way. It is impossible to know all of the steps in advance! One reason is that each step taken leads you somewhere, but you won’t know the next step until you take the preceding one. Life is a constant flow – energy in motion – you cannot predict the final destination of where the energy will lead. Tip: take one step at a time after thoughtful consideration and letting go of what happens next.


As you take a step you feel guided to take, relax. Silence your ruminating mind that has an opinion. This part of you is quite cleaver and self-destructive. Invite a sense of relaxation and letting go during meditation or on a walk in nature.


Stay present with regular grounding and bringing your focus to the now. In practice, this means that each instant is your sacred moment to be, to receive, and be creative.


Be open to course corrections and changing your mind. That’s part of life – for everything is constantly in motion and changing. Your evolving life experience is an interwoven tapestry involving yourself, other people, and happenstance across time. Strive to develop an openness to changing your point of view, taking actions of daring, and reaching out to others. You never know where your next idea or catalyst may come from. Remembering this helps you relax more, allow more, and trust that you have an entire universe assisting you!


Separate out your stuff from what’s happening in the world – simultaneously acknowledging that you are not separate from the world. To clarify, your experiences and challenges are intermixed with that of humanity over time. This is not your first lifetime on Earth. You have played many roles throughout the ages – sometimes the power monger and other times the victim of abusive power. Do not judge. Do your part daily to live by example, valuing and respecting all life. Start with yourself – with self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love. Strive to embody patience, flexibility, and open-mindedness.

The more that you embody those enlightened qualities, the easier it will be to realize that waiting does not actually exist except in your own mind.

**By Selacia


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