From 3D To 4D And 5D: The War Part 2

Taking a moment away from the topic of the previous post, what will the space weather be like in the coming weeks and how will it affect events on the physical and Subtle Plane of Earth?

In general, the intense energies of May, which have radically changed a lot in 3D, are being replaced by calmer planets’ vibrations.

It does not mean that the energies of June will be lighter. The upcoming stelliums still carry a lot of unstable and conflicting dynamics.

But at all levels, the time of turning decisions is behind us. Earth began to live in a new scenario. And the energies of the planets will help to adjust the focus of efforts taking into account the experience gained, which is updated every second, to strengthen the 5D roots.

High energy tension will continue to be maintained by the tense tau square of Saturn and the Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. It will aggravate events on the physical and Subtle Plane; will force us to re-evaluate our ideas, life models and goals; how much do they correspond to the Aquarius’ era.

Everything that is happening now on the Astral and Mental Planes will complicate the situation on the surface – in global and national politics, finance, social and other spheres.

The powerful vibrations of Saturn at the top of the tau square with Lunar Nodes (February – October 2022) will, on the one hand, rigidly block and destroy the old 3D programs and models that have outlived themselves. On the other hand, to make room for new, 5D laws and patterns, that allows overcoming the crisis and continues to build a new reality.

Whatever rollbacks may occur, the Archons’ 3D Earth has already passed a turning point in 2022.

Further events will unfold only on the timeline and according to the scenario of Absolutes, Co-Creators, and Galacom.

On June 5, Saturn turned into a retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius and will continue to move backwards until October 23.

It will help to conduct a thorough revision and rethinking of actions, a deep system restructuring and revision of everything that has happened over the past months, starting from February 24, when Saturn entered the retrograde loop at 19 degrees Aquarius.

Final conclusions and new clarifications can be made in March 2023, when Saturn will return to the position of 26 degrees Aquarius.

The current retrograde motion of Saturn will rigidly resist with its vibrations the energy of Uranus in Taurus. In September-October 2022, this conflict will reach a peak.

The next clash of powers between two titans-antagonists, which began in 2021, will dot i’s. New battles between 3D and 5D forces are ahead. The old, conservative, archaic and totalitarian Archons’ system (another hypostasis of Saturn’s energies) will desperately resist the new, free and independent Aquarian world order, supported by the Uranus’ frequencies.

A key role in the space weather of June belongs to the Sun, through which new 5D quantum energies come to Earth. Helios transits by its vibrations will divide the month into two parts.

JUNE 1- 20

Throughout this period, the Sun stays in the light, mobile, sociable energies of Gemini. This will make it easier to perceive the ongoing global events and changes, accept new things and overcome difficulties.

Most of the time, the Sun will be in simultaneous aspects with the energies of Saturn and Neptune, that creates favorable opportunities to lay a solid foundation for the implementation of big inspiring ideas and projects.

Several important stelliums will take place before June 20, 2022.

The new Moon in Gemini on May 30 at 11:30 UTC at 10 degrees of sign, that completed a month of two eclipses and opened a new lunar cycle, created a powerful harmonious wave up to June 29. The energy of the new Moon, together with the combined vibes of Mars and Jupiter in Aries, gave a powerful impetus to 5D programs in the coming 12 years, and high efficiency of actions in this Lunar month.

The Full Moon on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis mixed with the energies of Neptune and Saturn on June 14 at 11:53 UTC at 24 degrees of these signs created a complex frequencies. The energies of that stellium hamper in the successful implementation of the planned at the beginning of the Lunar Month. Only a combination of non-standard, creative thinking, practicality, discipline and flexibility, professionalism and Spirituality will give the desired results.

On June 3, Mercury came out of the retrograde loop, turned into a direct movement (until September 13), and will be in the Earthly sign of Taurus until June 13. All this time, Mercury will remain in a harmonious and stable bond of bisextile with the rational vibrations of Pluto in Capricorn and the creative energies of Neptune in Pisces.

This will give positive efforts a punchy dynamic.

To achieve success, it’s important to react sensitively to hints from a Subtle Plan, quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and not be afraid to abandon outdated approaches in favor of new ones.

The most favorable days for the new are the exact trine of Mercury and Pluto on June 10 (the time of influence is June 7-13).

In difficult situations, if there is no fulcrum in the form of a profession, a favorite vocation, or the usual approaches to business have not changed during the retrograde of Mercury, the first two weeks of June, severe restrictions, blockages and a complete stop in business are possible.

Until June 13, Mercury will maintain a tense quadrature with the vibrations of Saturn that will expose all the flaws and mistakes of the past. At the same time, this aspect will help to put things in order, adjust plans, and introduce new approaches to solving problems.

The surprise can bring the exact aspect of the Venus and Uranus energies on June 10 (the time of influence is June 7-13). Its manifestation may be a sudden success, an unexpected break and the end of previous relationships, agreements and ties, if it was prepared by previous events.

Since the conjunction of the energies of Venus and Uranus will occur near the Ascending Lunar Node (the exact aspect on June 16), then, everything new will become an important fateful vector for the year ahead.

On June 13, at 15:27 UTC, Mercury will return to his Gemini abode. It will be in the same energy space with the Sun, strengthening the dynamics of events, sociability, the desire to share information, to learn. Many with similar vibrations will experience an emotional and energetic uplift.

On June 14 at 11:53 UTC there will be a Full Moon at 24 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius axis. This is a very difficult and contradictory time, since the Full Moon will be linked with two multi-level planets. Namely, it forms a tau square with Neptune at the top and harmoniously opens to Saturn in Aquarius (both aspects will be on June 16).

The vibrations of this stellium will show how feasible the new 12-year program of our strategic development is, if it was formed on the New Moon on May 30.

We will either get the first inspiring results that will become a reliable foundation for future success; or we will face the collapse of plans.

Success depends on whether we can find a middle ground between several factors:

– The ability to set large, strategic, inspiring goals that must be realistic, well-prepared and based on professionalism, experience and knowledge;

– To see all the opportunities for their realization, to take responsibility for ourselves, to cooperate with others, to seek and unite with like-minded people;

– To act rationally, balanced, disciplined according to a well-thought-out plan; but at the same time do not forget about the creative approach, non-standard thinking, faith in Divine providence.

The complex and contradictory bundle of the energies of the Sun with the vibrations of Saturn and Neptune will be strengthened by the simultaneous mirror bundle of Venus with the same planets. The Morning Star will form a tense quadrature with Saturn (the exact aspect on June 18), and with Neptune – a harmonious sextile (the exact aspect on June 19).

The intense and multilevel influence of this stellium will last from June 10 to June 23. The middle of the month will be the most productive, depending on the ability to consciously manage our reality.

The trine of the Sun and Saturn, supported by the vibrations of the sextile of Venus and Neptune, will give thoroughness and longtermness to affairs. We could successfully start something new and continue previous projects, laying a solid foundation for future success.

The stability of this period can be disrupted by unprofessionalism, lack of independence, illusions, an unrealistic assessment of selves and our capabilities.

Since the Sun will simultaneously be in a tense quadrature with Neptune, and Venus will be in a quadrature with Saturn, the energies of these aspects will create serious contradictions and ambiguity to many situations, blocking further actions.

It is possible to pass the middle of June in a constructive way if we maintain good contact with our Higher Self, and are focused on Spiritual and creative ideas or charitable projects. Otherwise, we will face losses in professional and personal life, will lose a foothold in the family and society.

JUNE 21 – 30

On June 21, at 09:14 UTC, the Sun will turn into Cancer and the Summer Solstice will come. This is one of the four power points of the year, when plans drawn up at the Winter Solstice, and brought results during the Spring Equinox, are at the peak of implementation.

This is a time of high energy and productivity, when things bring maximum return and receive help from the Universe, provided that all the previous stages of the Solar Cycle have been successfully terminated. Now, before summing up the results at the Autumn Equinox, it is important to actively act and develop key areas.

The transition of the Sun in the energy of Cancer will be accompanied by a Helios growing quadrature to Jupiter.

This will force to put a lot of effort into achieving the important goals of the year.

The harmonious aspects of the last decade of June will help the Mercury and Jupiter sextile on June 20; the Venus and Pluto trigon (exact aspect on June 21); and the Mars and Saturn sextile (exact aspect on June 27).

At the same time, it’s important to take into account that in the last decade of June, increased nervousness and emotional tension may persist, since the energies of the Sun in Cancer will conflict with the powerful vibrations of Jupiter in Aries.

The exact aspect will occur on the New Moon on June 29 (the time of influence on June 21-July 5), which will multiply both successes and problems, depending on the prevailing situations.

The stabilizing energies of the sextile of Mars and Saturn will help to act rationally, and the harmonious sextile of the vibrations of Venus and Jupiter, which will become accurate on the new Moon on June 29, will bring auspicious opportunities and good luck.


In conclusion, the new info of the Galactic Committee, transmitted on June 5, 2022, at 04:37 PM CET, in continuation of the topic of the previous post (see – The War Part 1, Disclosure News, June 4, 2022).

From the information transmitted earlier by Galacom, it might seem that the decision of the Absolutes about the partial self-organization of the planetary scenario arose spontaneously.

No, this is fundamentally wrong.


Based on this Equation, the entire evolution is built and all Local Universe’s scenarios are written.

In the new Equation, unlike the old one, the echoes of which we see now as two opposing Light and Dark sides, Constructive and Destructive, will remain only one force.

Theoretically, it could be Darks. It gave them some hope. That is why the Dark Forces are now fighting so furiously against the Light one in the entire Local Universe.

But the main events are now taking place here, on 3D Earth. And the outcome of the new Armageddon is decided precisely in the confrontation here.

Only one force can remain: Light or Dark, humanity or Reptilians with other negative cosmic races. Co-existence is no longer possible: the global gap between them is too deep in energies, vibrations, karma, evolutionary goals and ways to achieve them.

The price tag is incredibly high. Literally EVERYTHING depends on the victory in the Third World War, in this deadly duel.

And it occurs under impelled evolutionary rollback. It is a forced measure and the only possible right decision.

Now, in the vibes of real war, blood, death, the Earth’s Logos simply cannot afford the form of an Absolute-like Crystal. For such a form corresponds to the highly vibrational energies of Light, which now technically cannot reach the Earth in full. More precisely, they can do it, but will not be assimilated by earthlings.

On June 6, important events are expected, including on karma. Galactic Committee promises to tell about it after everything happens. Let’s arm ourselves with patience. The space weather smiles on us.

**By Lev


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