Argorians Update: Earthquakes and 5D Plasma

On June 6th, 2022, at 7:36 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet informed about the new operation in the Bermuda Triangle. It was a continuation of the previous op, of which Disclosure News narrated earlier (see – Argorians Update, Disclosure News, 16 May 2022).

Recall. The operation aim was to neutralize and reprogram a powerful installation in the form of a crystal preserved after the Third Atlantis under the ocean floor near Florida.

It accumulated and radiated programs of Black Archons to the Earth’s Subtle Plane to support the life of biorobots, human clones and other parasitic entities of all kinds and forms.

Argorians hacked the crystal’s software, flashed the input-output system of low-frequency energy that filled the Earth’s field. Then they introduced a new combination lock of the crystal and connected it to the 5D grid.

On June 3, 2022, in addition to this work, Argorians lowered an energy lattice into the water and covered the crystal with it.

This net will automatically restore the functioning of the installation in case of ops’ breakdowns. Thanks to it, the Quasitron, formed by the force fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea, will begin to work stably, powered by new 5D quantum energies, removing everything from Earth that doesn’t correspond to this freqs’ level.

Regardless of the war on the Subtle Plane, the Quasitron and the new Solaris, unifying 4D, 5D and 6D, to which all Earth’s force fields are now linked, continue to work actively in the established mode.

At the point of concentration of energy waves, force fields, like a powerful bridge, pass into interstellar space. Accumulated 3D plasma is intensively removed from Earth through it. In the opposite direction, the influx of five-dimensional cosmic flows is increasing.

The matter of fifth density continues to be actively formed on the planet. 5D energy is selected and dispersed in the worlds of Nature. The nucleic series is being rebuilt. From the center of Earth, the control unit runs the new life support systems through the information field and condenses the 5D plasma.

An illustration of these processes is the new crop circle near White Horse Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire, UK, which appeared on June 4, 2022.

It demonstrates how the Earth’s magnetic field switches to new programs, increases the potential of the human brain, replacing the incoming 5D energy with the output of 3D one.

The process occurs in the form of pulsating motion of different combinations of plasma orbs. The removed energy is replaced by incoming flux. The double output – double input; double energy output – one input; triple output – one input. A four-way output is equal to one energy input. Two outputs = one input. Magnetic field rupture and double energy input = two outputs = two inputs = one output = one input.

Thus, the 3D energy is removed from the planet and replaced with new ready-made 5D plasma.

The tails of these processes are seen on the surface as floods, earthquakes and unusual atmospheric phenomena.

On June 4, 2022, in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), during a thunderstorm, a pulsating glow was observed in the sky for half an hour.

The first week of June was especially rich of cataclysms. In Hunan province, China, the ancient city of Fenghuang was flooded after heavy rains.

Due to the deluges, Cancun (Mexico) went under water, as well as some cities in Cuba and Japan. Strong hurricanes and storms swept across Turkey. Hailstorms hit Austria.

Wildfires were burning in Greece and Puerto Rico. In the Gulf of Mexico, an underwater fire broke out at the Ku Maloob Zaap field due to a gas pipeline breakthrough at a depth of 78 meters, the flames of which burst to the surface. The rupture occurred as a result of shifting tectonic strata and a micro-earthquake in the area.

In total, 1,166 earthquakes occurred on the planet in the first week of June. Of these, 840 were magnitudes (M) 3+; 299 were M4+; 24 were M5+; and 3 were M6+. The strongest earthquake, magnitude 6.4, occurred in the South Pacific Ocean.

All these processes are actively affected by Quantum flows coming via the Sun from the center of the Milky Way, directed by Argorians and the plasmoid race from the Gerios Galaxy.

On the Subtle Plane, they have made a huge spherical spin, by which runs the quantum streams to form a new Earth’s matter.

The outer layer of the sphere, which is subject to a force of a vibrational field, is formed by the red-yellow energy ERBINO. It builds a new Earth’s 5D fractal, interacting with planetary magnets against the general background of blue TRIOKS energy. This energy clears the space to stabilize the mental development of earthlings.

The spin is filled with blue radiation of pulsed energy. Inside there are five spheres working in the 5D energy-information field.

The central sphere is filled with the yellow energy SFARGO, which cleanses matter from outdated Intelligence and helps to adapt to space with new wave impulses.

From it there are channels connecting four other spheres, emitting different quantum flows.

The upper left sphere, swirling to the left, contains the dark blue energy GRIKADO which builds 5D life support structures.

The lower right sphere, also twisting to the left, is filled with light-maroon BARI energy which lays the foundations of 5D matter in atmospheric layers.

Both spheres are connected diagonally by a channel powered up with dark brown GLAMO energy, emitted by the worlds of Nature.

The upper right sphere, twisting to the right, charged with the orange energy ERCADO. It creates impulses of power motor contractions and forms temporary programs.

The lower left sphere, twisting to the right, is loaded with the green FEASK energy, which stabilizes all the processes of Intelligence plasma. It also stabilizes pulses and fluctuations of magnetic fields, regulates the climate.

These two spheres are connected by a diagonal channel amped up with the red energy ERMA which builds the 5D Matrix, and its energy structures and matter.

The spheres on the left side are in common field of vibrational blue energy FARMS which forms mental development according to new programs and upgraded consciousness.

The concentrated GREMO Love energy is directed to the receiver unit of the planet.

The spheres on the right are connected by a field of pulsed KAROS energy of a dark purple spectrum, which condenses particles and clears space for new formations.

Plasma, made by the interaction of these quantum fluxes, is ejected with the help of ERGAMO energy from the surface of the spin into surroundings for the transformation of biological bodies, the development of new individuals and the impact on human mentality.

The whole system works on the contact of spheres, in which prominences are thrown out, changing 3D space.

In the meantime, the Argorians’ space fleet continues moving 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, enters the second pair of compressive fields in the fourth spiral membrane filter in the wormhole between dimensions.

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  1. harrrrrie

    Thank you to EoL, Argorians, Creator, all cocreators who help us, keep us informed and love us! And love to EoL, Gaia, Earth, our sun Sol and all our universe and all universes and of course all beings great or small, good or evil as everyone needs our love to turn to the light.

  2. Kelly


    Thank you for all your wonderful updates!! I appreciate them!!

    Much gratitude to the Argorians for all that they do.

    Love and light to all!