Are You Ready To Experience The PREMIUM New Earth Timeline?

But first, a quick question: Would you ever fly Economy if you could fly First Class for FREE?


Would you still stay in a dusty, broken shack (with pests for company); if you could instead have a luxurious residence in a 5 Star Hotel – with gourmet cooked meals from morning to evening (crafted by your very favourite Michelin Star Chefs) – for FREE?


If your answers to the above (types of) questions is a defiant “YES!!!”, feel free to continue reading further…


…as for the rest of you who answered in the negative, ya’ll need to go get yourself some Ice Cream, watch a Comedy Special or two, and listen to some Hakuna Matata here instead.


So anyways, back to the topic in question…

Folks, my premise here is surprisingly simple: The very fact that you know that you are all infinitely abundant, powerful, and eternal divine Creator Gods makes you like the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of humanity or something. In other words, you are THE elite. And being the elite, you are neither required nor expected to travel in some cattle class New Earth timeline.


Now, don’t get me wrong in here: I’m so NOT here to recreate some ‘Elite 1% versus Commoner 99%’ type division and separation based types of experiences in here. Instead, I am asking you – one and all in here – to come step up that ‘Reality Creation’ game of yours just a tad little bit. Because guys, if you don’t accept your innate and infinite divine abundance and sacred creative powers, who even will? If you don’t show the rest of your fellow (asleep) humans as to just how beautiful (and beneficial to ALL) timelines of the highest order are to be created, who even will?


You’re their only hope (and shot) at ever learning how all of this is even really done.


You’re the example that they’ll all follow.


You’re the teacher that they’ll all exemplify.


You’re the leader that they’ll all epitomize.


Please do not abandon them when they need you the most. Cheers!



Because by simply choosing to finally create that ‘elite timeline’ for one and all to follow (and learn from); you fulfill your sacred holy responsibilities (as a divine creator being) to all of your fellow creator beings who are (as of yet) asleep and unawakened.


By choosing to make available the impossible, you show the ENTIRE WORLD AT LARGE as to how one’s very wildest dreams can even be achieved in this way.


By merely the act of building this elite timeline, you are essentially gifting your fellow human brethren the chance (and the opportunity) of choosing it for themselves too.



For an ‘elite timeline’ is one that brings the very highest amounts of love, joy, ease, grace, and seamlessness; as well as infinite abundance, prosperity and peace to one and all (upon the said timeline). An ‘elite timeline’ is one that is free from all disaster and doom, unnecessary deaths, diseases, darkness and destruction. It is a timeline that is ever free of violence, disconnection, separation, gloom, warfare, division, poverty and enslavement. Instead, it is a time-line of ease, grace, love, light, seamless transitions, beautiful gifts, infinite blessings, endless abundance, boundless prosperity, cosmic wisdom, magical shifts, eternal peace, never-ending gratitude and pure, divine bliss.


It is the (joyride) timeline of a (blissful) lifetime.


So do not miss this golden chance (at gifting it to your fellow humans) is all I’ll even say in here.


And now we (finally!) begin…



But first, a little homework.


Wait, what? Homework before the class has even really begun?


How does that even work?


Trust me on this one folks, you’re going to need (to get) what I’m about to give you all in here as an homework assignment before you even as much as imagine conceiving, conceptualizing and crafting an elite timeline for yourself (and for all of the currently asleep humans too).


And besides, this homework is of the enjoyable kind (yay!)



The very first part of your homework is the most, MOST critical part of it. It is an article that is roughly a 2 minute read. Within this read, paragraph number 2, number 3, number 4, and number 5 is what matters the most. Of these, the 2nd paragraph of that article is of the very highest importance and value. You are to read this article (and re-read this article) for as long as it takes for the message to sink in. In fact, if I were you, I’d literally print this article out and put it up on my wall (or as my PC wallpaper) so that I’m literally forced to read it every single day. Because it is of THAT MUCH value and worth. Click here to read the article in question.


The second part of your homework is yet another, slightly longer message that is roughly a 5 minute read at best. It’s a very recent article (that got posted on this very website too), and it too, is very, VERY much worth your time and attention. Again, read as many times as it takes for the guidance provided within it to sink in. You can read the article in question right away by clicking right here.


Finally, I bring to you all a roughly 5 minute long video which will change your very world. And I’m SO not exaggerating that part in the very slightest in here, you’ll all know as to why once you actually go and see it. You can click right here to watch the video in question.



Now, it is highly recommended in here that you go read and watch the above given homework assignments multiple times, and that, if nothing else, you at least make a quick note of some of the most critical learnings (that you glean from them) on a pen and paper or a notepad or a tablet or whatever. And that you then keep the said pen and paper within reach, and read the said things at least once a day (for a month) if nothing else.


You’ll ALL know why I asked for all of this once you’re done viewing all of this stuff.


Once you’re done completing your assignments, feel free to resume reading this article right away. Cheers!



Welcome back. We shall now resume the creation of our ‘Premium New Earth Timeline’.


The first thing you all must ask yourself here is, what separates an elite and luxurious timeline from a basic and primitive one?


To understand this, you’ll need to engage in some elite-think.


Q. Why do the elites prefer those Maybachs and Rolls Royces over some Hondas or Toyotas?


A. For the smoothness, silkiness, seamlessness, swiftness, calmness, ease, grace, and the sheer speed, perfection, finesse and luxuriousness of it all.


Coincidentally, ALL of the things that you’d want your (ideal!) desired New Earth timeline to even be!


So then, off to the (creation) drawing boards we go!



Whereas others are (needlessly!) creating turbulence and bumpiness over their desired timelines, our timeline remains one that’s filled with grace, smoothness, swiftness, and utter perfection.


My personal visualization / imagination (or intention setting) ritual for such a timeline involves imagining a pure light filled earth that is being gently led by Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, and God ever higher and higher and higher up the vibrational (frequency) ladder.


On this timeline, issues are resolved (by our powerful divine helpers) before they are even as much as conceived. Roadblocks are removed. Obstacles are blipped out of existence at God-speed.


Every one upon this planetary timeline is ever and constantly being assisted, shepherded and fussed over (towards their highest good, and with the utmost ease and grace) by their divine assistants. Think of the ways in which support staffs of the rich elite, and their gracious hostesses etc. are always running around them all of the damn time, running all of their errands for them, supporting them, assisting them, making sure that they get everywhere (and have everything they’ll ever need) on perfect time, always living a luxurious life of their dreams as a result of it all.


Now take that exact same luxury and ease of life, and gift it to every single living being upon your premium New Earth timeline. Visualize this in fun, exciting, and creative ways of your own. (And if you struggle with imagining things and visualizations, just mentally (or preferably, verbally) set intentions for the same accordingly! And that is all!)



Please remember, that this timeline is made of pure and sheer LUXURY and EASE. The best of the best. The elite of the elite. The finest of the very finest. So make it not an iota lesser. And much like a Rolls Royce craftsman spends entire months at a time just in polishing the exotic wood plate used for making the car dashboard (alone), keep polishing your own premium timeline with the same amounts of passion, effort, joy, creativity, self expression, craftsmanship, and tender, loving, “hand-crafted” (and bespoke!) care!



Love crafting your timeline.


Enjoy polishing it.


Revel in the sheer self-expression and tender creativity that you put into shaping it and forming its beautiful contents.


Treat your timeline creation like an art, a hobby, and your very wildest passion — and the art, the hobby, and the passion in question will in turn reward you (and your world) with more joy, glory and magnificence than your very wildest dreams and imaginings!



Timelines usually get made by five (entirely different) types and groups of people.


The first ones are the negative ones with their negative agendas. These ones know exactly what they are doing, and do so absolutely diligently with no space left for positivity to even as much as dream of entering in (within their respective creations).


The second group of timeline creators are the sleepers and the unawakened normies and NPCs. These ones create their timelines entirely unconsciously. And thus, (un-knowingly) assist the first group of timeline creators mentioned above by letting their focus, emotions, intentions and energies run amok, wander and sway all the way deep into dark and depressing emotions, feelings, events, energies, thoughts, intentions, emanations, and, above all, expectations.


The third group of timeline creators are the spiritually awakened ones who far too often forget that they are Creator Gods and thus, negligently end up focusing on dark and depressing events, predictions, imaginings, projections, emanations, and expectations. These ones too, assist the first group described above ultimately.


The fourth group of timeline creators are the semi-empowered Creator Beings who are addicted to reading their channeled materials, predictions, tarot readings and whatnot. I say semi-empowered here because they too, tend to give away WAY too much of their own power to channellers, mediums, and future “predictors”. And thus, end up creating some of the (dark) things, events and experiences as “predicted to happen” by the channeled entity or oracle that they (most often blindly) trust. And when some “predicted” event (such as a natural disaster, explosion, war, disease, accident, conspiracy, breakdown, famine, false flag, or (the evil expression of) an elite-agenda) therefore occurs, that instead of realizing that they alone were the ones (who brought in the said incident/s upon their very own timelines) all by themselves, that they instead cement their own ignorance (of their own creative powers) by cementing their FAITH instead within the channeller, messenger, medium, oracle, predictor or prophet in question. (Way to go, folks!)


The fifth type of people are those who are fully and thoroughly understanding (and highly, HIGHLY aware) as to how very powerful they all even really are as Creator Gods. And that they thoroughly understand and comprehend the sheer amounts of responsibility that comes with having or holding such knowledge, understanding and awareness to even as much as begin with. For with great power, comes great responsibility indeed.


So very responsible and committed are these ones (to crafting only and ONLY the very highest POSITIVE timelines), that even at the risk of throwing away the baby with the bathwater, they’ll outright refuse to entertain channellers, tarot readers, mediums, oracles, predictors or prophets (who irresponsibly put out negative projections, predictions and expectations, even at times utterly innocently or naively) even for but another second.


I MYSELF belong to THIS VERY GROUP of people.


If I see someone putting out negative predictions, projections, ideas, thoughts, messages, intentions, visuals or expectations – then – I don’t even care how well known, famous, or popular the said person is within the spiritual (or other) communities, that very moment is the very last second in which I’m hearing their words, ever, ever, EVER AGAIN. PERIOD. CLOSE. ENDOFSTORY.



Now, why am I SO VERY INSISTENT and anal-retentive about this?


Because even when someone says something even as much as remotely negative such as “an Earthquake is quite likely to occur at so-and-so date and in so-and-so area”, or “an intense pole shift will occur sometime soon causing such and such damage and chaos”, my dear friends, whether you like it or NOT you WILL visualize it and pretty much IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTANEOUSLY at that. I mean, most of you have already heard all too well about the “don’t think of a pink elephant” exercise, have you not?


And thus, SO VERY incredibly POWERFUL are you as a creator GOD, that but just your one thought – yes, but one fleeting thought / intention / visualization of yours – can set entire timelines into motion and entire realities into really RAPID manifestation!



So I’ve pretty much (instantaneously) stopped watching absolutely ANYONE out there who puts out even but the SLIGHTEST negative prediction, anticipation or expectation. And so I’ve never cared about who they are, what they know, how well they predict, how “spiritually evolved” they might even be, and how many followers all over the planet they may just have. They do this, their career in my world is OVER. Finished. Complete. Bye Bye. Sayonara. THE END.


Now, some of you on here reading this might find such a thing a tad bit excessive, but I care not. For I care (and value) far more about properly (and responsibly) executing my creative powers as a Creator God than listening to some (apparently) sage spiritual advice that is either interspersed with plain stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, or all three things put together in some crazy combination.


Besides, anyone who’s really spiritually evolved absolutely gets as to how very powerful their thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, intentions, predictions, anticipations, beliefs, emanations and expectation-settings even are, and acts and behaves accordingly all the same.


So absolutely anyone who’s ignorant or inconsiderate (and quite frankly, irresponsible) regarding this most basic of spiritual understandings is off my viewing list with immediate effect. Zero fucks given!


And I would highly suggest here that all of you reading this do the same, if you truly (and responsibly!) value your innate abilities to create realities as a creator God here no less. Because trust me on this, it takes mere moments for a thought to become an endless (chain-reaction type) thought-stream of its own. And such “thought-chains” or “thought-streams” – coupled with your trust or belief quotient within the said makers of the prediction/s – can rapidly spiral into firm beliefs within the said reality (and a highly eager anticipation of it) no less.


And then, the said reality is there before you even know it.


“Whoops!” )


So beware.


Be very, very aware (of un-consciously heading down such a path yourself).


And that is all.



Where other timelines are bumpy, our (premium) timeline is smooth and swift.


Where other timelines are turbulent, our timeline is soft, pleasant and seamless.


Where other timelines have chaos, our timeline has pure harmony.


Where other timelines have hate, our timeline has absolute, unconditional, LOVE.



The entirety of humanity is wise upon the premium timeline.


The entirety of humanity is deeply connected and attuned to nature upon the premium timeline.


The entirety of humanity is loving and honoring of nature upon the premium timeline.


The entirety of humanity is powerful upon the premium timeline.


The entirety of humanity is kind, loving, accepting, compassionate and forgiving upon the premium timeline.



Imagine everyone upon this planet awakening to the truth.


Imagine everyone’s hearts lighting up with love, compassion, and kindness.


Imagine everyone unconditionally FORGIVING one and all.


Imagine all beings coming together in LOVE, Light, Joy, Peace and ABUNDANCE.


Finally, imagine all beings in need of strength, support, wisdom, inspiration and divine love and upliftment at this time finally getting it.



Also, PLEASE DO GIVE SPECIAL ATTENTION to all of the many numerous Lightworkers and Lightwarriors scattered and stationed all around the world at this time when sending out the above intentions of Strength, Support, Wisdom, Inspiration, Upliftment, and Divine Love, Peace and Healing to one and all as you do this. You yourself are one of those very people, so I don’t even really need to tell you (of all people) as to just why all of that is even so very needed, and just about NOW at that!



The premium timeline is a powerful display of the highest possibilities for humankind.


It is a timeline in which where the air, water, and soils are sparkling clean and crystal clear. Also a place where people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, beliefs, emanations, expectations and anticipations too are sparkling clean, clear, and full of love, light and endless wisdom.


It is a timeline of strength, grace, ease and perfection. Of loving wisdom and blissful anticipation.


It is a timeline for the rapid and full healing of our planet and her peoples. A timeline of absolute omnipotence, infinite abundance, endless prosperity, and pure, divine, luxury – for ONE and for ALL!


It is, in fact, the very greatest New Earth timeline EVER created.


Also, everyone on this timeline has a fine (and refined!) sense of humour too.


Sense of humour: I don’t even make timelines without that shit.


So do enjoy adding your own fun little twists and creative additions to the Premium New Earth Timeline! The stage is now all yours to own, lads and ladettes!


For where we go as ONE, we do indeed go as ALL!


Enjoy the show!



So, how long does it even really take to switch over to such a brilliant and beautiful timeline? Well, this part entirely depends upon your belief systems here! How long does your human mind think it needs to shift to such a timeline? A day? A week? A month? Just feel for the most NATURAL answer (as it arises to this question) within your own mind and just, accept the answer as it comes (without desperately attempting or struggling to change it or anything). For NOW may NOT be the very best time to attempt to change such anyways!


In any case – and as a thumb rule – it usually takes most people roughly three to seven days to shift into such a high timeline, provided they make time (and space) to intend, imagine or visualize themselves living in such a timeline at least thrice a day. For some people, such as myself, it takes anywhere between 48-72 hours max. There are folks who can even do it in mere minutes, or mere seconds even. But yes, roughly three to seven days is (more than!) ENOUGH for most human minds to grasp the idea, process it, implement it, and start considering it as a real, tangible, TIMELINE, here.


The very MOMENT that your MIND starts believing that you’ve really shifted into it (your desired timeline in question) — that’s the very exact moment in which you have ACTUALLY SHIFTED into the exact same timeline too. Because that is how very powerful your (divine!) mind even is! And hence why you should never ever EVER underestimate it!



Finally, creating some sort or variety of ‘Timeline Shifting Rituals’ of your own (involving tangible, real life physical expressions) can often have you change timelines even in just a DAY, if you so please. So, for example, creating a fun little ceremony of your own involving things that could be anything from (your own unique combination of) incenses, crystals, bells, divine music, holy water, and similar such things etc. can easily help you shift to any timeline of your liking (including this one) within even but a 24-48 hour period no less. All upto you (and your mind) as to which way you truly and deeply prefer doing it the very best! So here’s me wishing you all the very best of luck for that! 🙂


Finally, once you’re in-alignment with your new timeline, MAKE SURE THAT all of your thoughts, words, actions, intentions, beliefs, expectations, anticipations, emotions, emanations and feelings all STAY in ALIGNMENT with that EXACT SAME TIMELINE CHOICE OF YOURS too! Because NOW may not be the very best (or wisest time) to be either ignorant, neglectful, un-mindful, negligent, careless or lax regarding such critical things whatsoever! Not that you still won’t be able to return to such a timeline at will or anything, but why would you even want to risk missing out on all of that just because of being overtly casual about it here and all? SO not worth it, folks. SO NOT worth it.



Last but by no means the least: Invite ALL divine beings that you can possibly imagine here (be it Angels, Archangels, Galactics, Elementals, Soul Families, Deceased Loved Ones, Inner Earth Beings, Positive Extraterrestrials and Extradimensionals, Higher Souls, Future Selves, Twin Flames, Soul Mates, All Beings Of Heaven, Ascended Masters, and God etc.) to ASSIST YOU in infinitely amplifying your timeline intentions and energies, SUPPORTING THEM in every way, shape and form (imaginable and beyond-imaginings), and ASSISTING ALL BEINGS to bring these intentions through for the highest good of ALL in here as well. Please remember, this help is entirely FREE TO YOU, and can assist you BEYOND YOUR VERY WILDEST IMAGININGS. And all you need to do here even is JUST ASK THEM FOR IT, because by Divine Law, they ALL need your explicit FREE WILL PERMISSION to do so (or else it counts as interference!!) And that is ALL that you even NEED to know about this, here!



Finally the MORE the numbers of people manifesting any given timeline, the FASTER (and the BETTER) that it ultimately manifests. So, just in case your own world is filled to the brim with sleepers and unawakened folks who’ll just never listen to such types of ideas, worry NOT. JUST STATE AN INTENTION prior to going off to sleep that you will share this exciting timeline with ALL of humanity in the dream planes (that is, the astral realms and dimensions). And then, KNOW that such WILL BE DONE no matter WHAT! And that is ALL that you even really need to do, in here!!



Please do FREELY SHARE THIS ARTICLE on EVERY LAST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM imaginable. TRANSLATE IT in all languages that you so know of, and TALK ABOUT IT in your (Online and Offline) Groups, Communities, Hangouts, Chat-groups, Discord Servers, Tinder Chats,  Spiritual Communities and Groups, and EVERYWHERE that you so possibly can. INSPIRING-LY SPEAK ABOUT IT ONE-TO-ONE with your (interested!) Friends, Loved Ones, Neighbors, Colleagues, and even Acquaintances. BLOG about it, YOUTUBE it, PODCAST it, or just RECORD AN AUDIO VERSION OF IT for the differently-abled or learning disabled ones.


Finally, GET THE WHOLE THING PRINTED AND PUT UP ON YOUR FRIDGE / WALL if you so need to! It’s very much so WORTH IT, trust me on that.





– Don Spectacularis (Click here to add me on your LinkedIn network!)

8 Replies to “Are You Ready To Experience The PREMIUM New Earth Timeline?”

  1. rht smythe

    SIGH……..NO WAY I reading this nonsense. What is wrong with you?!?!

    GO BACK…EDIT it and make it easier to read! Use sentences and paragraphs in the correct manner.

    Please do much better when posting !!!!

    1. Ivor

      It’s agree, this is so painful to try and read I just give up. What irritates the most is the random and excessive use of bold text.

  2. Diamond Black

    Source wants to experience inflation, shrinkflation and higher interest rates…
    End this bullshit now. The longer this bullshit continues, the more unnecessary suffering continues.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      You are indeed correct. Source is growing and expanding by learning about (through direct EXPERIENCE) literally ALL possibilities. Imagine an example of a classroom. Source wants to not only experience what it’s like to top the class, it also wants to know what it FEELS LIKE to come last, and not just Theoretically, but via direct EXPERIENCE no less. It also desires to know the feeling of coming 2nd…3rd…4th…ALL THE WAY down to the 2nd last place and the last place. For source is pure INFINITY attempting to know itself. YOU SHOULD KNOW, you’re IT after all.

      That being said, just because SOURCE is looking to know-it-ALL, doesn’t necessarily mean YOU have to attempt the same. Not that you even CAN (whilst you’re in human form) anyways.

      So why not then focus on the BEST, the very HIGHEST timeline instead, and experience THAT accordingly? Remember, it MATTERS NOT whether what you’ve placed your (continous / repeated / MAJORITY OF) FOCUS Or ATTENTION upon is “real” or “imaginary” — you will REGARDLESS experience it all the same.

      Hope this helps!!! 🙂

  3. Eunice Daniel

    I love this article, just exactly what I’ve been looking for. This is a great encouragement to those of us that see things positively differently and would need a clear assurance. Thanks.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you Eunice! 🙂 🙂 Coincidentally, today’s channelling by the 9D Arcturian Council speaks more of the same! In fact, I’ll quote a few lines by them here (for the benefit of all concerned) below:

      “We do NOT put our attention on any possibilities that exist for humanity that would result in cataclysms, both natural and human-related. Neither of those are on any of our radars, because we don’t see the POINT in putting any energy or attention on those timelines. Do those timelines exist? ABSOLUTELY. They MUST, because Source wants to experience everything.”

      “But what you do as an individual, living a life on Earth is, you use your own personal experience to help you determine what you want more of. Some people do want more drama and trauma, and they FOCUS on it, and they GET it. Some people want more peace, love, and unity, and they FOCUS on that, and they do eventually GET it.”

      “You get to experience the JOY of focusing and feeling, and then SEEING what it is that you have focused on coming to FRUITION in your “reality.”

      “Now, yes, you do have certain experiences that you put in your path to challenge you and to help you to grow, and that’s why it’s not all rainbows, unicorns, and flowers on anyone’s path. It always serves you to have that obstacle in your way, because then you discover how much more there is INSIDE OF YOU that helps you MOVE BEYOND THAT obstacle.”

      …and again, the most important part…!!!

      “We will continue to point out to you that there ARE in fact MORE timelines available to you now where things get BETTER AND BETTER there on Earth, rather than worse and worse. So when you see those reports of food shortages, and financial collapses, and tidal waves and all kinds of other calamities occurring there on Earth, you can IGNORE THEM. You can realize that those possibilities DO exist, and that people CAN choose them for THEMSELVES, but that YOU don’t HAVE TO.”

      “Your future is NOT set in stone, and NO ONE’S is. So certainly the collective of humanity is NOT moving towards an “inevitable” future. The one thing you are all doing is ascending, because that’s happening at the universal level. You’re always expanding, growing, and becoming more of who you are. THAT’S your future; HOW you do it is all up to YOU, but we will ALWAYS remind you that you DO have a CHOICE.”

      Now, I know that’s a LOT OF quotes, but hey, sometimes, we do indeed need that little bit of REPETITION to drive home the POINT! Hope this helps!! Cheers!!! 😀 😀 🥂🍻🥂

    2. Laura

      I love this article and your zesty personality! I read and watched the links and I loved it! I’m up to the challenge! Yay❤️🙏❤️🌅🏞🌄