Desire and Commitment to Love and to Shift

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy).

We have become what we think we are in these times due to the cruel conditions of this world, or at least that is our perception of it.

Who does not want to change themselves for the better? Who does not want to see the world change for the better? The truth is all want change, for the better. However, not all understand the power they hold within, their ability to create a shift, first within themselves, then the outer begins to shift naturally.

It is also the unwillingness to do simple work on the self, to give up a few harmful habits, which cause unwanted ripples in one’s sea of life.

Instead of giving all focus and energy to the outer occurrences, tune more often into the inner universe, and rest there for a while each day. See how that alone begins to impact your consciousness, perception of the world you exist in, and your life as a whole.

Many speak with pride of their ability to matching other people’s (low)vibration, and reflecting back to them what they have received from them. This occurs with the so called awakened ones as well(based on observation).

At the same time these people do not stop to think about matching the vibrations of their Higher Selves. Perhaps matching the vibration of Buddha, Yeshua, Saint Germain, and other Ascended Masters, or the Galactic Federation. Failing to realize they’re only lowering their own frequency when returning disrespect and hate with more disrespect and hate.

This is what has to change.

One must not go about their own spiritual evolution based on 3D daily life situations and reactions, and expect to make great progress.

The intention must be set, making the commitment to be a beacon of light in all events. To allow the light of the true Divine Soul that you are to come forth. And no matter what is received, to return it with love and kindness.

One must desire and commit to love, to shift, via the heart center, and experience the world from the Soul’s perspective.

The shifting within is what creates the shift without. It is then that one begins to see not only are you not other people’s perception of you, also you are not in truth your own perception of you in your current level of consciousness, and the world isn’t either.

The humans of Earth have been brainwashed to believe that they are savages. Darkness, hate, misery, pain and suffering, are natural. And that could not be further from the truth. The truth is light, love, kindness, joy, giving and caring, are human nature. This is the composition of the human essence.

The time has arrived, now more than ever, to bring forth the essence of the human being. The angelic innocence which rests within the heart of every human, for that is how Mother-Father God see you, that purity  that is seen in you by the Higher Dimensional beings, must be allowed to shine through and be practiced in the daily lives of all who truly desire to see change. All who desire to see this world shift into a higher frequency reality, and release the old once and for all.

Let love be your intention, in every thought, word, and action. I am Kejraj!

8 Replies to “Desire and Commitment to Love and to Shift”

  1. flazak

    Inner shift over the rainbow bridge, outer shift comes later. Harvest time, growth completion, realisation of unity, new consciousness. Trust the process, its different for everyone I guess, it can be a roller coaster certainly. It has been a rollercoaster for me. Right now I am calm, steady and clear but sometimes you just have to have those ups and downs to attain the growth and balance you need.

  2. C

    Thank you for the article. And to add another bit here: humans of earth have also been brainwashed to believe that each are in competition with each and all others (and even with their own selves). Also that there is not ‘enough’ (shelter, food, financial, love, attention, wisdom, etc) to go around. These beliefs keep us separated from love, kindness, generosity, joy and all else that love encompasses. These beliefs fold into the beliefs of humans being savages, and vice versa.

    It’s important to release, surrender these concepts with intention.

    The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. And so perhaps that is where our true focus of mastery should be as well.

    peace, love and blessings everyOne 🙏🕊