Sai Baba: Don’t Let the World Get to You

What matters now!

To be of the world, to be in the world, but to not let the world get to you – this is the practice and challenge faced today.

I am with you. I am SAI BABA

Beloved human,

The current events present you with the challenge to not get swallowed by them.

The current dynamic creates a pull, both positive and negative, and it is crucial which energy you ultimately allow yourself to get absorbed by.

The destructive energy, which has covered this world like a coat made of led, needs to be mastered. At the same time, you need to absorb the luminous energy that has spread all over the globe.

But how does this happen?

Shower of light

Only your consciousness and your focus determine the path and guarantee the desired results.

If internally you remain focused on God and the divine light, you are a part of the ascension process, because your energetic signature points right to it. What matters here is that you are very well aware of what is happening around you, but at the end of the day you ALWAYS bring yourself back into a loving frame of mind.

Never go to bed with a burdened or heavy mind. Take an energetic shower of light before you go to bed, and call upon the divine light!

The cleansing of low frequencies that have accumulated during each day is of the utmost importance. This is the only way to remain centered and oriented.

So just like you take care of your body by taking a shower or a bath, take care of your energy body as well. Cleanse them REGULARLY with the divine light of love – and your mind will be clear and untouchable by harmful energy fields.

It’s not about suppressing something or closing your eyes before the evils of the world. It’s solely about standing in the light, and – despite all these challenging phenomena that darkness and ignorance bear – remaining in the light.

In your own words, call upon the divine light, and it will heal you where healing is needed.

Living in the world, but not allowing the world into your soul – this is the practice you are facing, which you can only master through the divine light and divine love.

You are loved, endlessly!

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


2 Replies to “Sai Baba: Don’t Let the World Get to You”

  1. Lori Jo

    This is beautiful! There is no greater sense of freedom and peace than when we learn how to be in the world but not of it and not caught up in it or allow ourselves to be negatively impacted by it. If anyone remembers the old 1960’s movie “The Time Machine”….when George is in his time machine, racing through time into the future, he witnesses the world grow and change right around him, sees the chaos and the wars, the sun rise and set many thousands of times….but he is only an observer as he stays safe inside his Time Machine. This is how I see myself in the world but not of it.