Wisdom of the Council: This is Your Moment

You could spend the rest of your life celebrating all that you are in every moment, and it would never quite be enough to fully, fully, fully understand how important you are, how much you matter, how cared for, how loved, how guided you are, and how important this realization is for you, for humankind, for all of this incredible universe that you are a part of.

We emphasize play, create, have fun through innocence and joy, focused on freedom and love, and we emphasize focus. Focus this power that is you, this Source energy that is you, this consciousness, this force field of consciousness that is you. Focus it, expand it, reach from this moment into every corner of all of the universe. From this moment you become the center of the universe, and everything is here for you and available to you in the moment you slow down. In the moment you expand this force field that is you, in this moment that you choose self-realization, in this moment as you feel into the Isness of All That Is and the oneness of it all, you come into the realization that you are Creator, Source, God, the Divine. You can access anything from this multidimensional state of awareness in every timeline of potential and possibility. And you bring all of that back into this moment, into your body. Bring all of that back into this moment, into your body, and you will realize miracles, healing, manifestations like never before. So magical, so magical, dear master. 

This is just truly the beginning of you exploring your mastery. We have said this is the DECADE OF THE MASTER, the JOURNEY OF THE MASTER, and it just continues to expand as you expand, as your consciousness and awareness expands. There’s so much more, and wherever you are is perfect. Come into the moment, into your realization, and experience the perfection of all that you are.

And as you then move into and of the world that you call living your life, everything is new. Everything is new in this moment, which means anything and everything is possible. Every potential, timeline, possibility, anything in your imagination that you have ever created is available to you. And it’s a simple, simple, simple, simple as not doubting and denying your worthiness, not doubting or denying love for yourself, not recreating the old unwanted, but realizing the power, the freedom, the love to play and create and have fun with absolute joy, ease, and innocence as the impeccable creator that you are.

So, things are going to get really, really, really fun, and they’re going to start getting a lot of momentum, and things are really going to take quantum leaps forward. Remember the moment. Remember your ability to connect into All That Is. As much fun and as much as you’re playing and creating, remember the power of the moment. 

All of your power is in the now moment. In the moment, you are free. In the moment, you are whole. In the moment, there is unwavering love. In the moment, it’s going to be so important as you enjoy and play and create and have fun. There’s so much here for you.

In the moment is where you realize that you are everything you wish to be, you already are. And in the moment is where you realize that it’s all within you, and it always has been. And let it expand and expand and expand from there as every moment becomes even more satiating, even more beautiful, even more magical as you step into your mastery even more.

**Channel: Sara Landon

Excerpted from This Is Your Moment, The Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on June 1, 2022 


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