El Morya: Free Once A Week

Are you in the right movie?

No more wasting time on non-essentials, but dedicating yourself completely to your own transformation, that’s what matters today!

Beloved human being,

are you in the right movie, are you in the right life and are you yourself? Are you directing your thoughts toward the future or do you like to get lost in the past?

Whatever it is that keeps you from being present in the here and now, change that! Because the ascent into the light can only be achieved by entering into your life and into the themes of your life.

Therefore my advice: Avoid at least one day a week all digital and printed mass media of this earth!

This matrix is artificially kept alive by the spreading of opinions and wrong beliefs. The people are kept in the game with this information and are fed energetically with lies. This clouds the view and closes the perception of the own feeling and the intuition.

Therefore it is necessary to take distance and keep your distance. If you succeed in diving only selectively into the world of lies – spread by the mass media – and emerge again independently, then you are blessed, because the matrix of cold light has no power over you.

However, many people get lost in the jungle of disinformation and they create fears that have no basis.

Therefore, first of all, keep a conscious distance from the mass media one day a week.

Become aware of the power of these propaganda and power instruments and do something to counteract them.

A media-free day in the week is the beginning to become and be yourself again.

Don’t waste any more time on unimportant things and find back to your own feelings and your own thoughts!

Therefore: MM-free once a week –
a conscious act of self-love!


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com


7 Replies to “El Morya: Free Once A Week”

  1. flazak

    The imminent event that may occur at any moment will ensure the media is switched completely and totally off in order to coincide with the arrival of friendly beings of love/light, imho

  2. TheNOWTeam


  3. Phillis Stein

    This is beautiful, because this has been coming to MY mind very strongly lately. I shall now declare Fridays to be completely media free. I don’t watch MSM, but I find that much of the alternative media is additionally filled with more negativity and it is not serving us. Awake (to the first level of truth) people are simply getting angrier, when it is the sleepers who need to awaken. Sadly, it appears many of the sleepers are comatose, rather than asleep. So, I guess we have to continue to raise our vibrations individually in the hope that more of the collective will awaken very soon. Thank you for this reminder – I intend to take action!

    1. Jac

      Me too. It came to my mind one day whilst listening to an “alternative” media podcast that it was just as divisive and misinformed as MSM. So, I turned it off. I now practice the opposite of what this article says to do – I *might* listen once a week to that (or a different one) podcast, but otherwise, I’ve completely disconnected from all news (except this site – which I can go a few days without checking). 😉 I’ve also disconnected from all social media. It has truly been a huge relief! It took a bit of time to get used to not checking, but after a bit of time passed, I do not miss it at all. It was quite freeing!

  4. C

    “Media refers to the communication channels through which we disseminate news, music, movies, education, promotional messages and other data. It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet, fax and billboards.“

    Mainstream: The prevailing current of thought, influence, or activity.
    The prevailing opinion or practice. That which is common; the norm. considered normal, and having or using ideas, beliefs, etc. that are accepted by most people

    That which is considered to be “mainstream media” should no longer be contained to specific large, organized global outlets. There are collective examples of mainstream media, and there are also individual examples.

    Any one who still uses fb for example – their feed (or whatever it’s called there) would fit the definition as it is *their personal main stream* of information Same can be said about one’s Twitter, or Reddit, or YT subscriptions, or any other platform.

    For example – I tend to check EoL and VoL once daily. These sites then become a part of my personal “mainstream media”.

    The suggestion from the article: “Avoid at least one day a week all digital and printed mass media of this earth!”

    The keyword there is ALL. And it’s good to broaden our scope of understanding as to what that ‘ALL’ may include.

    peace, love and blessings everyOne 🙏🕊

    1. Laura

      Thank you for the clarification! Even this news source, as much as I love it, lol, pick a day! Any day! ❤️🙏❤️

  5. Zuza

    I guess I am doing good in this regard, watching or reading nothing from mainstream for years now 😉