Channeled Message; Divine Redemption

Dearest Beloved Ones,

At this time on the holy planet Earth, those cosmic energy forces that are opposed to the expansion of light are manifesting more directly and visibly upon the planet.

The reason for this manifestation is that all those carrying embodied divine light on the holy Earth are being moved forward in their path, and given greater light to anchor, to manifest and to share.

This process is greatly assisting in the transformation of the holy planet Earth.

This change is significant, because for so many eons the earth has been a place where souls came to experience duality and the separation from the Oneness in order to explore individuality.

These oppositional energy forces create the illusion and the expectation of doom. They also feed the emotions that are connected with the state of duality, such as fear, negation, anger and negativity.

Many vulnerable souls are affected by these energies at this time dearest Beloveds. Some sensitive souls can feel the potency of these energies, and even those who do not directly experienced these see the results in the events of increasing violence that are manifesting with greater frequency.

Dearest holy Beloveds, this state of things is not static but dynamic, and you can make a difference in all of your thoughts, words, actions and activities.

Even the energies of duality, darkness, and separated consciousness are part of the One. These are part of the choice that all souls are given when they enter the plane of duality.

Over time, souls learn more of their nature and the true nature of freedom, however it is not possible for any soul to move more quickly upon their evolutionary journey.  Each has their divine timing and learning, none of which may be clear to you, or to others.

In the face of these accelerating events and energies dearest Beloveds you always have a choice. Because the energies of light partake of the divine Oneness, these have the strength and capability to transform and transmute energies of separation and duality.

This power of light is what is needed at this time dearest Beloveds.

Many human beings have become accustomed to feeling helpless in the face of negativity, however there is a great deal more divine love, divine light, and divine truth existing both within you, and also around you, and in the holy Earth who is vibrating at a much higher dimensional frequency than ever before.

There are many ways that you can align with the divine light of the One. We have spoken of these before, and you may also find a very simple practice of alignment to be useful and supportive.

Anything that calls upon the divine love in your heart, the divine light of God, the holy Creator, the Divine Mother, the Divine One That is All, will bring forth a response from the divine that will aid you in navigating through the current circumstance.

At this time dearest Beloveds, when you choose to align with light, with love, and with all the goodness of your heart and soul that lives within you, you make a powerful embodied statement in the world.

You may not feel this because the oppositional energies are creating a heaviness, however you will be upheld and nourished from within.

You will be adding exponentially to the light of the world and the presence of the force of divine redemption which is active even now, transforming and transmuting all that prevents the full expansion of Divine light on the Earth. With all love and blessings and gratitude, Amen.

**Channel: Mashubi Shekiniah