Council of Overseers: Expanding Your Divine Light through the Great Central Sun

Beloved Beings of Light; it is with great Joy that we bless you now, as you fulfill your great purpose here on Earth, Being a Master of Form.

We were with you prior to your first incarnation experience into the World that you now call Earth.

The expansion of your Light reaches out throughout ALL areas of the Cosmic Grid of consciousness. There of course are many mortal words for this.

Your Light Body and YOU as you know yourself more and more to be and your light expansion through YOUR heart is your magical KEY of your being to BE as No one, no thing, ONE with ALL THAT is as LIGHT.

This Light you ~ is the eternal YOU, that continues to expand throughout all DIMENSIONS, beyond time and space yet appearing to be in it, also.

This realm of ALL POSSIBILITIES is your Light expansion cosmic awareness.

The more you focus on your expansion as light through your heart the greater your embodiment and experience of it will be for YOU.

So take a few moments NOW and receive this DNA activation (that already exists within you) we are simply shifting your focus more too it, so you may go THROUGH IT and know what we know as we even see you NOW.

Breathing slowly, this golden glorious light that reaches throughout the Universe (although there is no distance) is the COSMIC heart You that amplifies and expands ITSELF through your awareness and feeling of IT.

Profound GOLDEN LIGHT FREQUENCIES through the CENTRAL SUN envelop your Heart now and burst open the Light from your Heart that now reaches beyond what you once felt was possible.

Expanding this more and more, FEELING this, you will come to KNOW more and more your Divine Purpose as to BEING THE DIVINE COSMIC BEING, HERE present on Earth and leading the way into the New Earth, 5th dimensional frequency experience.

As you shift from this 4D to the 5th awareness, BEING A COSMIC BEING One with ALL THAT IS; your DNA also becomes electrified in a warm soothing way as it acknowledges your key transformation, into KNOWING AND BEING THIS.

STAY FEELING this. Breathe it in as the blueprint of this EXPANDS EVEN MORE NOW.

Present with YOU, if you must call us a name, We are the Divine Council of Overseers, we are known through our frequency. One with the Elohim and many councils of Light that are part of your very own elevation and expansion to knowing and being all that you are ETERNALLY.

WE activate this more, feel your cells, your DNA, your heart and Light body literally explode with this Golden Light. In love we bless this YOU, all Now.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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