Creation of the World

Truth has been in the background for untold ages and man, standing with folded hands and in supine ignorance, accepted half truths and no truths, as God’s word. Today, from all over the world, cries for Truth are arising from the hearts of the people. Man is no longer content to be deceived, consciously or unconsciously, and this desire for Truth, from his heart, is the open door which the Cosmic Beings are using to pour back on him Their knowledge and the Truth, and give him every possible God’s assistance to fulfill his mission on Earth.

In the new Religion of the Seventh Ray though, as we have stated, broad fundamentals do not differ from other preceding Great Religions; nevertheless, there is great disparity in the source, knowledge and application of Truth. Dogmatic theology, promulgated in men’s Synods, finds no room here, and the Love of God towards His Creations, with new means for his salvation, is vigorously reiterated. It holds as fundamentals and asserts with due emphasis, that from the great original Source, emanate, like rays from the sun, individualized God Presences, ” I AM” each one of which standing above each individual, represents God’s Divinity in man.

From this original “I AM” is projected a stream of electronic essence into the physical form, through the “Silver Cord” which, entering the body, from the top of the head, anchors itself in the individual’s heart. This is our own immediate source of life, and is the power that beats our heart, breathes the lungs and enables us to be what we are – human individuals. It is an infinitesimal bit of Divinity but, regardless of its microscopic dimensions, makes us all Gods in embryo, eventually to grow to full stature.

These microscopic dimensions, however, were not the original lot of man, and we know that the First, Second and Third Root Races, when they came, not only they had their full allotments of it, but as time went on, it increased and expanded, giving them eventually victory into the Light – their Ascension.

The very same thing would have happened to all subsequent Root Races, were it not for the occurrence of the “Fall,” an event that retarded the progress of man by millions of years.

How this came about, Cosmic Beings, in the last few years, have been gracious enough to tell us. Before, however, proceeding to these interesting and enlightening details, it may be to our advantage, and get a better understanding if we go back to “Genesis being written again,” and with the help of knowledge given to us by Cosmic Beings, start from the beginning.

The Creation of the Earth

Evolution, as a Cosmic Law, does not confine itself to man and his environment on Earth, but goes further and covers every aspect of the Great Cosmos.

Advancement, at Inner levels, comes through Initiations; the aspirant, regardless of the stage of his development, as he climbs the ladder of evolution, step by step, reaches a point where he is endowed with the Cosmic Power to create a system of worlds.

This point of evolution, many millions of years ago, was reached by two Cosmic Beings – male and female – Helios and Vesta who, having fulfilled the Cosmic requirements, applied to the Great First Cause – the Source of all Creation – for the privilege of creating a system of Planets, and people them with individual Self-Conscious Beings. This “Source” were the two Cosmic Beings, Alpha and Omega – male and female – who crated the Galaxy known by Their Names.

In the following account, taken from an Address given by Chohan Lanto, to the students of “The Bridge to Freedom,” in June, 1954 at the Royal Teton, during the Karmic Boards’ Convocation, we get authentic information as to how our Planet Earth and the rest of our System of Worlds was created; Who were the Assistant Cosmic Beings, and what Each One of Them, in particular, contributed:

“. . . The right and the privilege having been granted, Helios and Vesta designed within Their Consciousness the size of these Planets, their location, the number of lifestreams that would abide upon each one as human beings would plan a house. They pictured and held that image in Their minds and feelings, expanding it from the Heart Center of Their Being, into a great sphere of influence. The periphery of that sphere was the boundary of the Universe within which the Planets, the Stars and all belonging to that Universe would abide. In the Fiat of “Let there be Light,” Helios and Vesta spun out of Their very Selves that Universal Substance (Light) out of which the Elohim created the planets, and from whence has dome into being All Form.

The Cosmic Silent Watcher

When the design was completed, a Mighty Majestic Being was summoned from out the Great Silence, known as the Cosmic Silent Watcher of this Universe. Into Her consciousness was placed the design of all the planets that were to belong to the system. This Great Being absorbed the Plan of the God-Parents and accepted the responsibility of holding the Immaculate Concept for each Planet until such time as Helios and Vesta would designate the Cosmic moment when that particular Planet was to be externalized.

The Planetary Silent Watcher

In due time another Great Being was summoned, called the Planetary Silent Watcher, Who received into Her keeping, from the Cosmic Silent Watcher, the plan for the new Planet Earth, accepting, in turn, the responsibility of holding the Immaculate Concept for the Earth until the Divine Plan is fulfilled to the last detail. The Great Cosmic Silent Watcher holds the seven Planets of this System within Her Heart, while the individual planetary Silent Watcher holds but one planet.

The Planetary Silent Watcher took the responsibility for holding the Immaculate Concept for the Earth, with her rivers, oceans, the great mountains and the vast plains, making available to the Seven Might Elohim and Builders of Form that Pattern, which They then wove out of the Universal Light-Body of Helios and Vesta.

The first activity of the Planetary Silent Watcher is to expand Her Causal Body, which becomes the cradle in which the planet will rest, and the Great Seven Spheres are the seven bands of color of the Causal Body of the Planetary Silent Watcher into which the great Guardian Spirits, the great Cosmic Angels and Devas came, creating the Seven Heavenly Realms of Consciousness for the evolutions that were to occupy the Planet.

Out of the very substance and energy of the colors of the Causal Body of the Planetary Silent Watcher is woven the Temples, the very atmosphere of those Inner Spheres. Out of the substance of that Body is woven the elements for your Earth. Out of the substance of Her Causal Body is woven the garments of the Seven Vehicles which every lifestream wears.

At last the Cosmic Moment for the birth of the Planet Earth arrived. The Silent Watcher of the Earth stood in readiness and then the Seven Mighty Elohim – the Cosmic Builders of Form – were summoned. (A)

Seven Mighty Elohim

The Seven Elohim answered the call of Helios and Vesta and, standing around the Planetary Silent Watcher, studied intently the Plan held within Her consciousness for the Earth, which it was Their joy, service and opportunity to bring into form. Their first activity, in this direction, was the projection of the mighty Light-Rays from Their combined Consciousness which formed the matrix of the new planet. When this was done, They, in turn, summoned the Directors of the Forces of the Elements and the lesser Builders of Form, the Angel Devas and the Elemental Spirits. These Beings magnetized the Electronic Light-substance, filling in and fashioning the Planet according to the instructions given Them by the Elohim. As builders return to the blueprint of the architect, so did the Elohim return again and again to the study of the Light-pattern held in the Consciousness of the Silent Watcher.

Mankind has no concept of the fidelity, consecration and sacrifice of a Being Who chooses to hold the Divine Pattern and Plan as a Silent Watcher for a Planet for millions of years beyond the time, originally scheduled for its Perfection. This Great Being is a Being of Love. This great Blessed Silent Watcher for our Earth has held the Pattern, as designed in the Heart of Helios and Vesta, and the Pattern for every lifestream destined to manifest God Perfection and has held for you as well as those who are to use it in the future, the unwavering Pattern which is the God Design that all must one day externalize.

Directors of the Great Forces of Nature

The Elohim invoked the Directors of the Forces of Nature, the majestic Virgo (Earth), the Mighty Neptune (water), and the Beloved Aries (air) who joyfully answered the summons, grateful for the opportunity of contributing the gifts of Their respective elements – earth, water, air – for the comfort and well-being of the newly born Earth and its future inhabitants. Helios and Vesta themselves provided the element of Fire.

After this came the invocation to the Spirit of Spring, the Beloved Amaryllis, to come and set up the rhythm of the Spring in blossom, flower and beauty of nature. This beautiful Being came in answer to the call, bringing with Her legions of Angelic and elemental Helpers. Their combined energies dotted the sweet Earth in such beauty and gladness that She looked like a beautiful dryad, wearing a wreath of flowers upon her head, waiting to welcome the Spirits who were to make her their home.

Nine hundred consecutive rhythms of Springtime came and went to make the Earth more and more beautiful – the lakes, the great rivers, the giant waterfalls, the crystal seas, the mountains pointing their fingers toward God, and the Immortal Three-fold Flame of God pulsating from within Earth’s center, the Great Eternal Sun of Even Pressure! Think ye not that mankind, about to receive this Planet as their individual swelling place, were destined for some great purpose?

The Elementals wove the smallest and the daintiest of flowers; the Great Devas unfolded the leaves on the trees; the Mighty Spirits of the air, active and working in their own element; all nature working together harmoniously to the rhythmic music of creation!

While all this activity was going on; while the Great Elohim and the lesser Builders of Form; the Angel Devas and the members of the Elemental Kingdom were creating and beautifying the planet, Helios and Vesta were drawing, from the Great Central Sun, the Spirit Sparks (God Flames of Individualizations of the Presence Who proclaimed “I AM” – ARC ed.) who were to be the beneficiaries of all this preparation and Love. These rested within the bosom of Vesta, until the God-Parents were ready for the projection of the White Fire Beings and the Electronic Bodies which became the garments of these Spirits.

And so, One Cosmic Day, the work of Creation was completed and the Seven Elohim signified to the God-Parents that the Planet Earth was ready for habitation!