Saint Theresa: Love, Give, Work

Good evening to you, dear children of the Light, I am Thérèse. Many of you know me as Sainte-Thérèse.

But what holiness in fact, that of having incarnated Love? It is quite normal to embody Love. It is our function, no, on this Earth, to embody Love!

Dear friends, because I can call you dear friends, I help souls who call on me. Right now, I hear a lot of things coming from all over this planet, all over this world, into your world, into your world of incarnation. I hear complaints, I hear some moans, I hear joys, I hear laughter too, but I hear the transformation.

I hear on the one hand, this need for transformation that all peoples have sent to Heaven, which is received, and which is already on the way – this transformation, and at the same time, I feel people who, in this period of transformation, feel absolutely devastated by what is happening.

It’s hard to thwart this movement, this great cosmic wheel movement that brings your entire planet on a new path, on a new timeline – as you say, because the entire Earth is being led on a new rail, a brighter rail, of course, but a rail that requires significant time acceleration. Many of you will live in a few months, in a few years, the equivalent of decades of incarnation, or even dozens of incarnations.

Let’s be a little more positive, objective. Your acceleration is dazzling and that’s why it’s difficult to live with. You don’t even notice it, you’re bombarded with a bunch of information, bombarded with a bunch of energy.

You think you’re fine, and a week later you’re going to feel bad, then a week later you’re going to feel good. You fluctuate like this in your state of health, in your state of being, in your emotional state, in your physical state. The energy will travel with you. That is what is happening.

What is my message? Always the same: love, give, work. That is important.

To love is that relationship you have with the world. Improve the relationship you have with what is, not with what you would like it to be or who it is, but what is.

What is, is exactly posed by the entirety of the souls that you are, to bring about the change that is underway. Of course, this one will go through and has already gone through painful phases, deadly phases in the human appearance. But all this planetary change is there to bring about a higher Consciousness.

You have arrived at this moment when the universe, your universe, is in conjunction with galactic phases, which makes your brothers, our brothers from other worlds, in a position to observe us better or to join us more easily, than in certain periods of time, because there are tunnels, temporal paths, which sometimes simplify the arrival of our galactic brothers or their perception simply.

And every time this window appears, they are windows that usually last four to five years, which are not immediate, in each of these windows there is an observation of the evolution of consciousnesses that are incarnated on planets.

And at no time will any of your extraterrestrial brothers – I insist on this subject – wish to be in contact with you, if the human being remains in the mind and does not enter the heart, his heart, his living, vibrant heart. There are still too many humans traveling in their heads rather than in their hearts.

So, this period is made to upset the mind, to make it almost inoperative sometimes even. It’s hard not to be able to follow, to feel like you’re suffering, I mean, but that’s because you don’t offer yourself in the present moment, you don’t like it. That’s why I started by “loving.”

Love the present moment, friends. Love this moment. Love this minute when I speak to you, when we speak to you, in the name of a Source that crosses you all, without exception.

This divine name is Love, this Love that crosses you, this immense bond that crosses each being, crosses it whatever the conditions, whatever the moments.

It is the true Nature of Man and Woman to be Love, to be connected to each other, to love one another. This is the true Nature of Man and Woman.

When your heart opens some are disturbed, because they live this experience. And they end up feeling like they’re falling in love with everyone they meet, as if every being is an immense potential for love, an immense wealth, and that’s who they are. But it is hard for the mind to be apprehended like this, subject to a Love of encounter and the encounter of Love, because that is your true Nature.

When he feels this, the mind takes hold of it and considers that there is a couple, a story, a family to do. And it’s true that you could make a family, but it’s also true that you could tell yourself that it’s a state that actually is natural.

It is a state that goes through non-judgment, because as soon as you put judgment forward then you leave Love, since you decide who is worthy to be loved a little and who is worthy to be loved very much.

To love: to love is to be linked, to the identical beings, to those who are like you, not like you mentally, but like you physically, humanly. You are humans united with humans. And this is also what your galactic brothers and their arrival will provoke, this feeling of being Human, this feeling of finally being a people, this understanding also that all wars, all deviations, all properties, all territories, are ultimately very small and that Love is great, that wherever there are members of its family of heart, everywhere you are welcome, and everything will go well.

By enlarging this family of hearts, by enlarging your capacity to love and your love, you will unite the planet, you will allow it to be seen as a planet of evolved beings and not of beings – it is not a question here of saying non-evolved – but I am talking about unconscious beings, living in patterns that are automatisms.

So yes, it requires an effort to stop living in its automatisms. It requires the effort to look at oneself, to hear oneself, to see oneself, to perceive oneself, in one’s wanderings sometimes, in one’s sin.

What is this sin? Perhaps the first sin is to forget who you really are, to forget your true Nature, to forget the Love within you.

So, after loving, there is this second step, and this second step is giving.

The most powerful gift you can give to humanity is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most powerful gift one can offer to one’s Nature, to nature, to beings and to others, a forgiveness, an authorization to be otherwise, an authorization to change.

So of course, there are beings or situations that must be forgiven several times. Allow a being or situation to change, but if it dives back, allow it to change again, and if it dives back, allow it to change again.

For hundreds of years your own Higher Consciousness has allowed you to deceive yourself, to come back, to improve that love that is your true Nature, and you have as many trials as you really need.

Every life is a new forgiveness, a new beginning, a new possibility. Act like the Divine and you will become divine. So, learn to leave a chance, to leave a hope, to leave a way in front of you, for yourself first because often you are quick to accept to forgive your brothers, your sisters, but not you. You have forgotten yourself or you consider that for you it is over, for you it is over or that it is useless, or that true altruism is to think of the other.

True altruism is to share what you have, not what you don’t have. Then you will offer yourself to others with what you have. To offer oneself to the other with what one does not have is very poor as an offer, as a gift.

In fact, to offer forgiveness is to recognize your wandering, it is to recognize that you still let yourself be fooled by mental attitudes. You still let yourself be fooled by your own compulsive thinking. You let yourself be fooled into not being able to take a step back. It doesn’t matter, it’s part of the way! It is part of the path of all, it is part of the path of enlightenment of all those concerned.

Being on this path, in truth, shows you, its progression. I recognize that I still have to forgive myself for this attitude, it is already being on a next step. And then recognize it again, climb a new step and recognize it again, climb a new step.

The staircase that leads to Paradise is made only of that, of steps, of steps, which are necessary for yourself and for all others. There are no others in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is unique. The Spirit passing through you is unique in truth. Each of you receives, receives Everything.

Dear souls, dear children of the Light, I know your Light, I know your potential and I know your wanderings, as I have had them myself. Because I have had them, because I have crossed them, I do not have to be an example, I have to be the one who understands this path precisely.

Understanding him, understanding the other, this is also what can lead you to forgiveness. Understanding what led to a gesture, an attitude, a word, what led to that? Nervousness, separation, fear, suffering, lack of love especially, these old wounds that come to the surface, and that often you associate with the next being who will represent them to you, in truth to better forgive them, but very often, it is to this one that you will not forgive. You see, here are the obstacles to forgiveness, the obstacles to Love.

Often you see a work in front of you, something that, indeed, deserves to be, there, really worked hard, of understanding the other, of understanding oneself, of understanding its functioning, not to correct it, but already to see it.

You know, to see sin, that is, to see the gap between your divine aspect and your human aspect is already to be on this path, to climb these steps of Paradise. And it’s difficult, and the journey is long for some, very, very long. But moving forward is a beautiful Work!

So, I now enter the third subject that is the work. Love – give – work.

The work is what you will be able to share with your brothers, with your sisters, with this world. The best works are not necessarily human. A person who takes care of nature all his life will do a very great work. A person who will simply take care of a pet all his life will, here too, do a very great work, because it is the exercise of love, the work.

So, exercise love, where you are able to give it as strongly as possible. If it’s teaching, teach. If it is while caring, treat. If it is by making objects, make them, because these objects will be love, they will be your work. They will carry your work. No matter what we are talking about here, no matter if I am talking to you about a sandal, a piece of furniture, a screw or a motor, each person who works, each person who gives his love in what he is, in what he does, this one is a bearer of Light much more powerfully than the one who thinks he is.

Many of today’s priests do not carry as much Light as would be possible for them. Some of them have found refuge in religion, but some of them have not yet found their hearts there. While some lay people have found their hearts, but they have not found their refuge. Finding the heart is, above all, the demand of the Higher Consciousness.

Share the love you are capable of, for people, for animals, for objects, for singing, for what you want, share that love. This is what it means to work, to advance on the path of peace, of understanding oneself and of understanding the other.

Let’s take this path together, in a few examples: Love, give, work.

Let’s imagine, if you will, that you have leaders who seem malicious to you.

To love, here, this first step is to remember who you are once again, to remember your true Nature. Your true Nature is Love, so this leader, a priori malevolent, deserves your love as much as another. He is your brother; she is your sister. They are your family.

Place them there, against you, against your heart. Bring them to your consciousness. I recognize the appearance of ease. I recognize the appearance of wandering too. I recognize in you a power, and I also recognize the brother. I recognize this tenderness, this love that crosses you, because you are a human being. Then it is God that I desire to see in you, as I desire to see Him in me. It is this Love, and you are invited to feel Love.

What is a “feeling of Love”? It’s feeling that it’s there, you’ve found that connection between you and, for example, this leader. You have felt a connection, it is weak, but it is there. Take it.

Let’s move on to the second step: let’s give.

To this being, we will already give our good will. Our good will in forgiveness is already to tell ourselves that we do not know everything, we do not control everything. At that time, we can speak to this being in front of us, in conscience. “Dear brother, dear sister, I don’t understand how you operate. I don’t know if the decisions that seem incorrect to me come from you, come from elsewhere. Dear brother, dear sister, I confess that I do not know, and I confess that I have judged you. And here you can ask the universe: “I ask the universe, God, the Source, forgiveness for this judgment, for this condemnation. I give you back your Love” in a way you had stolen it.

Give back this Love that is yours, give back this exchange between you, give back to the other, to the leader, to your brother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your mother, your aunt – whatever, give back Love. Give it back, it means recreating that bond between you. “I judged you, I condemned you without understanding, without knowing, or believing to understand, believing to know” and you take this “enemy”, this soul-friend in your arms, not so that he or she changes, but simply because you recontact again the Love that exists between you. “May you be enlightened by the Light.”

May the Light enlighten you; this is the advice you can then give to this energy, but you do not know what the Light is, you do not know what the path of perfection is that passes through you.

And I often repeat, even the trials that are going through you, are an acceleration of your spiritual growth, a deceleration of your belief and mental growth, for an increase in your spirituality, of what unites you within you.

Thus, I give this being the opportunity to be someone else. I give him, not my confidence – it’s not my confidence that I’m going to give him, I hear my own channel trying to finish the sentence, but it’s not my conscience, my confidence that I’m going to give him – what I’m going to give him is the opportunity to move forward. It is a zero state, a non-judgment, neither positive nor negative, it is an authorization: “I allow myself to see it differently and I allow you, too, to see yourself differently, to consider yourself differently.”

And then, also to try to keep in you the fraternity. Keep that in you, sorority, fraternity, recognizing your sisters, recognizing your brothers, it’s important, because, again, the bigger the family gets, the easier the passages. If you do not have a family of heart, even distant, your work will be difficult, often not very joyful. So, allow yourself new brothers, new sisters.

Trust in your nature, trust in your ability to love. It is not the ability to make you accept than the ability to love.

To love is also to give, to be ready to forgive, not to have negative prejudices.

This is what I am trying to advance in each of you today, explaining that, in this period, it is all the more important, that it will help you to go through it more quickly, more efficiently, more quietly I should say, even if I know the apparent tumults of the history of the world.

Then you can work effectively, to continue, to finish, this first example. You will be able to work with this person, who apparently escapes the grace of goodness, and your work at that time, your work will be to mentally send him an example that is good for the multitude, a model that is good for the whole human population for example, not for a part of the population, not for the poor rather than the rich, or the rich rather than the poor, but for the entire population. Your shipment should ignore the current system.

And this is your work, to give your love in one form. Explain how to love. Pretend that you are in front of someone who has temporarily lost that ability to love those they lead. Send kindness. It is a powerful force, that benevolence. Be patient and change will come.

Love, give, forgive, anyone or whatever. The Nature of God passes through you all, all the time, in all times, in all spaces, in all dimensions, in all species.

You are invited to leave your beliefs, to stop believing that some would be worthy of God’s energy and others would not. The Divinity crosses the whole manifestation of this world and the worlds. Love is everywhere. Even if you have the impression that it is non-existent or in small quantities in some, or in certain places, certain situations, some people, it is there anyway, and it is on it that you can rely.

If you are looking for enemies, you will find some, but if you are looking for brothers, you will keep them forever, in all times and in all spaces.

You have no enemies. You are often your own enemy, finding enemies, decreeing that they are not like you, that they do not deserve. And in fact, what are you doing here by saying that? You’re going to meet people who are going to say, “This one isn’t like me” or “She doesn’t deserve my attention, she doesn’t deserve me to listen to her, she doesn’t deserve me to understand her.”

See here, Love will show you how you love, how you love others, and how you love yourself.

The exchange of Love, listening and being listened to, sharing, and obtaining sharing, Love is an act that is always in both directions. Even though there may be a delay in one of the two sides, the exchange will still exist.

You never lose to give. If you decide who deserves and who does not deserve, then you lose some of your energy dear souls. You waste so much time, so much energy unnecessarily, because it is a part of your energy that you leave to those you consider to be your total enemies. I speak of total enemies in the sense of “totally”, that is, those who can never change sides. It does not exist, because it could have never been you.

You have gone through – your soul – many dimensions before you were here, before you were here now. Our souls were far-off beings before we were who we are today.

We have gone through all the states of matter. We went through many incarnations in various forms, human and non-human, before arriving on this planet, before being these incarnate beings.

Do you think you are in your only life? We have experienced so much. We have lived hundreds, thousands, together. Almost all of us have met.

At one time or another in one of your existences, in our existences, we have met. Not you and I as Therese, but you and I maybe when I was a carpenter, you and I when I was a mason, you and I when I was a carpenter, you and I when I was a bateleur, you and I when I was a housewife, you and I when I was a cook, you and I when I was a healer, so much time, so many eras, you and I when I was a blade of grass, because we lived this awareness of the plant kingdom.

We experienced the energy, this All, through this form, which was a passive form, a form of observation of the world, a form following the Nature of God from within, because that is what the plant kingdom is, a kingdom that follows the energy of God from within. Understand that. Hear that, really.

See friends everywhere. I know that this exchange is difficult sometimes, I know it is complex, but I know that it is useful. Thus, if you have managed in your life to repatriate five or ten people that you had put in a kind of opposite camp, if you have managed to pacify your state of mind vis-à-vis these beings, know how great your work is. It will be shared throughout the universe because your experience, the way you have advanced, will be disseminated throughout the world, since you are bound by an energy field so powerful, so good, so strong, that each can draw from the knowledge of the other, the true knowledge, I repeat, that of the heart.

There are so many beings in your planet who have already had this knowledge of the heart. During This life of Thérèse, I studied them at length. I read at length about the lives of many of these beings of course, many Christian saints in my case. I read a lot. I also listened a lot to readings. I have learned a lot from these souls, because I know that I can connect with their message, I can connect with their brotherhood. Even if they are non-material, some would say, their knowledge is quite tangible, accessible in our body, because we absorb this Light, this knowledge of Love and we transform it into Joy.

Joy often comes from something we know that we place inside of us. We know why we are happy. And even when an unspeakable Joy crosses us, we know what the source of this Joy is in truth. We know that she is divine. We know that Grace, He grants it to us, because we let it pass.

I invite you to feel the simple joy of this moment, the simple joy of the present moment.

In this present moment, let us now study a second example, not about a person but about a situation. Let’s take a situation that seems to find no way in this reasoning, but there is one, you will see.

You are a single woman. You see very very very very few people. No one listens to you. No one hears you.

First, love. Like. Remember that voice, that Energy within you that says, “You are my daughter. Whatever happens, whatever happens, I love you. Feel that the Heavenly Father, not the human father, but feel how much the Heavenly Father is present by your side. He never abandoned you. Feel it. Feel this Love. Feel this Presence. Love him. Love Him as a child loves a father.

Here I should stop the words, for loving the Heavenly Father cannot be represented by words.

When we love the Heavenly Father, there is something – I have to make a verbal approximation – there is something in us that says, “I love Him, He loves me. I feel enveloped, taken care of. The mind comes back behind, of course. He will come back and say, “Taken care of, yes, but not as you want, not as you would like. You can’t stay like that. What father would abandon his daughter? but you have never been abandoned.

So, feel this Love, this Love that we feel, this Joy also that we feel when we have been separated for a long time from a Father, that we know we are loved, that this Father returns to you and that you return to Him. You have made a long journey to join the Light of the Father, so accept this Light and accept this Love. Accept it.

Do this exercise now, accept the Father’s Love. This one passes through all your cells. It is able to regenerate so much in you.

Love this Energy. Love this Heavenly Father. Love Him even if He has been absent for a long time, in your mind alone. Love him. Love his return.

To give. Forgive this Heavenly Father. Forgive Him, for often you blamed Him for things while He was away. You have reproached this Heavenly Father whom you have called the universe, you have reproached Him for being alone. You blamed Him for being misunderstood. You blamed Him for a disability. You have reproached Him for everything that may have happened to you. He is not responsible for it.

Finding a culprit in Him made this path easier for you, and He accepted to be guilty because it made your way easier. Because it has made your way easier, He has accepted all the criticisms, without saying anything, without presenting Himself, without justifying Himself, because there is nothing to justify but the Love He has for you, and this Love forgives everything, because He loves you.

I am not asking you to feel that you have been unjust to God. I just ask you to become aware of it, and to accept to change your gaze, to admit that evolution is happening through you, not as you wished, but that it is. You evolve. You are moving forward, even alone.

In this way, recognize the Presence of the Invisible Father at your side. Stop thinking or even saying once “I’m alone”. Recognize this accompaniment in your life.

Some of my sisters have spent their lives cloistered in cells, to find a day in the Presence of the One who is by your side, always. So, accept this Presence: you do not understand, you just feel a gentle Presence, you feel someone, who may not speak to your incarnate consciousness, but you feel His Presence. So don’t pronounce this loneliness, please. Don’t pronounce it. You can say “I feel like I’m alone” yes, but it’s an impression. Don’t say “I’m alone.” Don’t say “I’m abandoned.” Do not say “no one listens to me”, because you have always been heard, but you were expecting an answer that goes in the direction of your mind, but not in the direction of your heart, very often.

You know this response from the heart. The response from the heart is often something that can revolve around “it’s okay – it’s not very important”.

There is no one to blame, because it is through this body that the experience has decided to be lived. It was through this experience that it was decided to find Love, to find Love.

Finding Love alone is a decision made by people who want to find the Love of the Invisible and in the Invisible too, and who therefore put themselves in the ideal circumstances to seek this invisible Love, to connect with the Invisible. Eventually, you enter the priesthood without knowing it. You enter religion without knowing it, for in truth you have sought God.

You complain that you do not have the form, but you are in the exceptional circumstances that you have planned for you, those that allow you to meet the Most High in your existence, to then work, to share this Presence, to share this Love felt, in various forms.

To be ready to share this moment, to share this feeling of forgiveness, to share this wandering: “Sorry Lord, I forgot that it was You that I wanted to meet, and I believed that I wanted to meet humans and circumstances.” In fact, it was He, She, this Energy, that you wanted to meet, to hold in you, to hold in your heart, to hold in your soul. It is this Energy that you have sought.

Dear souls, dear souls, the exercises I have proposed to you can be done mentally too. And that’s where maybe I’m getting at, it’s that this mind can serve you as much as it can serve you.

The mind is what allows the Consciousness to settle on earth. Will you use your mind to make your consciousness low, material, survivalist or use your consciousness to elevate yourself, to elevate the other, to be in the presence of other consciousnesses?

You know from what I said, it doesn’t matter if the other person is there or not. It is what you feel that determines your state of consciousness, because what you feel, will become the experience of your life.

What you feel in this emotional body, in this mental body, is lived, is projected, in the world of matter as being true. That is why, in truth, everything you say is true for you, at some point. So, it’s up to you to change what you think is true.

And to change what you think is true, you need to understand that everything you learned before was maybe a lie, maybe an illusion, and probably even an illusion, allowing yourself to receive new information, and not foolishly rely on human arrogance, to believe you know something, the slightest thing.

Not knowing anything is an immense happiness for the one who lives with God, because everything he has to know, he will know, everything he has to receive, he will receive.

This is how the Light spreads, my brothers and sisters, love, give, work. So is the blessing, the blessing of God.


**Channel: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation to English by


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  1. Gwendolyn Merrick

    Incredible that this is posted on eroflight. I lived in Kolkata and can verify thru those who worked at her organization that she is Dark Cult, and male. Her place was very near the railroad tracks where she could gather poor children to traffick. An evil entity

    1. Dubious

      Absolutely! He was pure evil! So many children suffered due to that foul demon.

      Everyone that the DS puts forward as a ‘saint’ and ‘good’ is the opposite.
      We must look at and question everything in our world! Nothing is what it is touted to be, and nothing is true.