Siriusians: Time for Healing

Dearest Ones it is time now for you all to go within and understand why you are here at this particular moment in time. You have all been through over 2 years of a challenging time which has never been known before on Planet Earth. Although you may not be feeling it, this time has been a “special” time whereby many more souls have awoken to their mission on Earth.

You may not in fact be feeling very special. There may be grief for a lost 2 years, you may have lost friends and family members over this time. You may be feeling alienated from your family. You may have lost so called friends who have felt differently to you about what has happened in the last 2 years. You may be feeling very much alone as you go through this time but take heart this time will not last forever and in time you will see the reasoning behind the so called “madness” of the last 2 years or so.

Whether you know this or not mentally, your soul was chosen to be here at this time and however you may be feeling, it is a privilege, and you are in Truth a very special soul. We do understand that many of you may not be feeling particularly “special” at this time. You may be feeling many, many different feelings as you go through this time of Ascension. Anger, sadness, depression, feelings of guilt and sorrow, intense highs and intense lows can all be felt, even in one day. These are all your soul’s way of getting your attention to go within and clear the last vestiges of the negative emotions that may have been holding you back so to speak.

Your bodies are changing from carbon based and these old emotions need to be cleared for you to become that shining diamond for all to see. Do not be frightened to let these old feelings come up for that is a part of your mission at this time. It is not all about being Love and Light and healing others. You are here to heal yourselves before you can ever heal others. You are here to clear away the last vestiges of emotions from inside of your body from a very long and intense time on Earth. Some of these feelings may have been inside of your body and soul for a very long time but you all have the opportunity now to let these old emotions go and move into a quieter and more peaceful way of being.

Repressing negative feelings inside of your body can cause many physical ailments as your body tries to inform you of your need to change. Many books have been written on this subject and others will be there to help but you Dear Ones are involved enough now to go within and “ask” your own body what it needs to evolve.

Take time each day to go within and commune with the cells within your own body. Ask your body how it is feeling today, maybe it needs to rest, maybe it needs to exercise or a different food to eat. Take the time to learn what your body needs and talk to it as if it is your own best friend. Talk to the cells in your body and ask them to refresh and regenerate every single day. Many of you may have heard of the Med Beds which are coming into being which you have been told will do amazing things for your body. Well Dear Ones you have the chance NOW to have your own personal Med Bed. You are your own best healer so do take the time to go within and give your own body what it needs to evolve and grow.

Each and every one of you is a SPECIAL SOUL and you will have your own way of doing this. Each and everyone of you is a part of GOD so instead of listening to others now, it is time to “listen” to your own GODHEAD inside of you. Go within and you will get all the advice that you will ever need.

Many souls applied to be here on EARTH at this time as MOTHER GAIA goes through her own Ascension from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension and above but you Dear One were one of the souls who was chosen for your resilience, tenacity, and strength. You are an old soul and you have been through, many lifetimes both on Earth and other parts of the Galaxy and beyond. You have been through it all, so to speak, and you have much inner experience for the future World which will be a very different world than it was before you entered the so called “pandemic”.

More and more souls are now awakening to their true purpose in life. Whoever and whatever you are or have been, every single person will have their own special skills to enter this New World.

It is most important now to go within to find your own information about the New World. Much is being done to confuse and dim your Light but dear Ones have no fear about the future. The future is assured, you will all be entering this New World of LIGHT, and the darkness will be no more.

The darker entities who have been trying to control the planet for eons have left the planet and all that they have left behind are their so-called minions who will have to either evolve and grow or leave the planet themselves. There is no judgement here for each and every single soul is LOVED. Each and every soul is and always has been a part of the GODHEAD, even the so-called Dark ones who have sought to control the planet for eons and have tried to hide their own LIGHT. They will evolve in time but not on planet EARTH as she Ascends to a new Lighter way of being.

The 5th Dimension world is not in some far distant future, the 5th Dimension can be here now within each and every one of you. When you are feeling low go out into Nature and uplift yourselves by watching Nature instead of your televisions and social media. There is so much more to see and learn in Nature. Take the time to use all of your senses.

TASTE all that Nature has to offer in her food. TALK to the trees and listen to their age-old advice. LISTEN to the birds singing, the animals talking, sounds of Nature and Earth’s heartbeat. WATCH the animals as they go about their daily hunt for food, the butterflies flying, the fishes swimming and the insects crawling about. FEEL the soil of the Earth in your hands, the Earth beneath your feet and the sun, wind and rain on your face.

Watch the weather and feel your emotions. Rejoice in the sun, Cry in the rain, feel your anger in the wind. Learn to LIVE in the moment and just BE.

We know that some of you may be lacking in one or more of your Earthly senses but the most important sense that you can all use is your 6th sense of INTUITION which you can all use in your meditations to understand what the miracle of Nature is trying to teach you.

As you heal yourselves you will be healing others as go about your daily business. A smile, a touch or a kindly word is all that is needed to uplift another soul. And so Dear Ones be kind to yourselves and others as you go through this time, and you will all be together in a New World of Love, Harmony, and Peace for all.

As always, we are here to help you through these challenging times.

Call on us in your meditations for we are watching over you as you traverse these next few months and years. We will not let you down, we are always close, we may or not be seen by you, but we are always there for you in your darkest days and rejoicing with you in your joyful times. We honour all of you and all that you are going through.

Sending you much Love and Many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

**Channel: Thea Grace


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