Full Moon Super Moon In Sagittarius

This month’s Full Moon is also a Supermoon, a term originally coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 defining a Full Moon that is also within 90% of its perigee, or its closest point to the earth in its current orbit. This gives the Moon the appearance of being larger than usual in the night sky. We are not yet even fully out of the orbs of the recent eclipses yet here we are with this expansive Full Moon. Its effect on the tides and the shifting tectonic plates are acknowledged, but know that their effects on the tides and affairs of humankind are also enhanced.

The Full Moon at 23º Sagittarius 25’ falls on Tuesday, June 14th, in most places in the world, and will be at its fullest the night of the 13-14th. Not much can remain hidden in the vast illumination of the Super Full Moon where all things come to light, even the most shadowy and illusive.

The sign Sagittarius is about the quest for Truth and Understanding. And with Jupiter in fiery Aries, this Moon supports all those fighting for righteous causes, Truth and Justice. Closely square shadowy Neptune, even the most insidious secrets and deceptions can and will be revealed within the aegis of this Moon.

There is no room for blind faith or romantic delusions with this Moon. We are being asked to look at things clearly and objectively, and to be able to see through the nuances and the propaganda. To be realistic, even in the face of deliberate obfuscation. And even beyond what we might hope or prefer to be true.

Saturn only just stationed retrograde last week, and is sextile the Full Moon. It is during the Saturn retrograde period that we are asked to reevaluate our boundaries, rules and regulations, and even our laws. Are they too weak? Too strong? Saturn square Mercury was asking us to make some hard choices, and in light of the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, we are being asked to do the Right Thing. But in order to know what the right thing is, we are needing to get back to our core values. Not necessarily what we are told we are supposed to believe. But what we know according to our own conscience is right and true.

When the Moon is Full we are being asked to step back and reassess our current situation. Especially in light of whatever new information is being revealed. We see the consequences of decisions made in the past, or due to indifference or neglect. And although this is a time of harvest, it is also an opportunity to make whatever changes and adjustments are necessary.

It is easy to be confused when the Full Moon is square Neptune. Our hearts are full, and we are not quite sure what to believe or who to trust. We can fall down a deep well of assumptions and misinformation with these Neptune squares. But the Full Moon is also closely sextile Saturn, asking us to revise, shore up our boundaries, set appropriate limits, and create a realistic and achievable plan for the future.

The general tone of the Full Moon in Sagittarius wants us to expand our vision beyond our previous expectations, to restore hope, explore new horizons and to rekindle inspiration. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is in Aries, a sign of new beginnings and new discoveries. In light of the square to Neptune, and the sextile to Saturn, we might all want to ask ourselves:

  • According to my own conscience, what do I believe in my heart of hearts to be true and just?

  • What does true freedom mean? What sorts of responsibilities does that freedom entail?

  • How can I best share what I believe to be true with others, in a way that I can be clearly understood?

  • Where have I been led astray? And how can I get myself back on track?

  • What more do I need to learn, discover or become informed about?

What this Moon is good for:

  • Spiritual readings. Looking at things from another perspective. Drawing down the Moon.

  • Mystic quests and journeys. Exploring new horizons. Traveling or going on an adventure.

  • Going hiking, horseback riding, or on a road trip. Getting lost in order to find yourself again.

  • Planning a vacation.Expanding your world.

  • Philosophizing on life. Attending a teaching or lecture. Feeding your mind. Seeking the Truth.

  • Generously giving with an open heart.

  • Laughing joyously and audaciously. Appreciating the irony of a situation.