Jeshua: You Are a Synapse in the Mind of God

Beloved, and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means — Child of Light — allowing yourself now to move into the Light of your being.

Long enough have you dwelt in the darkness, long enough you have cried out to me and said, “Where are you? Where am I? What are we doing?” Because you have felt my presence, and you have looked high and low, to find me. And all the time, beloved one, I have been right with you, within you, at the right side, at the left side, behind you, and in front of you. Always, beloved one, we go as one.

Allow yourself to feel at ease. Allow yourself to allow the body to breathe. A deep breath, a deep, relaxing breath, for in that space of peace, we know the presence of One, the presence of the divine holy Child, Mother/Father/God, All That Is. No separation — but One.

So, in this evening, beloved ones, we are going to be speaking of a very deep subject. We are going to be speaking of the One, truly the One that we are, have been, and always will be — the essence of love, the essence of peace. That is why oftentimes I encourage you to breathe deeply and to feel the love that you are, to be able to look out, even upon the world with all of its troubles, and to know that Love walks as you, as your friends. Love is waiting for the acknowledgement that it is here. So, when you take that deep breath, there is opportunity to feel the Love that you are and to heal all wounds, all mistaken ideas, all separated ideas, and with the deep breath to come in peace to Love.

I love that which you are because I know That Which you are. The world will suggest to you all kinds of pieces, all kinds of questions. And yet when you take the deep breath, you can return Home; you can return to the place of peace within. And in that place of peace, there is the feeling, the knowing that I AM… full stop period, I AM does not need to be parsed into separate aspects. But to know — I AM.

So, beloved one, we shall speak of the I AM of you. Because in Truth, you move and live and have your being in the space of “IS-ness,” in the space that I have termed love. And when you look upon another one, you behold first of all the humanness and then there is the radiance around the human –the visage, the face –and there is a knowing of oneness that joins. It is a feeling that reaches out and says, “I want to know you. I want to feel you. I want to know the oneness of the Divine holy Child going forth to experience and to feel as One.” To know that truly, as you put the smile upon the face, it is healing all energies in this room and beyond because in Truth there is no separation.

I have said this to you through the years: that there is no separation. That which you will think of one — maybe miles as you measure miles away, a loved one perhaps — as you will think of them the love that you send to them, it goes out very quickly, very speedily. And if they are asking for it, if they are open, they will feel and wonder, “What just happened?”

And as you use your phone as it is called — the telephone, yes, the far sound.

Your language is most interesting as it is put together, and you will parse it piece by piece of what goes together. The tele – phone, okay, the far sound. And you put it up to your ear, or you hold it now that you have come a long way to where you have the flat called “cell” phone, and you put it in your pocket.

And the first thing in the morning, you take it off your nightstand if you have it on the nightstand. I know there are ones of you who have it under the pillow, so that you can immediately know what is happening at a distance. And you look at it. And you call up in your mind’s eye this one that you want to talk with. And magic of magics, you put in some a little bit and there they are. They are brushing their teeth, or whatever.

It is a miracle that you do. Because, in truth, you are bringing the Truth of your being right there in front of you. And you say,” Isn’t it marvelous that I can talk to this one who is in another country? Far away somewhere.” Yes. But it comes right to here, the Christ of your being. No separation — even as you will think of this one, instantly they are with you. And they may feel, “Oh, what was that? I feel something. I wonder if …” and then they go through a list of “I wonder if it’s this one or this one or this one? Oh, it’s probably this one. Okay.”

And it is a miracle; you say that “I am in touch with one who seems to be many, many miles away.” But as you have the thought, you bring them to you in that thought. Then you use your technology to prove to yourself that you have brought them into your consciousness.

You do miracles in every moment. And you do not sometimes call them a miracle. Sometimes you do not stop long enough to acknowledge what you are doing as the miracle that you are working. You take it all for granted. And that is okay, because you are coming from a place of seeing pieces, separated pieces, separated people, you know at a distance from you. And then all of a sudden, they are right there in front of you on this little square thing that you are holding in your hand.

And it is a miracle truly, that you are bringing them into your consciousness that way. There is no separation. Even your technology is proving that to you. All of the messages that you receive and the data from the technology is saying, “Yes, there is only one.” So, you may rest easy.

This evening, I would speak with you about the Mind of God. Now there has been much said and written about the Mind of God in various tomes of books of history where you have studied and ones have said, “God is …” and then there’s a long definition depending on where the person who was writing it, how they feel together or separate. And you have said, “God must be worshipped somewhere.

There must be an overseeing presence that brought all of this together.” “I certainly don’t know how to bring all of this together,” you say, “so it must be a God outside of me that I can pray to and beseech — that perhaps this God, all powerful, will look with favor upon me and make my life easy. If I have an ache in the body, perhaps this God Almighty will take care of that. Or if I have an ache in my business dealings, perhaps I can pray to the God and He will make it all right.”

Now, in truth, beloved ones, it is already all right. You are bringing everything up in front of you to see, “What do you think of this?” And I have said to you many times down through the years, count it all as good. Whatever comes to the mind, count it as a blessing. Know that, truly, you will walk in favor with your God. Has to be — because there is no separation, because you are the favored one of your Father/Mother/God/All that is.

So, stop for a moment if you are into a certain feeling of turmoil — perhaps everything seems to be going wrong in the day. Stop, breathe, acknowledge that love is at work, right where you are. You are Love. Allow yourself to extend it, first of all to anyone and everyone that you see, everyone that you interact with, even the four-footed ones, especially the four-footed ones. And the two-footed ones, the winged ones, the ones that swim in the water, all of your examples of life, all of the forms that you can think of, and myriad they are, many, many forms. Look upon them as blessings, extensions of the One that you are, of the One/capital “O.”

Know that truly everything that you behold is there because you have foreordained that it will come into your consciousness. And there is much that does not come into your consciousness. But that which does, bless it. Call it good because it is; call it helpful because it is; call it a blessing because it is.

“But Jeshua, when I was with this friend the other day, and she was really in a bad mood, and she really told me all this stuff that was so hurtful –that was supposedly good?” It was good. She knew in her consciousness, that you would still love her. You would still accept her knowing that she was coming through a time of peeling away the outer and coming to the place of true love within. Sometimes there are many layers, and it takes a while for you and or a brother or sister to come through all of the layers. And sometimes it will take them a while, maybe lifetimes, to come through what they see to be the layers of humanness. But you love them anyway because you know that they are on the path.

Everyone, no matter how terrible their choices seem to be, they are searching and coming home. So, you bless them on their journey. And if they are into a place that does not feel peaceful, you do not have to stay there. You can bless them from a distance. “Oh, you mean I don’t have to make everything right?” No. Look deeper and see everything right. See that everything that seems to be so hurtful is a cry for help. See that every time there is anger it is because it is a short sighted, limited vision/view of what is going on.

Look for the love, extend love and if it does not seem to be accepted, keep on loving them. And you can walk away. You do not have to stay there and have all of the rain of anger coming down on top of you. You can walk away and love them from a distance. Nothing wrong with that. Allow yourself to be at peace. Because, as you will understand, it does not do any good to stand there and to be into anger and hurtful and feeding it back to someone who seemingly is giving you a piece of their mind that is not happy. It does not do any healing to be throwing it back at them. So, love them, breathe deeply, and walk on.

Send them a blessing as you walk. And in time — and it may be another lifetime – even they will come to the place of understanding that, “Hey, everything has brought me to this place where I know the oneness of love.” Now, it may not be this lifetime; sometimes ones are very creative, and they want to experience everything. You have heard ones say this. And so, they will delve into this, and they’ll delve into that, and they will shout to the heavens. And after they get tired of shouting, they stop for a moment for that deep breath, and there is peace. Count everything as good because everything is leading to that place, that place that says I AM. Full stop period. I AM.

And you have seen ones who had to run through a whole litany of things that were wrong with you, with the world, with everything that their eyes came upon. And you have thought, “That one is never going to find peace.” And yet this lifetime or another lifetime, they will come to the place where they have run the whole list. And they have come to the place of the deep breath. Bless them. Bless yourself.

Because I know that every one of us — yes, I experienced a bit of anger. You have this story of the money changers in the temple. Did I go in and say, “Hey, you know you’re not doing this right? You should be loving everyone. You should be peaceful.” No. I was right there in great energy overturning the tables and getting their attention. Because sometimes it takes a bit of energy to get your attention and other ones’ attention.

So, there are places, times when you can be the drama queen and the drama king to prove a point. And the next moment, you take the deep breath and smile, “All done.”

“But Jeshua, if you felt so deeply about something is it okay to change that fast?” When, as they say, the penny drops and you realize you make real in your consciousness that which has happened and the truth of your being, you do not have to stand there and feel the energy that does not feel good. In that moment, you can choose anew.

You are, beloved one, the extension of the Mind of God. “Uh-oh. Jeshua, if I am the extension of the Mind of God, people better watch out for me because there are sometimes, I lose my temper and I say things that I really do not mean and I do things…” But do you know, beloved one, that everything that you do and say the Grand Weaver uses to bring you Home once again.

You have what is called the Holy Spirit. And what is the job of the Holy Spirit — to bring that which seemed to be in separate pieces together as whole, as One: to make real in the consciousness what you are searching for and the realization that that which you are searching for, you already have.

“Oh, I didn’t know that, Jeshua. I thought it was probably maybe lifetimes away. I mean, I’ve made some really bad judgments about my friends and if they knew what I had thought about them, so forth, they wouldn’t like me. So, you know, I have to keep that to myself.”

What is the other side of that? The other side of that is how much you love them; how much you feel in their love. For indeed, beloved one, there is no separation. And even if you think by going into your closet and screaming as loud as you can that you are going to bring about the peace that you want. Yes, you do — but it is not necessary that you follow that route.

That which you want to know, to feel, to experience is only a breath away. Allow yourself to feel peaceful and to breathe deeply. Now if you want to be the drama king and the drama queen, okay. Do it. And then afterwards, breathe peace. There is in truth, no judgment. “Wow, really?” In truth, that which you have imagined, and that which you have done is passing. It is not forever. It is not always. With the next deep breath and, as you ask for love, ask for forgiveness, and the love rushes in. And you wonder, “How did that happen? I don’t know how that happened. Forgive me.” There it is; you are forgiven. The love rushes in and heals.

Love awaits your welcome. When you stop for a moment or so, say, “Please, I want to feel love.” So many of your brothers and sisters walking the Earth at this time are calling out for love, for forgiveness, because they feel that they were born in sin. You even have a teaching that says that which brings about the union of the sperm and egg, as you understand the physiology, is a sin. You as the man, you took this woman and you did something to her, and now she has to deal with it. In truth, it is a gift that the two of you are making. Allow yourself a deep breath and to say thank you. It is a miracle that which happens.

So, when you get into the space of love, into the space of appreciation — great, great appreciation — there is a knowing of God working through you. Working as you much more than what you have acknowledged that you are. Your piece of understanding of who and what you are is about this big –tiny. And all of the rest is you. Every bit of everything you experience is right there saying to you, “Behold, I make all things new. Behold, I make things as they are holy. Behold and come Home”.

“But Jeshua, if I’ve lived, like I’ll say, 50,000 lifetimes, where I have been the warrior who has chopped off the heads of one, how can I be forgiven for all that?” In the first place, you could not do it unless they allowed you to. Everyone is the extension of the God energy. And everyone that “seemingly” has had the head severed, and then said, “well, we’re going to lay down the body,” is God extending Itself — living, Otherwise, it would not be possible for them to be exhibiting the lifetime as it is called, or the human form, or the four-footed form, if they have chosen that.

Beloved ones, you have taken for a long, long time, a piece from here, and a piece from there, and a piece from here. And you have said, “but it’s all just pieces.” Where, from which have you taken these pieces? Out of the wholeness of you.

“Sorry, Jeshua, I can’t, I just can’t grok that much.” Allow yourself to expand.

Grok away. In other words, believe. And yes, “help thou mine unbelief.” When you will pray that prayer, and you will sit in a place of openness and welcome, miracles happen. Try it. Try with something small — or big. And I guarantee you will be surprised.

Allow yourself to celebrate That Which you are. For so long, you have only accepted a very small piece of the Allness of you. But you are much more than the pieces, put them all together. Breathe. Know. Love. Love thyself. And in that space, you will come home and surprise yourself.

I know That Which you are. I knew as the small one in that lifetime, there was much more to me than just this part that was ostensible. And I tested it out you can do this too. And I asked, “Show me.” I said this to the Allness out of which I believed I had made my existence, my part in it. I knew that truly there was a miracle happening that I could be upon the Earth, that I could be activating the form.

If you have a form is that not a miracle? And even if you do not have a form, you have a consciousness. “Hmm, I never thought about that part of it, Jeshua. You mean something that we would identify as being only spirit is still a miracle?” Yes. “I’ll have to think about that.” Well, I hope you do.

Realize, make real in your consciousness, the Allness of you. Know that truly you are a walking, moving, breathing, thinking miracle. And where does that come from? It is the Godself of you that goes beyond human form, and you can tap into it any time. It does not matter if you have lived 1001 lifetimes. It does not matter if you have lived only one lifetime. It does not matter if you have the athletic form, or if you have a body that is barely functioning. You, the essence of you, is the Christ spirit. Get in touch with that.

I would suggest what sometimes might work for you is to get in touch with the tones of the music. You have some music which is played in your holy temples at a GREAT volume. It starts perhaps slowly, and it gains spirit. It gains more and more strength until there is a CRESCENDO — and you are one with that crescendo. You have now the technology where you can play over and over the music that will transport you. Play the music and get really into it. And realize, make real in your awareness, that if you are feeling — and you will be feeling something — it is the Godself of you that wants to be acknowledged, that wants to be felt.

That great crescendo, make it one with you. Put on some music sometime. Music that would/does stir the heart and get right into it. Where does that energy come from? It comes from the Godself of you. It is you in true essence. “Oh, really? That means I’m a little bit more than what I’ve thought myself to be?” Yes! Please accept it. Put on the music. Feel yourself to be one with it. And when it reaches that crescendo, allow yourself to sing!

“Oh, I can’t do that. What if somebody hears me?” Try it. You’ll like it. Then there’s a knock on the door and somebody will say, “Can you turn that down a bit?” And you will say, “No, I can’t. That’s the Godself of me.” You will have fun with it.

Allow yourself to release the limits. Allow yourself to come truly awake as the spirit that activates the body, as the spirit that activates the thoughts, the feelings that are you. Allow yourself to know that you are much more than what you have been taught, much more than what you have read in a book somewhere. You are all that and more.

Yes. Know that truly you are the God energy activating a form that hears these words, that allows the energy of the emotion to rise up within you and to say, “Hey, maybe, maybe I am more than what I have thought myself to be. If Jeshua can love me, there must be something here.” And that is true.

Please, I love that which you are. Take that to heart. Know that truly I see you as you are — the Divine One, the energy that is forever going forward, always expressing the divine energy even when you are in the most upsetting mood. Yes, you are still and always will be, always have been the Divine Self.

Know that truly. You will walk, even the miracle that you can walk, even the miracle that you breathe. Yes, take that deep breath, the energizing breath, the healing breath. Allow yourself to come home in that one breath. It is as simple as that. Know that you are expressing the divinity of you in every thought, every movement, every knowing. That is how powerful, how divine you are.

For eons of time, you have thought yourself to be a mirror –- nothing, a small bit that, “Maybe if I say the right words, and I pray the right prayer, maybe God — somewhere outside there — will love me. Well, this is true. But you have a saying in your world: “And there is more.”

So often, messages come to you, in seemingly small ways on your square box. “And there is more?” Well, yes. Where do you think even that thought came from? You are the expression of God, the Energy, even on a physical level, that is allowing you to bring forth the molecules of the body, and to walk forward as a physical movement, but also as a movement that acknowledges, “I am going forward in my thinking, my belief, my understanding; I have been searching. And once in a while I kind of get an answer, and that feels good…good.” I give you top marks for that, but there is more.

Allow yourself to come Home, in the more-ness of you. Know, that the form that you are, it is a form that truly you have and bring in every moment. Every moment you are revitalizing the form. And if in the next moment, you did not acknowledge the form, it would not be. Where would it go? Into the nothingness out of which you have brought it into your awareness — the cloud of knowing, the Cloud of Unknowing quite often.

You are in the flow of God energy, all of the time. You are the connections of energy, bringing it into your awareness, into form if it need be in form. You are as it is called the synapse, the connection of God energy. You do this without knowing that you do it. And yet it would not be, you would not be, if you were not already Divine, bringing in the energy of wholeness, of Allness, of divinity.

Allow yourself to come home in that energy. I would suggest put on some very moving music and allow yourself to get into that feeling, the rising up of the energy of the music and the rising up of energy within you. All of you like that feeling of, at least for a moment or so, being free, being expressive. Being the synapse within the mind of God, the synapse that brings together the “AHA! I am okay.”

Try that for starters. You can do that in a group of people. And you can do it in the quiet of your own room. Whatever feels best to begin with. But I share with you that there is going to be such an exultation of energy that feels so transported, uplifted, that you are going to be right out there –” I am! I, I am all! All that I perceive, all that I see. I am the sun. I am the moon. I am the start. Oh my god!” You called?

There you go. Sprinkle it with a bit of humor. You are the God Mind going forward, to express and to experience. Allow yourself the exultation of, “Wow, I didn’t know I could be so happy.” Allow yourself to feel that. “I didn’t know I could be so happy.”

Yes. You are of the Father; you are made of God stuff. Otherwise, you would not be. Allow yourself to feel that energy and to be healed, brought into the place of wholeness where you realize, you make real in your awareness, That Which you are.

Beloved one, you are so loved. For God so loved you, he has brought you to this place of acknowledgment that, “I am in the Mind of God. Otherwise, I would not be and I certainly am. Maybe I am more than what I ever thought myself to be. I am in the flow of God Mind. I am.

Take that home with you. Come Home, beloved one. Sit down at table with me.

Talk to me. Love me. Feel me. Walk with me. You are the Beloved of the Father.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith Coates


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