Lightness of Being

When we are grateful for all and everything, that inner joy is ever present. For in gratitude lie the keys of life itself. For joy unlocks our inner creativity and more than this, further unlocks the thousand petal rose in our hearts. For joy contains the Lightness of Being!

Have you ever stood on top of a mountain, which you, after much effort, sweat and painful muscles, finally conquered? Was there not that awe and wonder, over the vista which now greeted you, as you could see into the far wide yonder below? But at the same time, that inner wonder and joy welled up in you? That sheer joy of standing there and becoming ONE with the mountain, one with the vista, the beauty, and all of Creation? I have often found in moments like this, that there is a deep sense of peace, stillness, and with it, a deep inner joy!

When the inner joy becomes a way of life, then one is indeed attaining a degree of mastery. For it becomes a way of life, just like being grateful for all and everything becomes a way of life and living!

When you resent a situation, or a person in your life, you tend to attract more to resent. Yet, when you start switching that, and start saying “thank you!” for the person, the situation, or circumstances, everything starts shifting! Suddenly synchronicity happens, and doors open, and the person suddenly changes, as you change, as does the situation. For instance, if you do not like your job, or the home your are living in, and moan and groan about it, then that is what you will attract more of. Yet, if you start being grateful for every piece of furniture, for a bed to sleep in, for food to eat, for everything, even the simplest things, you will shift. And as you shift you now will be able to attract the home you truly wish to have. Why? Because you own vibrational frequency has shifted into a much higher one, and with it, you now can attract that higher vibrational home you so wish to have!

When we truly become grateful for all and everything, for every situation we find ourselves in, magic starts to happen. With it the inner joy sprouts forth and we now indeed shift into much higher gear – higher vibrations and indeed are now ready to attract more to become grateful for and start finding more joy.

I find that when one is in higher state of joy, one starts noticing even the tiniest of flowers, the hues of the blues in the sea, the ever changing moods of the mountains, and indeed one delights in what is already there, in and around you. You start becoming the Joy which lights up the lives of others, for joy is contagious!

Joy at its core is innocent. Its like a child who is so delighted to ‘discover’ a butterfly and then wants to chase it. The butterfly dance brings out the dance of joy and delight in the child!

We have forgotten how to dance with joy – just for the sake of joy!

We have forgotten to sing – and find such joy in lifting our voices in song!

We have forgotten, to do out at nighttime and just find such joy in the starlit heavens above us!

We have forgotten to just hug each other, and say “I love you!” because of the joy the others bring into our lives.

We have forgotten to write “Thank you!” notes.

More than this, we have forgotten to say, “Thank you!” to our own Creator for the magnificence of the creation, visible and invisible. The perfection of life and life forms.

When the inner joy, becomes a way of life, and living, that is when we truly can dance the dance of life with exuberant inspiration.

This does not mean that we will not have challenges. NO! It simply means that we learn to face the challenges, and not run away from them, and even become grateful for those challenges, and the soul lessons in mastery they bring. To be able to find joy in the midst of challenges, is indeed mastery!

I have been in squatter camps where the people have so very little, and live in mere shacks made of cardboard and plastic bags. Yet, I have seen children dancing with joy and adults smiling and welcoming you into their homes, and offering to share whatever meager food they have. I have been to kraals in Zululand, and they shared what they had, even if they had to walk 30 kilometers to the nearest store, uphill all the way – to buy the pudding: – made from a loaf of bread and butter.

Joy does not lie in what you have, what you possess, what you wear.

It comes from the depths of your soul and your own relationship with your Maker and all of life.

Joy indeed comes naturally to the soul.

And at this momentous time, when we are stepping further into a totally new life and new beginnings, the joy of it all, bubbles forth!

My heartfelt wish is that you find that inner joy and live it with love.

**By Judith Kusel


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