Jeshua: Law of Action Part 1

The change reaches climax!

People, you children of God,

you beloved light brothers and sisters of Heaven!

Now it is revealed what corresponds to this time, because the times change their quality, but one thing remains unchanged:


Now, you brothers and sisters of Heaven, who are with me on this earth, that we may form and draw the essence of Heaven to the earth, bring it down, by our power of hearts, by our spirit, which is almighty and unlimited in all worlds.

The change is now bringing out the defining moments of humanity. By now the positions are clearly taken, all actors on the stage of this world act according to their decision; the lightful hosts and those who feel allied to the darkness. So the positions are taken, now the events are born that will bring things to a head, push them to the top, so that because of this dynamic, the new world can rise.

The worlds are separated and what is happening at the moment on this world, which is in a corridor between the fourth and fifth dimension, has nothing to do with an elevation, according to appearances. Every snapshot of this time tempts one to make the mistake that this world is falling back into deep darkness, as the old powers seem to be taking over once again.

This is a fundamental error!

What is currently dominating your days, the great upheavals on all levels of society, is the beginning of a new phase, the phase that will finally bring things to a close.

The 5 Potentials

The potentials that the people of this world are accessing are determined and chosen, which presents itself in such a way:

1) There will be – and are already taking place – “decisive battles” between the powers of darkness and the light warriors terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

2) Heaven tries to mitigate everything that is within the competence of the heavenly powers – and that is much, very much – however the people want this last game before they experience themselves and this world in the fifth dimension.

According to their original nature, people want to dissolve the old time through struggle and with the highest effort, to get rid of the darkness and the obscurity in order to ascend in such a way and in the full consciousness of what they have attained.

3) The potential for the spiritual world to intervene in principle and more or less ensure “order” on this earth has been rejected, for humanity as a collective has decided to take change into its own hands and to call upon the assistance of the spiritual worlds only when certain hopelessnesses arise.

4) The Galactic Federation of Light and the space brothers and sisters of many worlds stand ready unchanged and thwart what tries to interfere unduly; the “law of action,” however, has been reclaimed and claimed by mankind.

5) This means the abandonment of the role of victim, the renunciation of powerlessness, and the rejection of certain services which the Galactic Federation of Light has hitherto provided.

Much has changed in the past few years and the ultimate decisions in collective and individual terms have been made.

It is truly a “master existence” that has been chosen by those who are now driving the change.

And never before in the history of mankind has the willingness, the will and the power of the collective been so pronounced, even if today you still get the impression that it is fundamentally different.

The awakening has taken place and this revelation bears witness to the fact that humanity has claimed its power and that the people of light, with the light warriors of many worlds, are putting an end to the dark forces of the past.

A new fact that also gains weight and importance because a unique number of already ascended masters have arrived once again – we form a great circle and we are the foundation on which this new world is based.

Man becomes whole, humanity becomes conscious, even though it is ultimately a small multitude that ultimately completes the Ascension and inherits Heaven. Small in terms of the number of people who now experience this world as a reality of life, but significant in terms of the force and power that emanates from this collective.

We masters set the energy points and thus change the ground of the earth. The power of the crystals begins to spread and work everywhere. This forms the highway for you to move swiftly.

Humanity has taken its responsibility for Mother Earth – claimed its inalienable right to create a humanity united in love.

We bow before this decision, we recognize this choice as sacred, we know the potentials and we know this decision is appropriate for humanity and will benefit this world.

God is great, infinite and omnipresent, an infinite journey for a limited consciousness comes to an end, as your consciousness now experiences itself as unlimited.

I am with you, today and always,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by