Jeshua: Law of Action Part 2

Decisions are made!

JJK: So now a great decision has been made and it seems that everything is different than before when there was always talk about the intervention of the heavenly powers. Mankind has claimed the “law of action”?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, that is how it is Jahn. In the past years, it was a matter of preparing people for these “end times”, for the struggles, for the decisions that had to be made in the course of this change. This phase has basically been completed and many people have made clear decisions.

Light and dark decisions. Which master to serve in the future? That had to be decided and that has happened.

The people who decided for the light and for the fact that they want to serve the change of the earth into the light unconditionally, have at the same time attained a degree of consciousness which led them to self-empowerment and thus this decision to renew this society predominantly by “human hand” was made.

A decision of “master quality”, because now people dare to do for themselves what until now was transferred to the invisible beings from the light, the galactic federation of light and the heavenly warriors of many worlds.

Transferred by God, the Creator and by the people, because they simply did not and could not free themselves from this darkness. Victimhood has been dissolved for those who have taken responsibility for this earth, for those who have committed themselves to the process of upliftment and the process of dissolving the dark and eliminating the dark.

It is truly a great moment that is being revealed here, for it is the most elaborate path and the most difficult at the same time. But it is the path that generates the widest possible range of experience, and thus people can once again experience themselves in a new role, the role of liberators – of a world and inner liberation, as hearts are clear and beings are tidied up.

This is based above all on the work of the last decades. The people who are now making their mark on the change have lost their fears, given them up and dissolved them. This makes them free to act – no matter what manipulations are still attempted and in certain cases still work.

Will the spiritual world intervene?

JJK: Well, Jesus, you know, there have been so many rearrangements, changes of plans, potentials in the last time, in the last years, that this renewed “re-determination” could unsettle people, because they simply don’t know anymore what they can rely on. Will now the spiritual world intervene, or not? To put it so decisively in a nutshell?

JESUS SANANDA: All people are told: Yes! Your brothers and sisters from the invisible being already intervene and that incessantly. Even if you can hardly register this, it is so.

However, the mode is changing. Until now, the command for this change was outsourced from the Earth, outsourced from the people and all the command structures were with the Galactic Federation of Light. The “law of action” is now returned to the humans, as you have so claimed it.

This means that the “main command” is now on Earth and the interventions of the extraterrestrial formations are concentrated exclusively on matters which are not within the range of human perception. We have humanity’s back, but direct interventions on Earth will be withdrawn to the extent that humans come into their power, as they are no longer necessary to that extent.

There is no reason for insecurity, rather for a new self-determination, for a self-assurance, which was not there before and could not be, because the processes of clarification were in progress. Now many things have been completed, which bring about these consequences.

Rejoice and be certain that we are now entering the final phase of change, which is also the culmination.

Pause before continuing the conversation… See Part 3