Jeshua: Law of Action Part 3

Continuation of conversation two days later…

JESUS SANANDA: Here I am, Jahn, Jesus is always with you and is always in touch with humanity, this has been so at all times. You have a question?

JJK: Yes, Jesus, namely, where is the headquarters of the “Command of Humanity”, is there a place on earth for it?

JESUS SANANDA: Several places have been aligned for it and the people, high master souls on the spot, have been initiated and are fulfilling their tasks. Along the now activating energy lines of the earth are located. There is a great awakening that comes with this, very great. While the forces of darkness are increasingly gathering in one place, joining together to increase their clout, the forces of light are widely dispersed, taking the planet into their care.

It is truly a mystery, because it is not obvious at the moment and people hardly perceive anything of it – or they just see the opposite of this light-filled reality. This will not be so for much longer, because already today the lightful intentions of mankind are revealing themselves and coming forth.

The denser the illusion is experienced, the closer the breaking through of it is.

JJK: What does this mean now for the individual human being who is still, and there are many, waiting and waiting, especially for those who are waiting for the upheaval and for the intervention of the heavenly powers?

JESUS SANANDA: To step into the responsibility! No longer to be passive and alienated, because even waiting for the light, for the light warriors of heaven, is a sign of alienation and not of self-determination!

Take responsibility!

It does not matter whether one helplessly accepts the impositions of the dark forces or whether one waits in apparent self-assurance for the intervention of the light warriors of heaven, both lead to passivity and are the nail in the coffin of action, self-determination and self-responsibility.

To take responsibility, that is the topic of the next years. Years, hear well, because the well-being of the earth lies above all in the area of responsibility of mankind.

For all who had settled comfortably until now and who bask in their knowledge complacently, a new time begins now: The time of unmistakable appearance, action and being in God and that – everywhere.

Self-confident and shining brightly, and not as before, putting the light under a bushel all too often, only to receive the deceptive calm in return.

Today we are in the “time of action”. The preparations have been completed, the people prepared. Now it is necessary to appear, to do, to act, to be what one is and also to present it, to get involved in social affairs with all one’s knowledge and with all one’s power and not to wait until a miracle all by itself resolves everything.

Certainly, there are many of them, yes very very many – but he who waits for a miracle waits in vain. But the one who, by virtue of his human orders, undertakes everything to serve Mother Earth, encounters the miracles that the Creator prepares in abundance.

It is necessary to recognize this now, it is necessary to end the passive perception of the world, it is necessary the principle: from now on the light warriors of this world form the world!

The sooner people internalize this the faster the dark forces will leave the stages of this world. And this is also an essential reason: That we masters have come down again as human beings, because the change comes from the human beings. We supported this because it takes an enormous effort to bring this change through all the portals of opportunity.

Thus we are all united to complete what we had begun millennia ago. Far before the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, far before that, there were “worlds in this world” that we had already founded and built.

We are truly builders of worlds, internalize that, internalize – who you are.

JJK: It really is an exciting time! Everything is breaking, that’s obvious, but it’s also obvious that many people just can’t see it?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, not wanting to see! Since they have so decided.

JJK: I also have the impression that more and more “manipulations” are sprinkled over people. Influences that make people sick and confused. Magnetic fields, thought manipulation, weather manipulation (HAARP, chemtrails), vaccinations that bring death, surveillance on all lines (cameras, tracking via cell phones) recently even the chipping of people is clammily becoming a topic. In some regions of the world people are already walking around with an implanted microchip, George Orwell’s 1984 seems to be more than fulfilled, almost outdated…

Can I ask you to say something about this?

JESUS SANANDA: All these attempts will fail in the end! But they do exist, and they are being worked on with great zeal. One goal of the dark Ones, as you correctly surmise (since I know your thoughts well), is to decimate the world’s population. This is truly a great agenda of the dark ones. But it will fail, as everything they thought up will fail, at the end of time and what was crowned with success only for some centuries.

Everything according to plan!

For the individual human being this means now to train his consciousness and to align it with the light. Thus you raise your vibration and you are not accessible for the lower vibration, which goes out from these dark forces.

Every surveillance, every manipulation has vibration, an energy field. If you raise your vibration, you are unreachable. Use the tools that Heaven has given you, access the protection, be it stones, amulets, prayers, injunctions, symbols – there is a wide spectrum that protects you. Reach out, there is something for everyone.

All in all, the dark elites of this time are facing the problem that their resources are being exhausted and that certain things just don’t work the way they used to. This makes them very nervous and the game is slipping away from them. This is now becoming more apparent with each passing day.

Pay attention to Asia – there the biggest currents are found at present which would like to try again to renew the old rule. That also fails! It must, but until then it remains exciting, truly, it is an exciting and unique time in which we are born.

JJK: Conclusion: Everything goes according to plan! Humans take the “law of action”, Mother Earth recovers and humanity enters the light!

JESUS SANANDA: So it is. One more thing at the end of this conversation: do not be deceived, beloved people, do not be deceived. Even if it seems that the octopus of corruption is now taking hold of people’s hearts with new arms, nothing is more wrong than to trust in it as a lasting reality.

Trust in your strength, in the power that emanates from you. Act decisively, but act, stand up and take responsibility, this time has truly dawned.

We are a great unity, invincible and superior to all forces, since we serve the Light and since the Light always triumphs in the end.

And remember: The Light has already triumphed! (See: 1st Revelations, Reading)

It is I, omnipresent in spirit and body, in this world,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “Jeshua: Law of Action Part 3”

  1. Holistic

    It was always up to humans to claim and use our sovereign power. The seeds of this power have sprouted in the arid soil that we are now bringing to new life. As in the garden that was left without water by negligent gardeners the plants learned to speak so they could ask for water. Alice was amazed at this level of transformation. Humans, like those plants, have in some measure learned to unshackle themselves —and finally reject the plans of the oppressors. Thus shifting their frequency and shattering the old master-slave relationship . We are winning and the Light within us is more powerful than ever. This is the aspect of the divine Plan which puts us in the driver’s seat. Humans are finally growing up.

  2. Saphire

    Are you saying no more welfare checks in the mail !! If you don’t work you don’t eat!! Do what you can do!

  3. Bill Sterling

    A completely unexpectable (sic) outcome. It does not ring right to me. How these unnamed humans are able to speak and decide for all of us eludes me. I have no confidence that the descendants of any humans, held down, slandered, and slaughtered by illuminati for > 5K years are suddenly able to detect and avoid a subtle and deadly trick by those same satanics, which is what it sounds like to me. Bye folks, I’m off to a new timeline. And then to a non-dual universe. This report, if true, is very bad news indeed. This is intended as a positive observation, not a negative one! For the human race to pray for help over thousands of years and then reject the most important part of it at the last minute, is bizarre. Any construct, especially a battered one, needs more stability and support at a phase change, not less. This is the wrong time for humanity to remove the training wheels.