Having A Real Challenging Time Lately? This Message Is For YOU

Having a really challenging time finding joy right now? Feeling like you just can’t take it anymore? Unsure whether you can even survive this any longer or just…give up for good? Worry not. Help is here.

Listed below are three key reasons why many amongst us are feeling low at this time, and three equally powerful ways and solutions by which you can rise far, far above and beyond the reach of said reasons. So without any further ado, here we go!

CHALLENGE #1: Life feels purpose-less, meaningless, and empty.

HOW TO OVERCOME IT: Find ways to be of service.

So here’s the thing folks: us lightworkers are literally geared and wired to serve others. So powerful is this internal drive within us, that it seamlessly overrides anything and everything of negativity that could ever get in our way.


So, how does this technique even work? Well, for starters, start doing everything you’re doing by declaring (and very much meaning it) that whatever task it is that you’re doing, you will do it as a service to the collective. Ironing clothes? Declare that you will iron them with so much love that all of that love will flow out to the collective and uplift one and all. And then, follow through by making that task of ironing one of the most beautiful and love filled experiences that you could possibly imagine. Cooking food? Decide that you will put in so much love into your cooking that whoever eats the food will benefit and be blessed infinitely from it, and then, that same love will flow out into the world and benefit all others too. Add in a dash of gratitude for it all (towards all those beings and energies that brought the said food into your life) and you’re living in more joy than you could even imagine!


Finally, you can choose to (officially!) serve the world through an end number of ways and manners. For instance, you can serve the world by writing useful, inspiring, uplifting and loving articles like I’m doing for all of you right now. You can serve the world by praying and blessing. You can serve the world by meditating and sending love and light and strength and upliftment and inspiration and peace to one and all. You can serve the world by sending love and light into any chemtrail that you spot, or just send love and light into the air, the soils, and the water supply. You can serve the world by helping grandma cross the street, provided she wants to cross the street in the first place. You can serve the world by bringing more humour into it. Crack a joke and make everyone laugh, you will feel fulfilled. Then, crack a few more jokes and uplift the entire atmosphere. Avoid doing such at funerals though, unless whoever died was a complete and total moron.


It doesn’t take much to serve and uplift the world, folks. Hell, even morons serve the world in their death. My point being, every single time you serve, you will indeed feel uplifted and energized regardless of circumstance. Try it. You’ll not regret it. Worst comes to worst, go over to Twitter and look up funny memes. Or click here to visit the memes subreddit or click here to visit the dank memes subreddit. And every single time you find yourself laughing heartily, intentionally broadcast that energy outwards into the world too. You will feel So. Much. Better!



CHALLENGE #2: You feel low and continually experience great sadness, self doubts, and regret.


HOW TO OVERCOME IT: Remind yourself that you are a Creator GOD.


The energies of ascension are currently busy churning up everything upon the planet, and one of the biggest things that they’re bringing up (for observation, scrutiny and resolution) at this time is something called victim consciousness. The feeling that “So and so is my very wildest dream, and I can’t achieve it because _________________________ (fill in the blanks)”.


Whatever you fill in those blanks as the reason behind your inability to create something or achieve a dream of yours, that is the issue that you need to work on. It could be anything ranging from feeling unworthy, lacking self confidence, not feeling valued enough, feeling undeserving; to not knowing how to achieve something, lacking a roadmap, feeling like you could never make it there, or what-else-have-you.


The first thing that you must do in such a case, is to first start imagining your desired reality to begin with. Imagine it as if you already had all of the resources you needed. Imagine it as if you already were worthy and deserving of receiving it. Imagine it as if you already knew the steps required of you to get there.


Once you are able to do this, get creative and ask yourself, “Is there any step I can take from my current position in life right now to get from here to there?” For instance, if you are a healer but have never really dared to heal a person, how about putting up an ad for your healing services out there and see what comes of it (and dare to take it further when an opportunity strikes?) And if you feel less-than-confident charging someone upfront, how about you ask them to pay only if they feel satisfied? That way, you don’t have to feel “unethical” (for no reason) charging money for your services, and what-else-have-you!


And if you still need more help or guidance, why not use this wonderful little tool that you all now have at your disposal known as the internet? Hit up YouTube and look up folks who are doing what you’re doing. Reach out to them via YouTube, Twitter, Email or what-else-have-you, and seek guidance! Attend seminars and expos where people (who are already doing what you wish to do) are showing up, speaking or presenting, and as I said earlier…get creative (with your imagination), get creative (with your ways) and get creative (in general!)


You are a Creator GOD. There is NOTHING that you’re not capable of pulling off — and definitely NOT in today’s day and age in any case.


Repeatedly remind yourself of the above FACT until it sinks in (within every last cell within your body), and go live out those wild little dreams of yours. Period!


The more you deny your innate ability to create anything and everything you desire, the more you will continue to suffer. Why even do such to yourself? Break the cycle. Break free. Show the world what you’re capable of doing, and serve it accordingly. Because, as it turns out, so very wired are we to serve the world, that we’ll even break free from all of our self-imposed / mental limitations in an instant if we were to realize that someone, somewhere out there is suffering because we – that one damned person who could easily serve them and help them out right now – is simply too damn scared to do so at the moment.


Then, watch as all of your chains break free in but an instant.



CHALLENGE #3: You are still waiting for the Solar Flash, the Event, the Singularity, the Shift, the Second Coming, the Event Horizon, the Rapture, the ReVal, or the Armageddon to happen first.


HOW TO OVERCOME IT: Stop fucking waiting.


Folks – take it from me – the man with three PhDs in procrastination (and a doctorate in ever-awaited perfectionism); the wait never ever ends.


The wait, never ever really ends.


Trust me, I used to wait FOREVER for everything to be perfect-to-the-T until I began something new. But the said day never ever really came. What did indeed come, however, was an eternal regret that went…“If only I’d NOT waited forever for such and such thing to happen, so MANY people would have been helped out and benefited SO MUCH due to something I’d have created for them!”


Folks, just in case any of you STILL haven’t read this GEM of an article – easily one of the most POWERFUL things EVER written – PLEASE do yourself a favour right away and click here to read it before doing absolutely anything else today!


So, words of (some hard and painfully earned) wisdom, please DO NOT WAIT for external circumstances to be such-and-such before you begin your journey back to joy. Find your joy TODAY. Find it RIGHT NOW. Sing songs that bring you joy. Play instruments that bring you joy. Play some music on your speakers that brings you joy.


Write something. Paint something. Celebrate something. Meme something. Take a tiny little step towards creating your wildest dream. Enjoy a warm bowl of delicious soup. Cuddle some kittens. Go on a roller coaster ride.


PLEASE do not wait forever for the Solar Flash or the Event or the ReVal or whatever to occur first before you start finding your joy. Instead, start finding it Right. At. This. Very. MOMENT. no less!!!


Not saying that those things will never happen or whatever, but just ask yourself, what if the wait turns out to simply be way longer than what you’d ever anticipated? Are you going to stay utterly miserable until then? And make all others around you miserable too with your ‘infectious sadness’, while you’re at it?


Also, just to be clear here, not ALL forms of happiness are pricey or anything. Writing a poem costs you nothing. Sketching in the soil costs you nothing. Singing your heart out costs you nothing. Looking up memes costs you nothing (you already have internet given that you’re reading this stuff in any case). Finding an exciting ebook of your liking over on ZLIBRARY costs you nothing. Reading fun little experiences of people on NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) or OBERF (Out-of Body Experience Research Foundation) costs you nothing. Listening to the great wisdom of our Higher Selves through QHHT sessions by Allison Coe and Suzanne Spooner costs you nothing. There’s so much, SO MUCH you can do to bring yourself some joy without necessarily having to wait for a global currency reset folks! It’s there if you need it, all you even need to do is (just!) ASK!



And since you(r hearts) have asked for this, I will now leave you with two beautiful videos that will assist you all in returning back to your innate creator power and abilities. Click here to view the first one and click here to view the second one. Enjoy (reclaiming!) your innate Godhood!



Finally, before I close, PLEASE DO CONSIDER SHARING OR TRANSLATING THIS ARTICLE all across your various social media profiles if it has been of any benefit to you at all. And also, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO spend some time each day in sending some beautiful energies, prayers and blessings of Love, Light, Strength, Upliftment, Inspiration and Peace to all beings around the world, with a SPECIAL BONUS for all of our lightworker and starseed brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling so very much at this time! Help one another out, that’s the way we ALL WIN and WIN BIG at that!


So share, Share, and SHARE AWAY! 🙂


In Infinite Love and Light,

– Don Spectacularis

9 Replies to “Having A Real Challenging Time Lately? This Message Is For YOU”

  1. Ru B

    Nothing matters but access to the tech. Did what you listed, lost my kid. We are sold into slavery in so many ways. It’s vulgar.

  2. C

    Thanks Don – good suggestions here! And I chuckled that you linked dank memes 🤣👍

    As someone who’s entire life this go around has been one of challenge, I can very much appreciate that it is the simple things that are often most meaningful.

    There are countless ways to be in service, so if I may, I’d like to add just a few others here. We’re really only limited by our own beliefs and closed off imaginations.

    Grab a bag and a pair of gloves and pick up garbage from parks, waterways, roadsides, etc in your neighborhood or community. Even just picking up a stray piece of trash on the sidewalk and putting it in a bin is helpful.

    Drop a few items at a community food bin/box. Our city has a small cabinet outside a bookstore, and a fridge tucked in the lot behind. It’s often bare empty- and always people in need. Any items put in go quick, and are very helpful.

    Gather up a few good items for donation and put them outside your residence for free. This is catching on in the community I live – books, puzzles, sports equipment, music instruments, cookware, etc. There’s always someone who needs or wants something. I’ve yet to have a box not be emptied within a short time!

    Smile, nod or say hello or good morning to people you may pass on the street. Allow the opportunity for others to greet you in similar manner. It’s a shame this has to be mentioned- but yes, it has to be mentioned.

    There’s an entire world that exists outside of and away from electronic devices and technology. I find it to be much calmer, more rewarding and more authentic. And dare I say that our collective futures may be benefitted by getting out from behind the screens… 🤷🏻‍♀️

    peace, love and blessings everyOne 🙏🕊

    1. Don Spectacularis

      First off, those are some truly EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL suggestions so THANK YOU for those! Another thing that I like to do in here (since you mentioned getting creative with our imaginations) is to think of someone or something that I truly LOVE, and then, start sending a wave of INTENSE love-energies towards them. And then, make such energies as INTENSE and POWERFUL as is even POSSIBLE.

      And then, what I do is start imagining a small globe of Earth 🌎 right next to them, and then direct all of that intense LOVE and other positive energies (that I’m now radiating on autopilot) towards that globe (i.e. our planet) as well. I find this trick to be of particular assistance to all folks who have trouble commanding a flow of pure love from within them at will.

      Also, I’m wondering how many folks will go check out some dank memes today!

      Once again, thank you SO very much for that truly beautiful, amazing and INSPIRING comment!! Cheers!!! 🍻🥂🍻 🙂 🙂 ❤❤❤

      1. C

        Thank you for sharing the “love wave” practice – and yes! I can definite see how it IS helpful. I swear, I “felt” your energy as it manifested in this reply – and I had an inkling to check, and certainly here’s your comment 😊

        I have a feeling we could go back and forth here for awhile sharing ideas – which is wonderful. Perhaps others will chime in and share as well, and then we could all *together* incorporate similar practices which would only amplify the effectiveness.

        I’m going to incorporate what you’ve shared above into my practices as well. Consider it done!

        Here’s another I do. It just sort of started occurring one day a few years ago after I moved to where I currently reside. I’m on a busy road, 2 blocks off the Main Street in a small city. We get a ton of passing by emergency vehicles on the daily. It’s now “automatic” that whenever I hear sirens – regardless of what I’m doing otherwise, my whole body settles into a stillness – a steadyness. Love, calmness, strength and healing flows steadily through to “all those involved in whatever situation” is bringing about the need for the sirens.

        I don’t need to know who, what, when, where, why or how. I just know that the sirens are a reminder that there are folks in need of immediate assistance.

        Envisioning all those involved remaining focused, kind, calm and held in Divine Presence. Oftentimes too, I find the prayer just sort of unfolding itself “May they experience the Divine Blessings and Benevolence of God”.

        Everyone, everything is Light in motion, and so everyone and everything is an opportunity for Love to shine. Thank you much for Being a part of this journey. 🙏🕊

    2. Don Spectacularis

      You truly have THE most incredible ways of assisting others 🙏🙏🙏

      Regarding that FEELING (the energy of someone telepathically responding to you) thingy, this has happened to me many times when I’ve felt the energy of the ones who call themselves “the overseers of the overseers”, i.e. The Federation Of Light (channelled by Blossom Goodchild). Somehow I’d know they had come through to her (via a VERY warm feeling from within my heart), and then, viola! Their message would be right there, awaiting me!

      Crazy how these things even happen! 😀 😀 😀

      1. C

        Ha! It’s definitely a frequency/wavelength thing! I’ve often had similar happen with FoL via Blossom, as well as with Michael Love. With ML it’s usually within about 48 hours, and I need to “pace myself” while reading his, the resonance is strong.

        I tend to feel like we’re all spending more time flowing in and out of timelines, frequency bands etc than we are even aware of or capable of fully recognizing – certainly we’re “joining forces” along the way 😊🙏

        Has been nice to chat with you, thank you. Enjoy your moments!