The Pleiadians: Key to Alignment

Greetings Dear Ones!

More reasons to make us afraid, angry, worried, doubtful, sad, blameful and discontent are coming out for our individual and collective growth. These are all remnants of the past creation that are now being transmuted into Light.

If a person is living from an outside-in lifestyle or vibrates in a 3rd Dimensional Consciousness, which means an outer experience and trigger would greatly affect the person’s inner disposition, more destruction and violence will come out to our daily experiences to make us more responsible for the next action and reaction.

However, if we are able to reach the 5th Dimensional Consciousness or Inside-out Lifestyle, which means without forced effort, we allow our inner strength and disposition to alchemize our outer experience into its lessons and purpose, we will be shown with more blessings that we haven’t seen before in our lifetime. We can see that the solution to our problems are just within us.

We are in the last period of cleansing, transmutation and dissolution of energies that are no longer helping this Planet to ascend into its rightful frequency and dimension. Those who cling to the energies that are being dissolved now will likely dissolved with these energies.

The effect of this to our individual and collective experiences would be very destructive and violent, especially when there is no blessing of love, understanding and compassion to the self and others.

It is really hard to be faced with our shadows all at once without awareness.

Spiritual Stamina is needed, otherwise, all the things that are coming out in our field will only lead to self-destruction.


Under the Universal Law of Transmutation, the negative energy cannot transform the positive ones, but the positive ones can surely transform the negative ones.

Thus, make an effort to personally create a positive energy inside us in every moment.

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges are coming out because they are meant to be released now.

Karma is very strong in this New Earth and the Universe always reciprocates the energy we give. In many times and spaces, It returns more of what we have given.

If we do positive deeds, many positive blessings will come to us in an instant.

But if we do negative deeds, this will automatically backfire to our energy field, so that this transmutation that is happening on a Planetary level may rapidly established.

If this is not happening in your life now, look around you and the experiences of the people you know. Their experiences are teaching you so much to align with the Divine Plan.

May your inner disposition create more positive realities around you.

Sending more Love, Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion and Healing Energies to you and your loved ones.



The Pleiadians

**Channel: Mizraim


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