Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light: Solstice Energies, Ongoing Expansion

Divine Ones,

Living now, on Earth is an expanding experience. New frequencies of light, new templates of what can be received as perception, idea and experience, are flowing into your planetary field and accessible to you, through resonance.

The inner fields of light, are also expanding. Bringing you into greater resonance with your vaster wholeness a field of infinite light. Your own field opens up as you are in a more open relationship to your embodied experience.

Inner healing paves the way for ease and joy in this expansion.

The more you can release limiting ideas about yourself, your experience, your story-line, the more your inner space opens. The more you love and accept yourself and your life as it is, the more your inner space opens.

Ascension is an experience that is happening in many planes, and on Earth and in your human life, it is happening through many different inputs. As such, you can open to more in many ways.

Feel Your Way

A wonderful way to live now, is to allow yourself to feel your way. To sense and tune into the energy of each moment, of the start of a new segment of your day, when you’re with others, when you’re in a new place… Sense and feel into the energy present. Be clear about your intentions. Know what matters most to you and what you wish to be, as presence. Feel for your own presence and tune it, your energy field, accordingly.

Allow Your Energy to Evolve

Sometimes the most appropriate way to be is simply to be open. To tune into your own field of presence and simply let yourself become aware, in openness and with gentleness and curiosity, of your own feeling-state. Your energy, your emotions, what is arising … As you open to this without an agenda and with a loving attentiveness, you allow energy Itself, to evolve. And all energy, like all forms, is moving into higher expression, as it can.

Your open, loving attention can facilitate energy evolving. This is a very direct and progressive way of evolving your own Life-stream.

What’s Yours is Here for You

Each of you have a Life-Stream here on Earth. It includes more than what you’re aware of, typically. In every moment you choose in alignment with your own vaster wholeness, then there is a coherent, pure, energy in your Life-Stream. In every moment you hesitate, only honor yourself somewhat or part-way, or deny your inner knowing, and heart-felt wishes, in those moments there are alternate streams generated, for the path of true expression is always present and whether or not you experience it, or know it, or choose it, it is still there.

This is what is intuited by so many who sense, rightly, that you are always able to receive YOUR OWN LIFE. What’s yours is here for you. The things that call to you Beloved Ones, are yours and you may trust them and welcome them in.

You may find you need to take actions, learn to believe in yourself more, think more highly of yourself, or other changes may be part of allowing your own true life to take form and be received by you. But it is being given — the Life that is YOUR Exalted experience. Your exalted presence. And the soul, the Greater Self is always nudging you towards that and towards believing in yourself and this one true way, of being YOU.

This does not mean that your life is predetermined. But the things that call to you throughout your Life, light the way to your path of expression and opportunity in the present and they always open up for you new ways of knowing yourself and giving and being in the world. So it is always a path of higher light.

The Soul Seeks An Experience of Uninhibited Love and Expression

Sometimes you disregard these paths because you don’t see the gifts in them, at first glance. They feel scary or too threatening. But so often, friends, you’re led to something you want, you become aware of that desire and along with it, a fear that it’s too good to be true. These paths are precious indeed, for they are here to help you know how loved and beautiful you are, as you are.

We are always so enthusiastic and joyful when you allow yourself to see if you can actually take that kind of path. For we know the harvest will be great and your sense of self will enlarge in ways that open you up more to the REAL LIFE that is here for all of you — the life of connection, joy, aliveness, love, freedom, creativity, openness, flow and ease. And too, healing, growth, greater understanding and compassion and a feeling of tenderness about the beauty of All Life.

You’re Mid-Way through a VERY Big Year in the History of Earth!

Breathe. Rest. Pause. Check in often. Feel for how you’ve changed. What you need. What is done. What you most want and love. Where your joy is.

We know that you are feeling so much change this year. Truly acknowledge this. There is inner knowing in each of you about what is happening energetically, and in consciousness, that is wildly beautiful and exciting. Have faith in this and in your inner knowing.

This is a year of culmination and in that rising energy and that unfolding flow of higher light, you are being clarified, and the coherence of your field is expanding. Your world is leading the way and is supporting and nourishing you. Energies from the planetary field flow into each of you to help you synch up with the new potentials and allow your body to be at home. Feel safe and part of the vaster planetary evolution.

As you let this take place… As you let yourself be led by your innate connection to the Earth, by your body, by your own Soul-Self, or Greater Self, then you know how to BE. And what you may need to support and nourish yourself, and this makes the process easier.

Allows yourself to feel the wisdom, the intelligence that is here with you always, guiding you.

Be Open to Seeing Yourself in New Ways.

The Solstice this June will be a powerful experience of inner light. More and more, your own vaster harmonics are finding root in your embodiment. Taking up residence in your human energy system and with that, altering the expression of your cosmic and your human DNA. As has always been intended during this lifetime, you are expanding into higher light and so, your sense of Self, your identity is changing.

Your Consciousness is Changing.

When you feel less thought, less inner dialogue, when you feel no sense of what to do, say… And, too when there is intense fatigue, or even a feeling of needing to let go, without quite knowing, of what. Ask for knowing. Ask for all that you are, to light the way. To make it clear if there is something you might do, to further this evolving experience of Oneness and Truth and the Holy coming into being of your own TRUTH.

Your consciousness is changing and the patterns of habitual thought that were part of your life before, may start to quiet down as you evolve into higher consciousness. When you sleep and when you’re at peace, allowing the flow, you’re resonating with field that are vast and peaceful, loving and calm. This is life-changing — it is changing your awareness.

You’re Moving into a Highly Clarifying Time

The energies from the Solstice into August will be expansive, and increasing the clarification experience. Each person is choosing at a very deep level what they stand for, how they wish to participate. Honor all choices, and especially feel for what you most want in your own life experience, and center there. Respect the sovereignty of others. Give people space to make their own choices. Honor and trust in the Infinite Life within all Life forms. Be at peace and think high thought for others! Practice believing in yourself and in everyone else.

The Support Here for You Is Beyond Measure!

We are here for you always. For we are One and it is our role, to be here, supporting you, encouraging you, sharing with you and we very much enjoy celebrating with you, this vaster knowing that is arising within so many of you now.

It is with great joy that we speak to you today.

If there is anything you wish for us to help with, please do ask. We say this often and we mean it — you are still learning to co-create with the vaster wholeness. That is the Life you are headed into! Embrace it now. Ask for more and begin to communicate often, daily even, with your own Divine Self.

There is nothing more important or beautiful than you coming into alignment and conscious connection with the fulness of your being.

We love you very much!
We are complete.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

**Channel: Ailia Mira


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