From 3D To 4D And 5D: The War Part 4

As Disclosure News explained (on 05/06/2022 at 10:23), these are different processes and perceptions, although intertwined.

The Transition of people from 3D to 4D, 5D and higher has been going on for a long time.

This is a purely individual process and does not depend on changing the 3D Matrix to 5D.

If a person is ready, he calmly moves into another dimension.

Long or fast… Absolutes, Co-Creators, Galacom live and work in spherical time, where one second is equal to an Earth year, if not a century or millennia. Therefore, they make adjustments INSTANTLY.

This also applies to the 5D Matrix, which was created from scratch on 3D Earth, without previous experience anywhere in the Local Universe, needs testing, running-in, gearbox and reliable brakes.

We must remember that the present, third, Local Universe is closed as a project, is quarantined and cleaned before launching the fourth version. The Absolute itself has changed, upgraded, and became a dipole.

The following can be added to what Disclosure News has narrated.

The new, five-dimensional Matrix and Hologram are already firmly installed, and are working, although not yet in full force. The reasons, as DNI clarified, are in the opposition of the 3D Matrix, which, through a huge hierarchy of Dark and Gray egregores, continues to create, accumulate and radiate the negativity, generated by people.

On the Subtle Plane, this is a duel of two structures. One continues to work at full capacity, even if not the maximum, as before.

The other Matrix gradually and very carefully increases its potential, trying not to harm as many men as possible by too sharp an increase of 5D energy coming through the Sun from the Centers of the Galaxy and the Local Universe. That is, the 5D Matrix is both a conductor and a damper.

Running the 5D Matrix, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy and Galactic Committee carefully monitor the situation on Earth, then raising, then, lowering the vibrations. In the latter case, it looks like an evolutionary rollback.

In fact, there is nothing terrible about it. This is a normal phenomenon, especially in the conditions of changing Matrices, general world chaos and fierce war on the physical and Subtle Plane, which DNI recently described in The War previous 1-3 Parts.

The evolutionary rollback can be likened to climbing a high peak, when alpinists ascend first to one height, and then descend lower for overnight camping and gradual acclimatization. Or during military operations, when the advancing troops sometimes retreat, temporarily moving away from previously occupied positions, to replenish forces and regroup. But in the end, in all these cases, the forward movement will continue.

The global evolutionary rollback does not carry anything critical. It can only slow down or stretch for a short time some transformation and transition of Earth into 5D.

An important and integral component of evolutionary rollbacks is the energy and vibrations factor. Any planetary Matrix is based on its fullness, saturation with certain energies and programs. In this sense, the Universal Matrix is a giant accumulator, a battery.

Through it, primary filling and further energy-informational exchange with objects registered in the Matrix are carried out. Currently, energy and 3D Matrix software are being removed from the Earth’s field, and new ones are being loaded.

In the System of the Local Universe, Pleroma’s Architects and Programmers direct and fix certain types of quantum flows which will form the final vibes’ pattern and energy configuration of the 5D Matrix.

The functioning of any Matrix, as well as any field of reality, is based on energy-information exchange. We are constantly receiving and giving energies.

The exchange can be parity (equal, balanced); constructive (excessive, when the System receives more energy than it gives); or destructive (deficient, when the System gives more than it receives).

The era of Kali Yuga and Cosmic Night was acutely energy deficient. Such an algorithm was written in the Matrix.

Added to it, was the energy siphon off by the parasitic-vampiric system through the Portals of the Black and Gray Archons and their cosmic races.

For a long time, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy, and Galacom run in additional cosmic flows into Earth’s core to prevent its critical shortage which could lead to the planet’s death.

On its surface, they built new Power Places in the form of 144,000 pyramids, global networks of dolmens, surads, menhirs, megaliths, etc. Of course, this is not their only purpose, such objects are multifunctional.

Other energy sources of the Matrix are all forms of life, the Earth’s core, through which the energies of the Sun, planets, stars, constellations, Galaxies and the entire Universe flow. All this is a single and managed System.

Its framework is formed by fundamental energies of this or that reality. But it’s one thing when a new “house” is being built on some new planet. Another thing is the brownfield upgrade.

This is exactly what is happening with us right now. And such a process is a priori much more complicated and longer, especially in absolute incompatibility of 3D and 5D energies, and fierce war between Dark and Light Forces.

After the System is saturated with new frame energies by at least 90%, it will be possible to start pumping other non-fundamental ones with upgraded exchange capacities. Such “optional” energies are not specifically spelled out in the Matrix. It contains only a sort of backlash, slop, a cell for them, with certain qualities.

Today, the situation on Earth has become extremely complicated and aggravated. The changed form of Earth Logos’ core and the damage of crystal grid’s nodes significantly reduced the overall potential and the possibilities for assimilation of new, 5D energies by Gaia and earthlings.

The fighting in Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ukraine and other countries turned off important nodal points of the crystal lattice, greatly lowered vibrations and the general energy of Earth.

Also do not work a huge number of crystal grid’s cells located under cities, buildings, factories, nuclear reactors, an incredible amount of toxic burial grounds and landfills of all types of waste, etc.

But for adequate assimilation of all the frame energies by 5D Matrix, 100% functioning of the entire crystal lattice is needed. It is like a solar panel: any segment that does not work leads to a power loss of the entire station.

In this situation, Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs actively use bio-cells – Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and others who have transformed their Subtle Bodies into Radiant and multidimensional by intensive inner work. Today, they’re the ones that receive large volumes of frame 5D energies and redirect them to the Earth’s core.

In fact, these unknown heroes compensate for those dislodged segments of the crystal lattice that are destroyed and not serve for the energy exchange of the planet and earthlings with the Greater Cosmos.

Many ordinary men are also participating in this by the decision of their Higher Selves, without even understanding or knowing about it. Usually, portions of new high-frequency energies are passed through them in waves, for several hours a day, sometimes several times a day. Or while sleeping.

It feels like sharp tides of ultra-high-freqs, with completely new sensations. Previously, there were no such energies on Earth, and our body is not familiar with them.

The main receiving gateways are the Heart Center, the Crown Chakra, and the Sushumna – an energy channel that runs along the spinal cord in the center, through the seven chakras. These centers bear the main burden.

Assimilation of quantum fluxes by bio-cells is carried out by a shift method, and thanks to it, round-the-clock absorption of 5D energies by Earth is achieved. This is very hard, but extremely necessary work. The Lightwarriors ground teams do it daily. After an hour of such drudgery, they can recover only the next day. Staying in a state of Love, Light and high vibrations helps.

Readers of Disclosure News know that our planet is a growing Crystal. Growth occurs in stages, with periods of acceleration and deceleration, as a person, with his life stages.

Gaia has its own age. It’s in the mid of youth and adulthood. All life processes are closely connected with her Heart – the core of the planetary Logos.

Now, the growth of Earth as a Crystal has accelerated, including the physical size of the planet. It leads to an increase in the energy intensity of its field, strong vibrations, the transformation of the magnetic field, changes in the structure of all organic life, etc.

Earth is changing, and Man is changing with it. We are moving into a new evolutionary phase, and those who are not ready will leave the planet.

The current global evolutionary rollback has a positive side. After each such phase, comes accelerated dynamic development. The effect when the twisted spring is released. We need to be ready for a big evolutionary fast and furious in the near future.

Much depends on the course of the Third World War. It is conducted not only on Earth, but also in the Local Universe. The participants are the same as during the last space war 50 thousand years ago.

On June 15, 2022, the Darks dealt a powerful blow to Light Forces’ bases in the planetary abodes of our Stellar Ancestors. On the same day, with the help of black magic ops, attempts were made to kill some leaders of States and destroy Logos and egregores of these countries, as well as Lightwarriors which are hunted and tracked by their luminosity.

With the combined efforts of the Light Forces, the assaults were shattered. It cost a lot of losses. Currently, the threat has passed. All Subtle structures are restored. But the situation is extremely dangerous and tense, it will only escalate. It is necessary to be ready for surprises of all kinds.

**By Lev