Saint Germain: Q & A Galactic Adjustment

Question 1 is from Jordan:

I hear a lot about a solar flash that’s bound to happen any day now. What do you think about this?

St Germain: Indeed, it is bound to happen any day now. This is a normal occurrence within the galaxy. As you know energy vibrates, it moves. When there is a lot of energy jostling and jowsting against itself, it tends to create waves.

You notice this effect with water. When you throw a rock into the water, when the rock disturbs the calmness of the water, it causes a wave.

When the solar sun creates a disturbance within the galaxy, it creates a wave that moves, as the water will, across the entirety of the galaxy. This occurs every 26,000 years as the galactic sun adjusts itself to its new position in reality relative to its connection to higher source. Yes, you look at it astronomically but it is not astronomy. It has to do with energy and consciousness.

Me: Sorry, but it kind of seems like a burp to me. I’m just going to say it.

St G: Indeed, perhaps a hiccup. God is hiccuping. But nonetheless energy constantly adjusts itself and as it does so it releases renewed energy. This energy will find its way through the galaxy through its own electrical system: the suns. Each sun is connected energetically to other suns and in being so, when the central sun hiccups, it reverberates out to the end of the galaxy. This takes 26,000 years to complete this cycle so you understand then how large the galaxy actually is! I am not speaking of light years, I am speaking of linear time years.

When this energetic wave hits Sol, our sun, it will disperse the energies out to the planets within the solar system and they will readjust their position relative to the central sun. And in this instance, they will move towards the fifth dimension as all has been prepared.

As for timing, it will happen when your minds have been prepared. Those who are “scheduled to go” and that is perhaps not the correct expression but contracted through soul to go, will move to the higher dimension and third dimensional earth will live on, however in a more beneficient manner. (Folks, that was one of St Germain’s words, “beneficient” – to my knowledge I have never heard or used that word before.)

Astronomically your specialists call this a “solar micro nova.” Sol is a rather tempermental sun as it is, but he is now preparing to go micro nova and the solar scientists are having a field day around the sun! This, of course, is to protect you from any ill effects and to have the solar release produce the ascension effect it is supposed to.

Me: Yes, Ivo’s been watching it too the last few days.

St Germain: Thank you for your question, Jordan. I am happy to be of service.

Question 2 is from Janet:

Hi Sharon and St Germain

If any of these questions would get you censored, I completely understand you not answering them. (Question has been edited to eliminate damning details. – Sharon)
Food Shortages:

I get that people ideally have at least 3-4 weeks of food storage, or even a few months,
I believe we all ought to take responsibility for our food and water, like the ant, and personally I’ve done as much as I can, but most have been programmed to completely depend on the system. Would you, Saint Germain or the GFL step in, in such an emergency?

St Germain: But you do have seeds, though, have you not? Indeed, these are not being limited at all. Sharon has started a beautiful flower garden in her front porch. My loves, plants will grow anywhere, even upon rooves! You can grow a whole lawn full of beautiful food just by using seeds and pits you acquire at the grocery store. They are not all GMO. Look for organic stock.

For colder countries canning can be done to keep stocks.

My good people, please look at what you call your time constraints. If you believe you cannot grow your own food then it is because you believe you do not have a green thumb or you would not have enough time. This is a limiting belief, believe you me. The human will always make time for important things, especially things it loves. Sharon has grown huge beefsteak tomatos just from a small plant. She has no special skills. All she did was water them and they provided her with so much food she had to give it away!

Me: Then there were the brussels sprouts, cabbages and peppers I grew.

St Germain: I would love to see the people of earth return to farm fresh organic foods instead of the processed boxed concoctions you call food.

Would we step in? Indeed, we have been all along. We have altered the negative reality that the DS was to perpetrate upon you in many many ways, to lighten your load. What you are experiencing is the nicer version of what they had in store for you.

So I would like to see you then, Janet, creating your own food garden.

Me: I watch that guy on youtube from Oz who has an enormous garden. Self Sufficient Me. He grows everything and piles of it! I like that St Germain is addressing the problem within our collective psyches rather than jumping in to rescue us.

Question 3 from Janet as well:

Effects of 5G radiation:

Is there a way to protect ourselves from the effects of cell towers, 5G etc? Such as the shungite stone, which is relatively inexpensive. It is said to absorb and neutralise EMF radiation.

Does shungite in fact do that and are there any other ways to protect oneself, such as perhaps a Violet Flame process that would raise our frequency above the radiation effects?

(By the way I live on a remote property, fortunately with no cell coverage, but when I spend a day in town or a city I come home feeling tired and somewhat unwell. I’m guessing it’s the frequencies which I am not used to)

St Germain: It does indeed work. Would it surprise you to know that for every toxic thing you can incur upon earth there is an organic substance that will neutralize it? Even your atomic energy can be neutralized when you discover the way to do it. It is all here. Earth has an abundant means to love you or to kill you. Why would this be a free will planet if you were limited in substances to create with?

Orgone energy is also good therapy for 5G.

The violet flame is also very good for this. Any of the decrees are good for healing of this kind.

You have been scared by these things. People have put scary words into your ear and you believe you are trapped and there is no way out. But there is. There is always provision for anything that would befall you upon earth. Would God ever give you a pestilence without a means of seeing its end? No, He would not.

Many earthlings have no knowledge of what is before them. They call many plants weeds but now are discovering again that these weeds have medicinal healing properties. The more this is explored the more you will realized how you have been lied to, firstly but secondly, that you can empower yourselves again by utilizing God’s gift of the earth. It is your knowledge, your Light that first must increase.

When it is stated that earth is a free will zone, then you must look at the earth herself. Yes. You have free will but your planet has free will to create whatever she wills herself to create, and she seeks to heal all upon her as that will help heal herself.

St Germain: Indeed! Include this comment please!

From Janet: Sidenote (not a question): I feel it would be remiss not to thank you St Germain for the Violet Flame meditation from Elizabeth Prophet, which I found via Sharon 🙂

I’ve been doing it every day for a year and have felt far more peaceful, in sync and one with the world.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Question 1
Flooding of east coast Australia:

What is the purpose of the flooding?

Is it to flood DUMBs, create a set back for farmers/food, create loosh or something else?

A friend of ours in that area saw planes cloud-seeding before the floods.

Water levels were 2 metres higher than any previous flood. A large geographical area affected; many towns/cities.

Now a second flood in the same towns has started; the previous one being only 3 weeks ago. Our friend saw cloud-seeding again.

A lot of weird things, even the different rescue services not turning up to help. Local residents videoed the army filming themselves as a promo stunt, pretending to help! Thousands of homes completely underwater. Govt and media playing down the number of people who died.

Sidenote (not a question): I feel it would be remiss not to thank you St Germain for the Violet Flame meditation from Elizabeth Prophet, which I found via Sharon 🙂

I’ve been doing it every day for a year and have felt far more peaceful, in sync and one with the world.

Nice story: Each day I ask the Violet Flame to embrace my children as they go about their day and in the early days of doing it, my daughter who can see energy, said while driving home one night on a rural road she saw the colour violet travelling next to her car. I then told her I’ve been asking the Violet Flame to do that, and she reckons it must have worked!

I suppose you know all that though lol.

Thank you Sharon, my family love your work, it’s made a HUGE impact on our lives. I’ve been wanting to tell you we think you’re amazing doing those underground raids. Fearless!

With much love, Janet

St Germain: In fact, both are being carried out. Yes you are being deliberately flooded, however you are also experiencing clearing of DUMBs. This has been a tactic of the white side for a long time: Whenever any heinous act is initiated against the people, the white hats move in as well. That way whatever unhappiness the DS is causing is countered with a move of equal or greater purity (light). All is negated.

Yes, unfortunate that the army simply allows themselves to be pawns in this war. So much power is in their hands, and frankly that counts for all of you.

I am requesting of Sharon that she put up links to violet flame video’s and such so that those wanting to try it may do so.

Me: It does work, St Germain.

St G: Oh, I know!

Me: I’m sitting with parents who have two quarreling boys, I bring in the violet flame and the boys break up their quarrel on their own. Otherwise it would have gone on all night in fits and spurts. One boy went upstairs to find some peace.

St Germain: And this is a good point, Sharon. You changed the mindset of fighting for these boys to that of peace. This is what the Violet Flame will do. Imagine that on a worldwide basis. Perhaps we can initiate global meditations with the violet flame as you do for St Michael?

Me: Good idea! I’ll work on that! Yeah, that’s a great idea. We need to find some times that work best. Like the upcoming solstice, maybe…? Probably COBRA and Sisterhood of the Rose will be doing it too but why not add ourselves in as well?

St Germain: Very good. I will tell you what to write for them.

Question 2 from Beth:
How did you help Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence? I have heard you were with him.

St Germain: I had helped in many ways but particularly with the script of the first two paragraphs. I was well aware of what the future would hold and I warned Mr. Jefferson to take this into consideration in his writing of the Declaration. Specifically he wrote that: “We, therefore, the Representatives of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly Publish and Declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent States; that they are absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political Connection between them and the State of Great-Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved.” I specifically said, “British Crown,” not British King because I knew that to say this would have only carried this claim of independence to the death of the current king, which was George third. So I specified “Crown” as this would be a term of permanency or until the demise of the British crown, at which time the United States might consider different treaties with the people of Britain. Mr Jefferson, however, was not aware of the coming globalist regime and so only wrote the declaration according to the political terms he was familiar with.

What’s more it only specifies 13 states, not the entirety of the United States. However this will be addressed soon.

Me: I think the American people don’t care. They take it as intending their entire government and they’ve probably passed laws to that end.

St Germain: The globalists then countered by overtaking Washington in 1871. At this point there was a shadow government that ruled the U.S. from Britain. The very thing they had sought to escape they had succumbed to again.

As you may suspect now the British Monarchy is failing. Those of the royal family are being arrested, or they have passed on such as the Queen and her consort, Philip, and those who are left over have less power and fewer responsibilities to the people.

Me: How about less jewels and money?

St Germain: These will be given back to the people eventually. Now, the Declaration of Independence of the United States will be re-written in future because it is contingent on the existence of a British Monarchy. So this will be addressed in the coming years and your independence will be re-written to exclude globalist domination and your laws will be re-written to that end as well.

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” This was a statement of the time, but also again a statement which will hold true for the United States. Government will be dissolved because it does not meet the criteria of the Declaration, nor the Constitution.

Question 2
What was the frequency of the liberty bell when it rang out after declaring our independence?

St Germain: It was 550 hz, a frequency associated with the fifth dimension. In fact it is still ringing, however you cannot hear it now. At the time independence we declared people were of higher vibration consequently these sounds were audible to them. I am sorry that you cannot hear it because it still rings for you. When it will be silent will be when America reaches that frequency itself.

Question 3
Did you assist with other historical events focused around equality and liberty? If so, could you please describe some of the events and how the timelines were shifted?

St Germain: I did, indeed. George Washington’s army included 2,400 ill prepared men and they still beat the British military. As for the timelines shifting, when the impossible seems to have occurred, you can best believe there is a shifting of timelines. No more people were utilized but the outcome was changed. It had to be.

General Brock’s army at Queenston, Canada was defeated by one musket shot. The death of General Isaac Brock brought disorganization to the British military and turned around the war of 1812 in favour of the Americans. I was the American man who bravely stepped forward to shoot him in the heart.

As borders were being drawn, the Americans gained back many of their lost strongholds such as Detroit. I was there when the Treaties were signed to help delineate the new border which had never been defined to that date. Now it must be and it has stayed that way since that time.

I have done much to bring the United States to the point it is now, and I continue to do so.

Boston Tea Party: I was one of the sons of Liberty. That was in the day when you used to protest taxes as being unfair. And they are. They are theft.

I was Paul Revere. I rode the horse while the true Revere slumbered in bed. Yes, I can assume a personality and I did so to warn the American militia.

I was the angel on the shoulder of Abraham Lincoln who prompted him to release the slaves. Yes. I have done much for the American people. There are more instances of my handiwork in your history.

I was present when the decision was made by Roosevelt to enter the war. He was barely neutral as America had claimed to be but globalist powers had to be stopped. They were positioned in Germany, of course as the Nazi party, and they had to be put down. The only country that had that might was the United States.

Me: Thank you St Germain. I’m only wondering what you’re up to now if you’ve been so active in the world’s history.

St Germain: I assure you, only good things. Only good things.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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    Is it true that Barron Trump is the incarnation of St Germain? or is it more manipulation of people’s weakness by fueling more the political campaign of DT?? Why mixing spirituality with politics? it makes no sense that so many people are talking about Trump like he is some sort of Pleiadian savior….is it that only in the USA there are these so called incarnation of archangels and pleiadian souls??