A Message from the Observer: Healing, Fear, Grief, Light

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you with such pride this day, for you are moving at an incredible pace. Yes, we can see the challenges that it causes when humanity starts evolving at this extremely rapid pace. But it’s also very exciting to see what’s taking place. So, welcome Home. We love to bring you together because you are all creator beings. Each and every one of you have a magnificent opportunity to work throughout time-space to bring everything coming forward. When creator beings hold hands, dear ones, the effect is exponential. Not one, two and three, but one, ten, 100, and 1,000. You are magicians, the creator beings of Earth. Join us and let’s begin.

Healing Circle

Softly close your eyes for a moment and just let yourself be. Become aware of every breath that you’re taking, whether it’s an in breath or out breath. Feel your eyes and your spirit grow brighter with every breath that you’re taking. Marvelous. Before we open the healing circle, we’re going to create a time bubble. This simply means that the healing circle will go inside the time bubble and will not be affected by time. In other words, it won’t get old. That also means that later on when other people join in, they will be joining in their current time and their energy will connect with yours. So right now, inside this time bubble, take a deep breath. Now let your energy explode into the universe with all the vigor that you have. Beautiful, well done. And with another deep breath, we’re going to open the healing circle. The healing circle has no judgment, dear ones, for illness is not wrong. Take whatever you’d like to put in this healing circle for yourself. Even if it’s just feeling better, being more on purpose or more connected.

Now take a deep breath and as you slowly release it, feel your heart energy and let it drift out into the middle of this time bubble. Allow yourself to receive that energy, feel it filling you up inside. Start with breathing steady, deep breaths. Feel your body breathing in health and exhaling illness… Now take it all in and feel those crinkly lines on your face, which have compressed over time for one reason or another, start to straighten out as if you were removing tangles from your hair. Feel the energy, clearing and then relaxing. Excellent, now let it go and feel all tensions releasing. Take a slow intentional breath in and hold it for a moment. Feel the energy moving internally, clearing the tensions collected on your journey through life. Now, take a deep breath and consciously lock in that state of health for your body. With every breath you are overwriting illness with health.

If you wish to bring in someone else for healing, especially if you have asked their permission, bring them forward and place them in the healing circle. It is helpful to understand that the healing work that you’re doing right now is to address your needs, because that’s the only way it works. As a healer you have a constant pull to heal, just as it should be. Your work is needed now more than ever before and you are celebrated for being here. For others to receive the most from the healing circle, their awareness or permission is needed. However, even simply feeling that energy stream flowing over them can help. Place them into the healing circle now and let them experience that energy. Then detach gracefully, allowing them to make their own choices as to what they do with that energy.

Now, take another deep breath. With the powerful energy now gathered, allow us to bring in one of the challenges of the planet. There are many, many challenges, with so much needless human suffering. The Earth has to balance all that energy; she is balancing a great deal right now. You can send the energy wherever you’d like to on the planet. There is a lot of need right now, and much of that has to do with a war that you’re having. One way you can help is to send some energy to Ukraine, to the people of Ukraine. The pride, courage and resilience they have shown was not anticipated. And because of this, the war has an opportunity to be the last war. Wouldn’t that be a dream worth having? Please do not fall into the duality of good and bad here. The people on both sides are important parts of the family of light, for this war is much more of one man’s aggression. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it did not work this time? Wouldn’t that be an idea worth creating? What if this were the last war? Take that vision and place it in the healing circle inside the time bubble. Well done. Yes, we know there are many things on all sides trying to move you in this direction, pointing you over here then over there. You’re all humans, dear ones. If you just reach your hands out to help each other, everything will change very rapidly. As we’ve said, you’re closer than you think.

Unexpressed Grief

There is another aspect of humanity that we would like to offer up to the healing circle. Because there are so many things taking place in such rapid succession, it’s difficult to see all the aspects having a big impact on humanity. Earth has lost a lot of people and there is a vacuum where they used to be. It has happened so quickly that there was no time for grieving. We spoke of this exodus of people well before it happened. This is still taking place on planet Earth, but know that it isn’t a failure, dear ones. Many are being called Home to assist in this next evolutionary process. But as they leave there is a vacancy, a hole or vacuum that used to be filled with love, touch and physicality. As a result, grieving is taking place beneath the surface, hidden from view or expression and that energy is building rapidly. The truth is that when you see someone walking down the street, you can never tell by their outside appearance whether or not they are grieving. But what you may see in their outward expression is a general intolerance of everything or a quick trigger to anger.

It is well known that if humans can be angered, they can also be controlled. This has always been used to motivate people. However, it’s having a significant impact on the huge wave of grief on this planet. Even the Earth herself is in a state of grief, yet very few are aware of it other than the effects it’s having daily on everyone. So, allow us to offer that up to the healing circle. Let’s take the energy from those who have crossed and redirect it into this timeless healing circle. We invite everyone who has lost someone in the last few years into this healing circle. The vacancy of those who have been lost creates a vacuum that can control lives, but only when it isn’t recognized or understood. However, if humans are aware of it they will eventually see it for what it is and make their choices accordingly. Let us fill that vacancy with love. Move through it, feel it, see it in others and tolerance will return. That is the greatest gift that you can give in this situation. So, take a deep breath, dear ones. Bring in all those people who have lost someone and place them in the center of the circle. Let’s send all the energy to them that we can, to re-open their hearts.

You are the magicians of the game board. Although we’ve said that many times before, your magic is now being pulled forward. You are creating increments of time space in which healing can evolve; you are incredible creator beings. Well done, dear ones, well done. And with that, take a deep breath as we begin to close this healing circle. Of course, it never really closes because it’s in a time bubble. It will be there to draw from, add to and put your energy into forever. Now take a breath and give thanks for your own health. The things that you are grateful for increase in your life and that’s the basis of your creation ability, so own it.

Dealing with Base Fear

Fascinating things are taking place in many areas, and we wish to share with you a general overview of what is happening. We ask that you simply take it for what it is, not as something that has to be corrected. Instead, it’s something to be understood, because everyone everywhere is acting in a very interesting way right now. Have you noticed the difference? There’s a base fear beneath everything. It’s almost as if someone has pulled the rug out from under everyone. Humanity is looking around, asking “Where is my stability?”

Usually, when you wake up in the morning you look into a mirror to see who you are. It tends to give your spirit a reconnection to the physical body upon awakening. But this morning that mirror was not there. “What happened to the mirror, does that mean that I’m not there?” you ask. There is also this ever-present sense of reaching for something. It’s a very common thing for humans to go back into their own belief systems when rapid change takes place. They go back until they find something that they can grab on to, whatever used to work for them. When fear becomes prevalent, the Earth also picks that up. Then the planet will take that energy and actually transform it into positive energy for herself. But it’s very difficult to turn that positive energy back to the surface so it can be beneficial to Earth’s inhabitants. The Earth is incredibly stressed with all the changes humans are calling global warming, and isn’t able to balance the extra negative energy. So, what ends up happening is the negative energy cannot be dispersed in a normal way and builds up in the general population. Because it is happening to everyone everywhere, it then becomes normalized.

The Step Back

Because of what has happened with the base energy, everything has changed. It isn’t just one thing, not simply politics, religion or belief systems. Instead it’s everything. But if you look around the globe, you’ll see something very interesting happening. People are not only moving back into belief systems, they’re shifting into extreme belief systems. How many extreme religions and politics have you seen surface on the planet? Religion and politics are also intermingling in an effort to gain power. Although this is working in the short term because humans can be manipulated, it will reduce the effectiveness of both in the long term. Eventually all things come to light and free choice prevails. It’s just a question of how long it takes, as the public is more responsive to supporting their belief systems than to what is in their best interest. Things will soon start to move even faster, and areas of stability will be sought out by many in the days ahead. This is a good time to take a close look at the ground beneath your feet, to see if you are on solid ground. Please be careful of these belief systems, you’re going to see more.

Planting Seeds of Light

All of humanity has felt this pull, instability, and base fear. You don’t know where the next step is going to be or what you’re going to do with it. And as a result, everyone’s instinct is to immediately move back into their old body suits and who they used to be. Many even to try on their old belief systems again, because those were always the things they could lean on before. But times have drastically changed, and belief systems don’t work the same way anymore. It will take some time for humans to discover that and respond in a positive way. In the meantime, there’s going to be a lot of this stepping back to old or even extreme belief systems. There are already plenty of them out there, with new ones coming up every day. Imagination thrives on the internet. Nonetheless, it isn’t that the internet is wrong. Quite simply, you have a great many choices, so choose what’s right for you. That’s really what this comes down to, your choices and where you are in life. Can you choose things that feel good to you? Can you choose to have positive thoughts when you wake up in the morning?

Most humans do not have conscious control over their thought process. Each morning as you’re coming out of sleep mode, awakening to your conscious state and putting back on your body suit, often the first thing you do is bring up the problems of yesterday. Those are the pieces that you try to reconcile into your old belief systems. Sometimes they fit, but most of the time they don’t. However, you do it anyway because those belief systems and that old stability are comfort zones. So, you bring it back again and again, trying to make it work in different ways. For many the process is rather confusing and somewhat frustrating, but the beautiful part about this is that you can change.

You can reset. You can reset your own signature rhythm, which we’ll be working with soon, but you can even reset your own body suit. At any time, you can choose new belief systems or decide to release parts of old belief systems. Yes, they will feel tentative until you become comfortable with them. And if a big wave of energy comes in, you’ll probably step back into a belief system or two (or three or four). But all of that is perfectly normal, dear ones, so do not judge yourself. That’s not what we’re suggesting, we’re simply asking that you become aware of it. As you look around the planet, you’ll see that in many places those ancient belief systems are starting to resurface and even gain stability.

The Big Squeeze

Perhaps the best way to describe this is that humanity is going through a funnel, and all of these energies are being brought together to bring you to a higher state of vibration. Although it’s an evolutionary process, bringing everything through that funnel is causing all kinds of challenges. And that’s where you see all the differences surfacing. And with that, you’ll see people stepping back in their belief systems into something more comfortable. Now, you must realize that many people actually enjoy being angry because it gives them a feeling of power. It’s simply a human condition. Sometimes people do very much enjoy getting into their frustration and expressing it in any way they can. At first it feels wonderful to express that negativity, but to propagate it around the planet intentionally only adds to the problem. So, we’re going to share with you some insights. We’re also giving you a challenge to take going forward for the next several weeks to see how it works for you.

The challenge most people have when they experience these waves of change is that they step back into their belief systems. As that happens, generally there’s a restriction that comes up, a big block and uncomfortableness. When you feel that, know there is something directly ahead for you, specifically for you. What if we told you that every single time you feel fear is actually an opportunity for advancement? You’re moving at an incredible pace, almost as if something were leading you through a funnel. Here at the top of the funnel, it moves at one pace. But when it reaches lower in the funnel, you’re moving at a much faster rate and that’s taking place everywhere. Right now, you have choice. You’ll find that the people who are having the most difficulty stepping into the new energy are those that are having difficulty letting go of their old belief systems, or at least parts of them. Instead of reaching snap decisions and revisiting all your negativities every morning when you wake up, find something positive every day to focus on. Yes, you’ll still have to deal with those negative aspects and those problems that you didn’t resolve the day before. However, by starting your day with positive energy you’ll find that it’s so much easier going forward.

Dear ones, you’re in incredible times. We know that many of you are feeling lost out of place. Maybe you’re even asking, “Do I really belong here? Do I really have something to contribute?” You truly have no idea the difference you’ve made with energy you’ve already been holding, just by being here on the planet. We can tell you, dear ones, there were many opportunities for planet Earth. As we’ve mentioned, planet Earth was designed to last about another thousand years. Now that has been pulled forward due to man’s weight on the planet. But the reality of it is that there are many different alternate ways you can go. You are on the planet of free choice, nothing is set in stone. You even have capabilities of going beyond that.

Although you have guidance and all the processes, what you don’t have is the understanding or the vision of where you’re going. There’s no way to give that to you, but we can tell you this: You can walk with your eyes closed. If you simply reach out and take other people’s hands, then the walk becomes much easier. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and the reality is you can help each other. When you see someone having great challenges or reaching back into aspects of their ancient belief systems, know that it’s because they’re in fear. So, work with the fear.

It’ll take some time. Planet Earth is going through a massive change, but it doesn’t mean you have to be wrapped up in it in a negative way. It doesn’t mean that you have to go through those processes, it means you have choice. Choose well and choose often. You’re in the perfect place to make a huge difference on this planet, which is why you chose planet Earth at this time in the first place. Welcome Home, everyone. Welcome Home, I am Observer. I get to see the big picture, it’s so much easier and so much more beautiful. I don’t even focus on the details. We are looking at love right now, so take this time and make it special.

We challenge you for these next few weeks to find that good in people. Even if you’re talking with a supposed enemy, find that spot, find that one place where you can find those commonalities and move forward. Right now that will make a difference, more than you could possibly know. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity. Hold the doors open for each other and you’ll see the planet change very quickly. Play well together as you create this new game. Know that you’re never alone and we love you dearly.

I am Observer… and I like to watch.


**Channel: Steve Rother


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