How to Stabilize Yourself

One of the greatest repercussions of the grand transition the human race is undergoing right now is destabilization. To review a little context here, the human race is now going through the greatest transition it has ever experienced at any other historical period. There are several reasons for this.

The human race has always been evolving and is continuing its evolution at a breakneck speed right now even though many people are so disgusted with human activity and behavior that they are convinced the human race is actually regressing. This may appear to be so but it is entirely inaccurate. Right now, the human race is going through puberty, moving from childhood to adulthood through the transitional stage of adolescence. Anybody who has been around adolescents, especially delinquents, may also be convinced that they are regressing but that is obviously not so.

The transition to adulthood can be very difficult and that is what we are in, squeezed into a fifty-year period of time. Not only are we evolving in terms of our scientific, technological, and economic accomplishments, but we are evolving in terms of our spirituality and consciousness. However, we are not all evolving at the same rate and this creates huge polarization and conflict that threatens to tear our world apart. In fact, not every member of the human race is evolving through puberty at this time. Some are just shifting from infancy to toddlerhood, some from toddlerhood to child stages, and some are moving from adolescence into adulthood, and some are even moving from adulthood to the mastery stage.  So, what each of us wants and needs right now is very different and the changes that some humans need to make deeply threatens others who are not ready to make those types of changes. In other words what we have is a great deal of chaos and destabilization across the board.

Change always comes with destabilization. When you move from one part of town to another or from one city to another there is a period of destabilization and adjustment. There is a period of time when you can’t find any of your belongings because they are still in boxes and you don’t know where the shops are or the best routes to anywhere. Your neighbors are all different people and there are many things to get used to. You may have taken a new job; the kids are going to new schools and all your family’s routines are disrupted for a period of time. In a word it is a stressful time, and you are destabilized, probably thinking, “I just want to skip forward six months” or “I wish this was over.” So, destabilization comes with some resistance and anxiety.

The kind of destabilization we are in right now is more severe than what I just described. The amplitude has been steadily going up and the vibration of everything is changing by the day. Perhaps you experience this as that nothing looks familiar anymore. You may be asking, “What country is this anyway?” What year or month is this? What season is it? Nothing is the same anymore. I feel freaked out. All of my friends look way older than they did a little while ago. How much time has gone by? How did the kids get so big? How old am I? Do I have dementia or what? I don’t recognize this street. Where the F___ am I anyway? How did the country get into this state all of a sudden? This may sound extreme but many people are actually experiencing this. Some people chalk it all up to having had Covid and struggling with brain fog and the like but even people who have not had Covid are saying these things. You can’t tell if that weird feeling is indigestion, or if you have taken something that is altering your consciousness, or if you are coming down with the flu. The next minute you are feeling fine, maybe even great. One minute you are anxious and depressed and the next you feel your heart has opened wide and you love everyone.

Consider these alterations to be the new normal. Yes, you are destabilized and that is the price you pay for admission to the next phase of humanities’ evolution. We are evolving very rapidly and everything is crumbling, especially our comfortable relationship with what we think is our reality. Reality is being shaken to the core and this is only the beginning. Is it any wonder many younger souls are completely losing their marbles and shooting everyone in sight? Is it any wonder that people are electing officials that are clearly off their rockers? Is it any wonder that conspiracy theories seem to have hijacked balanced reason? Price of admission folks, and a steep one at that?

How do we stabilize ourselves? Clearly many people’s choices only destabilize them further. Reaching for the bottle can seem like a good idea to some. Racing around city streets in the middle of the night is another strange attempt to stabilize. Buying guns and loading up on ammunition may seem to some like a way to stabilize. Going online and seeking answers in radical sites is another attempt. They are all doomed to failure. In fact, most of our attempts to cope externally are doomed to failure and usually only make the problem worse.

The problem is that the ego, our false personality has never been stable. It is subject to the vagaries of other people’s judgements and opinions, to cultural norms, to political movements, to conditioning, programming, and brain washing. No stability there. In the end it can’t even wipe its own ass (pun intended). It only knows how to compare, judge, whine, complain, blame and a few other unsavory ways of being. In the end, whether your false self has you wearing a business suit and sipping fine wines or dressing in a street person’s rags it holds no lasting promise of anything but more misery.

Your awareness of your own presence, your awareness of your own being, your own consciousness, is the only thing that is ultimately stable.  Why? Because by definition it never changes. It is always, always, ever present and witnessing your life as it is. Your consciousness is absolutely neutral but it is not cold and uncaring. It is the only thing within you that loves, that is known by love, that knows without having to think. It just is, being now, unconcerned with time, place, or movement. The awareness within you never goes anywhere, has never gone anywhere in your life no matter how fast you were running or driving. Even if you are racing to get to work or home at the end of the day, it is completely still, has no agenda, does not care. It is spirit knowing you as you are and recognizing you as part of itself. That is the definition of stable and that has always been so and will always be so.

In these times of ultimate destabilization this is your only real port in a storm. Even your reliable mates, friends, and relatives are in this moment going through their own destabilization and not to be completely counted on to be sane from one moment to the next.

The most stable things in the universe are not objects because objects are subject to destabilization. Your awareness, your beingness is not an object. To the degree you identify yourself as an object is the degree to which you are unstable. This is not an optimal anchor to have. A more optimal anchor is your being because your being is actually not yours but belongs to Spirit and Spirit is the best possible anchor you could have.

Therefore, sanity resides within you, right here, right now. You are actually stable in your awareness and presence but maybe you haven’t looked there yet. You have always been stable, will always be stable beyond death and rebirth. Your sanity is free, costs nothing but your attention. It’s like a big jug of water right in front of you when you are frantic with thirst and are looking everywhere for a drink.