Solstice Gateway Sees an Unprecedented Number of Twin Flames Uniting

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time, with important news regarding the upcoming solstice gateway. As we stated in our last written transmission Gaia is currently coexisting on 2 predominant collective timelines. The ending of the timeline of Kali-yuga and the opening timeline of the golden age…As a result of this, the Earth is now being bombarded with an intensified level of gamma-ray infusion.

We wish to inform you that the gamma rays that are predestined to pour into the Earth at the Time of the solstice are carrying a mutated, upgraded and transformed geometric light patterning and are therefore configured differently to the previous gamma rays that have been pouring forth from galactic central hitherto this point.

At this conjecture, it is important to note that the gamma rays communicate specifically with the DNA in the human body. In fact the gamma rays infuse with the DNA via a Fibonacci spiralling sequence, which locks into the human DNA much like a key and a lock, this interlocking communicates messages to the human DNA informing it to upgrade and configure into alignment with the Ascension codes that are stored in the bodily system, and these codes hold information pertaining to the construction of the human light body.

During extremely potent and auspicious energetic portal dates such as solstice, it is crucial to gather together in Ascension groups, in order to radically assist Gaia to ground and assimilate these upgraded codes and frequencies.

As these new upgraded gamma rays lock into humanities DNA spiral, this sends information to the DNA to align with the soul gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, remote viewing, telepathy, and so much more This upgrade will also manifest for many of you as a heightened degree of serendipity and synchronicity in your life, and a definite experience of divine intervention in terms of aligning you with your highest Kristic timeline destiny.

These light codes are designed to communicate directly to the pineal gland, the organ in the body that governs multidimensional awakening and knowing, and as such these powers are set to be magnified in this particular gateway.

The time for the lone wolf is no more dear ones. Please know that we are collectively entering into and anchoring the new earth golden age Paradigm timeline, and It is highly advisable that you gather together in your soul groups to assist Gaia to harness this newly upgraded bombardment of light codes.

The reason why this is so advisable is…individually you are powerful beyond your wildest imaginings so therefore when you come together and unite your intentions collectively, this sends out an almighty wave of information to the collective consciousness to come into vibrational alignment with these new upgraded instructions/ patterning.

**Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe


10 Replies to “Solstice Gateway Sees an Unprecedented Number of Twin Flames Uniting”

  1. Douglas A James

    Unfortunately my soul group is all over the world …few like minded people where I live we need more to awaken for sure many have no idea about ascension ETs and our true history being created by ETs is met with strong resistance as they want to think God simply performed a miracle and made our bodies…that’s a huge hurdle for them as they are believe the bible explicitly… The energies … I hold the light

    1. Claudia

      Not meaning to interfere with your thoughts Douglas but “us here” seem to often forget that we are only the one-eyed among the blind. And all of that is by design and therefore perfect. And those who are still “asleep” are so by contract too for the mechanics behind it.

      “THE UNTHINKABLE” is unthinkable because it’s unthinkable. So why not believe in God simply performed a miracle. The little we know “here” is nothing but a drop in that huge ocean we know nothing about.

  2. Claudia

    Ty “Lone Wolf” for answering “an urgent prayer” I’d sent out this morning and/bc it had directly to do with being ALL READY “together”.

  3. C

    “Lone wolf” here.
    There are many of us who have yet to “meet” and connect in the physical with others of our more specific soul groups. It has not yet been “time” to do so, and this too serves Divine Purpose.

    One does not particularly require physical presence of an others/s to unite intentions collectively. Divine intention and purpose is often still “buried” deep within each Being, under the layers of ‘egoic’ intention and purpose.

    The Divine within each and ALL is always unified; amplification comes through intention of amplifying shared Divine Intention and Purpose. And as well, through “shedding” the belief that one is ‘individual’ – single or separated.

    In Truth, we Are a collective consciousness already. And we’re already “together”. Though this is difficult for us to know when we’re still anchoring our beliefs, intentions and purpose in “individuality” – our ‘separate self’.

    So… for whomever you are, wherever you are, and whatever soul group you’re a part of – thank you for Being intentional in your choice to amplify of our shared Divine connection, intention and purpose.

    peace, love and blessings everyOne 🙏🕊

    1. The Spectacularis Superentity

      Very well put. So many of us, including myself, have led lonely and rather depressing lives because, come to think of it, had we all had super abundant lives to begin with, we’d probably never be in spiritual unawareness and amnesia like the asleep ones. Which would then mean that we wouldn’t ever bother to find the spiritual pathways out of our (super abundant) lives either. Which would mean that we’d not be the (experienced) expert way-showers to humanity either. So while NOW is indeed the time to reconnect with our innate spiritual powers, gifts, creator abilities and infinite abundance and love, had we had all of our gifts and blessings before (time), we’d have no GROWTH ourselves. And, as a result, wouldn’t be able to teach humanity a thing.

      Also, as a side note to Douglas, the ones of the extraterrestrial / extradimensional nature who created us (our experiment, our bodies, our consciousness filters etc.) can also be simultaneously understood to be agents of the one infinite creator source, as well as aspects of our own selves here too — though not exactly the Biblical versions / ideas of God necessarily. Thus, two (seemingly) paradoxical ideas can well be true simultaneously, here.

      1. C

        Thank you, and I like/relate to what you’ve shared above. If my life experience hadn’t been what it was, I wouldn’t be who I Am.

        Much of my experience has been traumatic, depressing and isolating/isolated. The level/amount of “bizarre”, unusual and oddly “coincidental” occurrences I’ve experienced have, (I believe) been for a bigger purpose in the overall scheme of things. I may not know the “why’s” of certain circumstances or ‘chance encounters’, what it means, or leads to but there is no doubt that these were by Design.

        And I’ve got to say – a bit after posting my initial comment, I was driving not thinking about anything but the heavy clouds in the sky and suddenly there you were Mr. Spectacularis – wavelengths again! I can’t explain nor understand fully, but I think we might be in similar geographic region – OR – ‘directly opposite’. It’s something that occasionally pops up unexplainably at the most random times. 🤷🏻‍♀️

        1. The Spectacularis Superentity

          Your ideas are always super interesting to me. Even this one, are we in the same location or directly opposite? Is it ‘Geopathic Stress’ that connects us? (seriously, look it up, really interesting concept).

          And yes, I too have led a life similar to what you describe as your own. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it. But then again, there has also been that magic here and there. And more importantly, memories of a magical life from beyond the veil that I’ve still not lost or forgotten fully. Besides, memory or no memory, this entire life experience has been SO unusual and un-understandable to me from DAY ONE that to consider this ANYTHING other than my VERY FIRST lifetime upon this planet was, and is, out of the question!

          I for one can’t wait for the Galactic Federation to give me a spare spaceship to go paint the (omniverse)town red. But yeah, I’ll have to assist humanity’s ascension first and all. (Why oh why didn’t I sign up for an easier job instead???)

          But hey, as long as I’m here and kickin’, I’m going to try my level best to enjoy this so-called Golden Ticket of being on planet Earth at this time for what it’s worth I guess. (What else is even there to do?)

          1. C

            Geopathic stress! Thank you! I don’t think I’d ever come across that particular wording before. But yes, it describes perfectly all of what I’ve intuitively pieced together since childhood of the region I live in, and the very specific location.

            I knew it was something “wonky with the geography planetarily” – ley lines, electromagnetic and other grids, vortices and axis points and something having to do with geomancy but didn’t have a “name” or phrase for it. As a child I was told in a dream that among other things, I am geomantic empath. Geopathic stress makes sense – thank you again 🙏

            My area has a lot going on in that regard – fault line, nuclear power plant, historical significance to the founding of the U.S. and other tales, caves, mines. Stone chambers that align as the pyramids do, a “balanced rock” glacial erratic w/magnetic anomaly and ufo hotspot (in the 80s) – these last three were talked about on various Ancient Alien episodes. The area is “different” – most definitely a “stress zone”.

            I also have memories of magical worlds, and what feels as glimpses of what is upcoming magically for this one. It’s been a rough road, but too a beautiful one. I’m tired, exhausted but still kickin! Perhaps we’ll be fortunate to meet one day during the Gathering times, and either way for sure in the Divine other realms 😊

            Thanks as always for your contributions and sharings. I saw your article on VoL – excellent for a first official channeling! And I chuckled because there was a time I wouldn’t turn down any dare. So, for old times sake – I’ll take it, count me in 🙏🕊