Ascension Energies and The Body

These energies are no joke.

The fatigue is real.

I have been feeling the call to rest and really nurture the body today. I spent four solid days in the sun last weekend while being amidst the mountains which I definitely feel stimulated my kundalini and triggered a somewhat intense lightbody activation that I am currently still integrating.

It’s as if I can feel the remnants of the energy coursing through the body. The activation itself has caused a number of mild sensations, some a tinge more painful than others but definitely feeling the call to take a step back and just allow the energy to naturally run its course.

I do feel we are all experiencing these activations to some degree, each of us in varying phases of our own processes, but we are all experiencing them nevertheless. I have noticed the right and left hemispheres of the brain sending electrical currents through the nervous system.

Lots of talk about the vagus nerve being effected and I for one can attest to the overall stimulation of the nerves being recalibrated and the lingering sensations of these jolts or currents of electricity running through the body.

For myself personally I do not feel that there is not one chakra that is not being effected by these radical currents of electricity, better known as lightbody activations. We are being upgraded energetically beyond our minds ability to even fathom what we are currently undergoing.

I have noticed a pulsating vibration in the third eye area. Mild headaches with lots of ear activities, such as a sense of pressure, or better described as a pulsating sensation of air being dispersed from the ears.

A slightly runny nose. Much activity going on in the Zeal chakra, or the Mouth of God. A resonance of energetic pulses that seem to migrate from the left and right sides of the back of the head towards the neck. Throat pain, but there is no indication of any swollen lymph nodes.

This particular site reminds me of Hathor, bringing in the voice of the higher self, right speech.

Heart palpitations, extreme moments of expansion while experiencing bliss or deep states of sadness, depending on where you are at in your process.

Following the heart down the shoulders, towards the hands, there is a distinct feeling of tightness and lack of mobility, as this also reminds me of a deeper expansion of the heart.

The muscle and joint aches and pains are no joke, along with deep surges of energy blasting through the knees, calves, feet and toes.

The solar plexus, sacral, and root, have definitely been undergoing a more noticeable upgrade. I can literally trace the nerves through each chakra in connection to its organs, feeling the inner workings of a multitude of releasing, healing, and upgrading going on.

It’s as if I can feel the nerves firing electrically from beyond my crown, beyond my root, and everywhere in between.

Yet, this go around has provided a deeper sense of clarity and ease. I am much clearer and very aware of the overall process without the mind corrupting the experience.

The mental programs are very noticeable and my ability to collapse what no longer serves me seems second to nature.

Big things are happening. I can feel it.

A deeper more profound shift is going on and it is extremely potent to say the least.

Rest when you are called, nourish the body and listen to its requests.

Just be.

Be your own source of comfort.

We are transforming in unprecedented ways.

**By Jessica Woods


One Reply to “Ascension Energies and The Body”

  1. P.S.

    I believe it. The last few days I’ve felt “off centered”, as if my energy body and physical body aren’t lined up exactly right. What came with that experience was this expansiveness, a feeling of time simultaneously moving fast and slow, fumbly hands, and at night a kind of telepathic babble—like being in a busy restaurant with lots of people speaking quietly at their tables.

    I think it’s been sorted out now. All of that has toned back down and I feel more aligned.