Aya of the Pleiades: The Vibration Within Your Soul

Precious Beloved Ones!

Come Close As We Share The Essence Of ONE.

We Are Spirit That Expresses In Form To Experience Many Aspects Of Being.

The Expression You Choose Is Life In Action For A Moment In Timelessness.

To A Human Identity, This May Seem Like A Race To Achieve, Collect And Prepare.

Sweet Beloved Ones!

You Arrived As A Sacred Soul With The Intention To Learn And Then Let Go!

Breathe Deeply!

Allow Memories To Fade Away.

They Are Not Real.

You Are Perfect In This Moment.

What You Think About Grows In Energetic Form And You Feel The Experience As Now.

But Nothing Is Happening But Your Thoughts.

Remember, I AM FREE.

When You Fully Realize Your Origin Of Creation And You Understand The Power Of Your Soul, There Is No Thought, No Being, No Circumstance That Can Separate You From The Love Of God As The Infinite Source Of Life!

You Are ONE With This Loving Spirit That Breathes The Planet With Power And Love!

You Are Complete.

In This Moment Of Truth, You Will Know That Nothing Can Be Lost But Your Identification.

Your Soul Brought You To This Identification.

Your Soul Has A First Name Of Origin.

This Is Who You Are!

Your Beauty Is Beyond What You Can Know As Human.

Your Soul Is Fully Aware Of The Higher Realms.

We Are Messengers Of Divine Love That Guide You Back To Your True Self.

We Meet You In Dreams Again And Again.

And The Infinite Good News In The Face Of All That Transpires In Each Waking Dream, Is That Only Light Will Take You Home And Only Love Is Real.

This Can Never Be Forced In Understanding, For It Is An Experience That The Soul Brings Into The Consciousness Of Your Identity In Form.

You May Not Fully Grasp The Power Of Knowing, But Your Perception Of Life Will Change.

When You Openly Show Kindness To Another, You Feel The Vibration Within Your Soul.

As You Begin Your Day With The Intention To Serve Others In Love, The Same Vibration Lights Your Soul.

You Are Both The Giver And Receiver Of What You Project.

I Love You So!

Do You Feel This?

This World Belongs To You Now.

There Is Nothing Beyond Your Own Perception.

This Is The Final Dream And You Have The Power To Create A Beautiful Dream!

Relax And Learn What It Really Means To Love Yourself.

You Are So Precious!

Be Thankful For The Simple Joys That Come Your Way Each Day.

Maybe This Is A Bird Singing, A Baby Laughing, A Call From A Friend, The Eyes Of A Beloved Pet.

The Blessings Are Endless If You Notice Them.

Your Breath Is A Blessing!

This Moment Is Beautiful And Perfect.

Choose The Lens Of Love To Behold Life!

I Gather You Into My Heart And Tell You That You Are Loved By Many That You Have Forgotten.

As The Skies Fill With Lights, You Will Feel And Know Your Infinite State Of Being!

I Will Complete This Dream With You As We Gather Once Again To Remain In Light!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith