Venus Kumara: Harvest or Be Harvested?

The human family grows together!

The human family grows together! What belongs together finds itself, what repels itself is solved! The time of clarity and truth has come.

Beloved people,

Layer by layer the old burdens of the earth and the burdens of the people are removed. Everything is subjected to the great healing and everything is now exposed to the light of God.

The world is undergoing a transformation unlike anything seen before, and people are finding healing on an unprecedented scale. To resonate with the energies of the times, to ask the light of God into one’s heart and to be able to accept oneself, these are now the challenges that every human being faces.

Consciously or unconsciously, human hearts are being changed and transformed during these days.

Compassion and joy are the qualities that are revived at the end of this process. Through this, people find their way back to themselves and the human family grows together.

This time of truth and clarity offers all people the opportunity to wake up and rise above the lowly I and recognize the divine self.

The pressure on the outside continues to increase, decisions are required and demanded of you. Because who closes himself to the light of God now, will miss the journey into the light and will not be able to start the jump into the golden age.

Everything else will happen by itself!

Today it is a matter for you to declare yourself inwardly ready for the illumination of your heart and the healing of your soul! Everything further happens then by itself.

Many people see in this time only the evil and fears dominate. This perception brings only bad and can never help the light to break through.

Even these people with limited perception are flooded with spiritual light today and their hearts are touched by the light of God. However, many reject this grace and they want to keep their old ideas and beliefs.

These people are still in the majority today and so you often get the impression that everything is getting worse and changing for the worse. The incredibly real scenario of a dystopian society spreads before your eyes and it is sometimes difficult for you to stand against it. Like a dark bell of fog, this matrix has descended upon you and sometimes you can’t find a way out.

This illusion is very real, but it is an illusion. Ultimately, you decide within how you will respond to it and whether you will respond to it.

The key to freedom lies within you. In doing so, it is necessary for you to see through the system and realize what is being played here.

The harvests

The forces of the cold light now want to reap the harvest. Their harvest consists in the winning of human souls. They achieve this by maintaining the fear scenarios as long as possible. Because the human being remains only so long part of the game as he takes part in the game! The fear is the instrument of power of the dark powers. Fear is the means to make people behave in a certain way – and fears are spread widely.

At the same time, the age of lightful change has come and more and more people are finding a way out of this spiral of fear.

For even for the luminous entities, for people who are full of love and compassion, the time of harvest has come – the harvest of their good deeds, the fruits of their healed karma and the light of their complete souls. It is the harvest for redeemed hearts that comes to every human being at the end of his earthly journey and falls into his lap: The divine self has awakened in God!

Thus many people attain perfection in the midst of the greatest upheavals. In a hopeless time they find ways out and in a loveless world they begin to love.

That, with which hardly someone counts, happens: The darker it seems to become on the outside, the lighter it becomes in many human hearts. The world is turned upside down and yet, right now, more and more people are finding their way back to themselves and rediscovering their own inner strength. They continue unwaveringly on the path of love and light and they take no harm.

While the pressure of the system increases, more and more people lose the inner connection to this matrix. The work on the soul level bears ripe fruit: soul parts are integrated and the outer spectacle no longer exerts power! Man recognizes himself and he is given the answers to the questions of life.

Therefore, do not worry for a moment – because your inner distance from the outer appearances means freedom. Your consciousness is the key. Become the observer of your own struggle and let yourself be moved by the unmoved mover.

People now make their choice: they harvest themselves or they are harvested?! The game of life on this earth comes to an end. The light of God is omnipresent so that you can make your choice. I am the truth, the love and the life.

The human family is my home.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


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