Wisdom of the Council: Write Your Own Life Story

What is the grand vision that you have for your life? What experience beyond anything else do you choose for yourself in this moment? Choose it. 

You are here to choose the experiences that you want to have for you, and anything and everything, dear master, is possible for you. When you really come into this level of consciousness and awareness, that vision is aligned with the truth of who you are, that vision is your soul’s desire, that vision is the deep wish of your human. And we assure you, you are here to experience it. And if you would just see the journey from where you are to living that grandest vision as the best, juiciest, most entertaining part of the movie, well, then this starts to get really, really fun for you.

When you go to a movie, you typically already know what’s going to happen. Just by the name of the movie and the trailer, you know. You may have even seen it before. You may have even had someone tell you exactly what happens in the end. You may have read the book. Why do you go watch the movie? For entertainment. What’s the entertaining part? The whole journey that leads up to the climax or the pinnacle or the happily ever after or the captivating ending. What entertains you all along the way is all the adventures and the experiences leading up to that big climactic moment. You understand?

That’s when this life experience starts to become really, really fun for you. You can even play the little game as if the announcer’s in the background. Oh, here she goes again, creating little obstacles to keep herself stuck. How silly. You can have some fun with all of this.

Most all of it that keeps you stuck, that creates frustration and resistance, all of it comes back to thoughts that you’re thinking and habits you’ve created that are just silly little ways that you play this game with yourself, thinking it’ll make it more fun, and maybe it does, but what really begins to make it fun is playing your role, writing and rewriting the script if you choose. You can cast new characters. You can create new scenes. You could take one storyline and play out all different sorts of ways that the same storyline could possibly go.

You’re writing the script. You’re casting the characters. You’re giving the grand performance. Have fun, and absolutely welcome the opportunity for the celebration of your grand performance. The Academy Awards, you’re going to step on the stage and give your great victory speech. There’s going to be a big party after. You’re going to get a trophy. Everyone’s going to be calling, offering you even more amazing scripts and parts to play, and maybe even more money too. It’s fun if you allow it to be. If you can see this all for what it is, oh, well, it’s so fun. All that’s left to do is play and create as the Isness of All That Is that is you.

And in your movie, where you have cast the supporting actors or actresses that are also playing out the parts in the script just exactly as it’s written, you would remember that they’re just playing a role alongside of you as a supporting actor or actress in this incredible performance, also winning awards for their best supporting performances. They’re not really the troubled person or child. They’re not really the lost soul. They’re not really the poor victim. They’re not really the villain. They’re Source. They are an extension of Source energy just like you. They’re the Divine just like you. They are Creator within their own creation just like you. They are infinitely worthy, and they too are divine love just as you.

Now, is all of this way more fun when you know who you are, when you’re awakened and realized and living as a master? Oh, of course it is. Of course, it is. It’s so much more fun, so much more fun.

Any time you are denying another’s power, in that moment you are denying your own. In any moment you are denying another’s worthiness, you are denying your own. In any moment when you are denying love for another, you are denying your own. And you can replace that with any other word. Any moment you’re denying someone’s beauty, you are denying your own. Any time you are denying someone’s abundance or wellbeing, you are denying in that moment or not connected and allowing your own abundance and wellbeing.

Everyone is an incredible master. And again, it’s merely a reflection. It’s never really about them, it’s always about you.

Whatever it is, it’s all an opportunity for you to come back into the moment and align with your wholeness, your perfection, your worthiness, your power, and the love that you are, and then take that into everything that you do as you follow the energy and let the light guide the way and do the things that bring you joy and do the things you love.

**Channel: Sara Landon


5 Replies to “Wisdom of the Council: Write Your Own Life Story”

  1. Marty Didier

    Sara, thank you for the opportunity to write my story. Unfortunately it would fill an Encyclopedia so for now it’ll need to be brief.

    Serious Family/Marital problems that didn’t make sense and included physical threatening attacks led me to seek help from FBI in mid 1998. Additional threatening blockages forced help with Attorney to reinstall help with FBI again in early 1999. This time, FBI changed Investigation to a RICO Investigation. Later Attorney was murdered with Nuclear Poison at same time this attempt happened with me. God willing, I detected a problem and choose to discard the poisoned Yogurt!

    Seeking FBI Help mainly was to “Get My Family out of a Mess”. Little was known at the time and felt if I were killed, efforts to free My Family would remain. Having been raised that “Family is Everything. When you have nothing, you always have Family!” Years passed and learning small tidbits from published Articles assembled what was involved. I’ve been involved for a third of my life fighting this. Never could imagine how huge this was. Was happy My Family would be saved from this problem. Basically the problem turned out to be a massive well organized Criminal System. It controls many Criminally connected Organizations Worldwide. We know it as The NWO/Cabal! The Cabal has other names which can confuse what it is. Basically the NWO/Cabal has four main Leaders, most have been totally removed. Yet fakery thrives with Doubles, Actors and Clones to keep the illusion alive!
    A) Pope/Vatican & Families
    B) Queen/Royals & Families
    C) Big Banks (think Rothschild and FIAT Money)
    D) Many Corporations

    Some Family have been murdered (ie Sister, Attorney, Loved Pets and others) and a remaining battle front is getting out of being completely isolated. All communications with Family have Blocks, been purposely Mind Controlled to produce Anger, perceived MK Ultra induced issues, plotted and contrived organized Financial problems for ultimate Financial Ruin, All types of Fraud and many more. It’s been one thing after another without a break. It’s helpful that learning details of the past surfaces Real Truth!

    Who ALL are involved will totally surprise you although Organization Names have surfaced. Often referred to as “The Company”, it’s become a Household Name encouraging corruption to join. We all are seeing this currently being dismantled with many Arrested and sent one way to GITMO and other Federal Prison locations. Many Updates available on RealRawNews.com.

    Moving to a small rural town surfaced a major Industrial sized Adrenochrome Butchering Operation. US Special OPs Military clearing out Rothschild Deep Tunnels rescued 6,500 Caged Children and discovered another 1,000 dead children next step was Butchering to sell hamburger meat then produce Bone Meal for Dog Food! FBI testing showed 90% of Hamburger meat was Human DNA! Estimated local OP was a ~$4Billion Annual business. Second Military search ended earlier this year using limited Nuclear bombs to finally close the OP! Serious questions remain wanting to know Who were the Workers?

    Believe me when I say there is a lot more. It’s unbelievable how evil all this is! It’s all done to run under our wire of awareness. Constantly measured and tweaked to remain covert. As my Wife’s Family repeatedly said “Everyone is Involved”! This frankly is why our Military is the only way to clean this up!

    Having encouraged Family to write Here, it’s unknown if they will follow through. This has gone on for so long, it’s possible they all feel I’m Nuts and have misunderstandings and confusion. Realize this maybe similar with how our Citizens are divided into two groups with some Targeted to be used as Mind Controlled Mass Shooters.

    Currently all access for me on Social Media is Blocked. More of my story available on Telegram at @marty_didier channel.
    Can answer questions here, feel free to post..
    Marty Didier

    1. Marty Didier

      Tried writing more but received this system message…

      “Nonce verification failed.”

    2. Emma

      I think you read this wrong.
      You are not to write a real story, as you will then experience something similar again.

      You are to write the fairytail you want to live in, so it will be created that way rather than any other story that you do not want to live.

      Everything you experience, you created for yourself. No bad guys created it ‘on’ you, you created it, all of it.

      Nonce verification failed, is when you are too long on the site. Refresh.