Neioh of the Pleiades: The Prophetic Dream

Friends Of The Great Light

In Moments To Rejoice, There Are Also Moments To Become Serious And Alert!

I Bring You Information To Assist You With Truth In Understanding Your Surroundings On The Planet!

I Also Will Assure You Of Great Assistance And Power!

Just As Told By Prophets In Long Ago Dreams, In The End Times Of Destruction, There Would Be Wars And Rumors Of Wars.

It Seems That Wars Have Remained In All Dreams, But The Reference Was For The Final Waking Dream.

You Are Living Now In The Prophetic Dream Of Many That Spoke Of Love, Power And Destruction, Long Before You Arrived.

On Dusty Roads, In Ragged Clothing, Ancient Seers Told Of Your Dream.

Those That Remain To Experience The Great Shift, Will Not Experience Death.

All Truth Will Be Revealed In Divine Order. All Unseen Densities Will Be Seen By All.

You Will Be Changed In A Moment.

In The Blink Of An Eye.

You Will Be Transformed In Light!

We Bow In Honor!

This Dream Has Challenges And We Are Here To Address Many.

The Endless News You Encounter Is Full Of Lies And Confusion.

You Have Learned To Be Guarded And Mistrust Others As You Search For Truth Among Puppet Masters That Repeat Endless Babble Hoping You Will Not Ask Questions!

Cattle Are Dying By The Thousands In One Place That You Are Told Regarding Temperature.

Since The Beginning Of Earth’s Creation With All Animals, The Ability To Withstand Freezing Cold And High Temperatures Has Not Be The Source Of Death For Animals Living Outdoors. In The Case Reported, Provisions Were In Place With Sprinklers, Additional Water And Shelter.

There Are Hundreds Of Other Cases Not Being Reported As Thousands Have Died In Multiple Areas Around The Planet.

Chickens And Livestock In All Areas Of Population Are Being Killed By Poison And By Burning.

These Animals Have Suffered And Entire Areas Of Miles Of Chickens Have Been Burned Alive.

Why Would This Happen And Who Are The Culprits? Those That Wish To Control You And Cause Such Distress And Famine That You Would Agree To Anything To Eat And To Feed Your Families.

These Are The Darkest Of Beings That Hide In Government And Are Bought With Money From Those That Parade Publicly With Entities Within.

What Are We Doing?

How Will This Be Framed Moving Forward?

The Galactic Federation Is Well Aware Of The Plight Of Earth.

Holding Back From War, We Prevail With Action.

Unnamed Humans Have Been Taken Out.

Poisons Have Been Destroyed.

Boots Are On The Ground As In All Dreams.

Motherships Are In Every Airspace Around The Planet.

Do You Really Understand We Can Be Undetected Right Before You?

Indeed, The Earth Remains Because Of Our Power And Protection.

Never Forget Our Power!

We Are Of The Light And We Allow Free Will.

But We Intervene In Multiple Scenarios To Protect Our Beloved Ones!

Fear Nothing!

Face Everything!

Let Go Of Anything That Threatens Your Freedom!

Overcome Evil With Good!

In The Days To Come, Find Your Strength Within!

Notice That Your Fellow Souls Need Lifting And Encouragement!

Starseeds Are Feeling The Energies Of The Clashing Of Darkness And Light!

Together You Stand In Honor As One Truth And Light!

The Galactic Federation Will Remain With You!

When The Moment Of Now Arrives, You Will Understand The Beauty And Power That You Truly Possess!

More Crafts Than You Can Count Will Descend In Majesty As You Rise In Celebration!

‘Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!’

We Are Many!

We Rise As One!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


3 Replies to “Neioh of the Pleiades: The Prophetic Dream”

  1. David

    Than you Neioh and Judith, Aleph Etz Adonai Urim Ve Tumim. May the light strengthen us always. Let’s keep moving forward, until this now time. Much love. 🙏