AN URGENT CALL of Love, Light, and Prayers for the USA!

Greetings, fellow lights!

As many of you may already be well aware by now, a certain situation pertaining to the US Supreme Court is challenging many within that country (and even many more beyond it) at this time. As always, there are those entities of the negative variety who are all too glad to use such events for their own nefarious benefits and purposes. And so – and without getting into any endless (and pointless) online debates of which side is right and which one isn’t – as an empowered collective of powerful light beings from all across the world, it then falls upon us all to prevent any planned shenanigans, violence, and other unwanted chaotic events from even taking off in the first place there to begin with.

And with that being said, I now call upon one and all to send this country your thoughts, prayers, and also your endless blessings of love, peace, forgiveness, healing, compassion, kindness, wisdom, and strength. Because this much, we all can easily do throughout the day. Even better if you could spend some time meditating and sending such helpful and useful energies in there, whilst also praying and asking for the highest divine good based outcome for all concerned over there. And as always, please do not forget to ask for the greatest possible divine intervention and higher assistance here from all angels, archangels, galactics, ascended masters, inner earth beings and all other higher beings that you could possibly think of in here!

Also, most DEFINITELY do not forget to send more such positive thoughts, prayers, energies, blessings and assistance to all other such affected or challenged areas upon our planet as well; because not every country’s problems are trendy enough to make it to the mainstream news everytime. And so, in case you simply do know of any such areas that are in need of similar help and assistance, feel free to write their names in the comments section so that all of us may focus our benevolent energies over there too. And if you don’t, it doesn’t exactly hurt to imagine wrapping the entire planet earth with the said energies, prayers, thoughts and blessings of some love, light, wisdom, healing, compassion, forgiveness, strength and peace.

And finally, please ALSO DO NOT FORGET to send in a special boost of such energies, blessings and prayers to the awakened human collective at this time — the collective that very much so includes you as well as me. For indeed are the times greatly challenging for all of us most especially at this time, given the many spiritual (and countless other) burdens that all of us have dared to take on so very bravely at this time. For all of us could most definitely use some of that love, light, joy, inspiration, upliftment, wisdom, strength, healing, and some of that powerful divine, angelic, and other higher support & intervention ourselves! So it then makes sense that we provide for each other what the currently asleep and awakening human collective simply won’t be able to give us in here!

Last but by no means the least, if you can at all organize any mass meditations for this cause, even at the most local of levels, please do!!! Doesn’t even have to be a big online / offline spiritual group or community event here or anything (although if that’s even possible, nothing quite like it!); but just a simple gathering of family members, friends and loved ones for this cause can do wonders for the entire world’s situation here at large!

PLEASE DO SHARE THIS MESSAGE as far and wide as you possibly can, and using every last known means of doing so that you can possibly come up with here. For the greater our numbers, the more powerful, potent and rapid shall be our successes at this!

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

In Infinite Love, Light, and Gratitude,

– Don Spectacularis

5 Replies to “AN URGENT CALL of Love, Light, and Prayers for the USA!”

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Worry not. As long as we exist, they cannot win. In fact, they’ve already been defeated. Just the formalities remain.

      Just the formalities remain.

      1. Emerson

        I’m with you Don,
        It just has to play out; everyone is experiencing the events of their chosen character, in perfect act. Don’t get caught up in the drama of the story. Help where we feel to, speak up when we are urged to, but humanity and ALL FORMS OF LIFE are ascending with love and in light and truth, so be patient and watch this great transition as the darkness of the old dimension comes up and is transmuted into freedom and love!

        It’s already happening, but one must look below the surface, beyond the news, under the paranoia; we must look within our own being, and there we’ll know that as WE are seeing Life and Love and Truth, so are/will all humanity!! It’s going to be awesome, like a time NEVER BEFORE!

        I wish all a good day!