Hatonn Message: All in this Ending Time

Greetings to all upon Mother Earth at this very ending time of Mother Earth’s 3D civilization.  It is this coming moment of her graduation to a higher dimension that all of the Lighted Realms have waited for, for thousands of years.

You have read the many messages that I have given Anne to  pen, but this one is a most important one for you to consider and and take to heart,   When I say the Lighted Realms have waited, I shall add that the planets in this Apsu System have waited eons of time for this moment.  Not only that, but there are civilizations on all other plants in 5th dimension and higher, for all other planets in you Apsu System have graduated long ago.

Oh yes, all planets that I have created have a soul.  There is soul in every blade of grass, every insect bird, animal and aquatic life.  Man flits about in total unawareness and thinks that his life on earth is the only life he has lived, and someday he shall be raptured to a pink cloud and live happily ever after.

That is one great reason so many people are on the Astral Plane and totally blown away when they pass on, how unaware they lived their life in that fleshy envelope.  However, I am delighted that these ones are working hard at graduation and many HAVE graduated to the Higher Realms.  They have been provided with lap tops computers, and all necessary equipment to read the Phoenix Journals placed on Fourwinds, and the curret messages from the Lighted Realms that they read over and over.

Oh, that all still sleeping ones on Earth would do the same!

I want to mention, also, that there are thousands of visiting delegates from other planets and Star Systems that are all around Mother Earth waiting for this glorious event in time.

So, what is the latest fantastic news? THE PLANETS IN THE APSU SOLAR SYSTEM ARE LINED UP.  THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED FOR 500 YEARS!   What is the significance of this rare alignment?  I will tell you how the Truth, and it is not a miracle but a rare astrological event that happens at a certain time.  I am sure that many of you have gazed out at the early morning time to view with spectacular event.

What is the significance of this event?  Mother Earth is to graduate to 5th dimension by turning on her axis, as she has doe 20,000 times. The dark ones upon her surface, meaning the minions of the Satanian and Niburian Empires,  have worked hard to prevent Mother Earth from turning to gain 5th dimension at this time.  All other “turnings” were a return to 3rd dimension, so this present turning would wipe all evil from her surface, and  those evil ones would not have a ‘home” any longer!.

You just remember that ALL 3D life is wiped OFF her surface.  They have mined-controlled Earth Shan and prevented her turning with their advanced technology!  That has been removed so Mother Earth is now ready to turn. She is rocking back and forth, but needs a thrust to actually turn.

It is NOT a miracle, but scientifically correct information when I say that the alignment of the planets creates the gravitational force that gives the last thrust to Mother Earth to flip on her axis!  All the Apsu Planets and all of Cosmos is now singing the Celestial Song (etherically), and when it reaches a crescendo, Earth flips. ONLY EARTH KNOWS WHEN THAT HAPPENS, BUT I CAN TELL YOU HER TURNING OVER IS VERY, VERY CLOSE!!!! SHE WILL GIVE NO WARNING!!

Just before turning over to a higher dimension (frequency) the great chord shall be struck and all memory shall return to all souled ones.  They shall realize who they are, and have a chance to come to safety by stepping into our beam of light to be lifted off to safety, just like in Star Trek.  Remember, the dark ones have TOLD you what they plan to do by all those “far out” movies you have watched!

Lastly, your life on Earth is your soul taking on a fleshy envelope for soul growth!  Life on Earth is an illusion.  The Satanian Empire has made you think otherwise, and that your life on Earth is the ONLY life you have had!  You have been tricked.  Learn the TRUTH by reading the Phoenix Journals, and the messages we have penned through Anne.

I love all that I have created!!! Take heed of my words at this time, and believe what I am telling you!  You will not survive on Earth with all the ocean flooding the continents at five miles high!  Furthermore, your 3D body CANNOT survive in a higher Dimension!

As I have said before those famous words:




**Channel: Anne Bellringer


4 Replies to “Hatonn Message: All in this Ending Time”

  1. Juanita F J Ellis

    Bless you I will not worship a idol or a false God your phoenix journals are not for The Lamb and Bride to read.You worked and helped the dark forces against humans .Almighty God would not do that to our children.My training has been over and graduated and that shark blimp shall not explode or any other plans you have all in the power and authority of Christ Yeshua executive order from his Church on all realms and all planes throughout the Universes,planets and galaxy all space and time and on earth and below shall be no weapons of mass destruction or any other harmful to all sentiment beings for the greatest good for all . Thank you for being the toughest test I had to overcome.I really do love you..So shall it be .Infinity. Era Of Light(Juanita F.J Ellis)Copyright©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved®

  2. harrrrrie

    Perhaps in another timeline the Earth flips, but it’s really hard to believe it will happen to us. It the Earth is covered with water and land masses shift, it will take many years, if not decades for plants and trees to grow to provide oxygen. And animals are needed to provide the plants and trees with carbon dioxide. So what do the animals eat and where do they come from to populate the Earth? Would the frozen tundra and oceans be able to provide the carbon dioxide? How many years do humans wait till they can live on Earth again?

    I can’t read everything that is printed but I’ve read that the north and south poles have flipped many times over the billions of years of Earth’s existence. If that happens during our lifetime we will need to give up all electronics and go back to living a simpler life like in the 1800’s. That will be a tremendous struggle for nearly 8 billion people to get food and supplies for even a simple life with no cars, trucks, trains or planes. Asia, Australia, South America and Africa may be able to fair better. Farmers might be okay, but people in big cities will have to leave to find food.
    Our north magnetic pole is traveling very fast but I think it’s destination is Poland.

    What I have read that is more likely is there will be big earthquakes in California which will dump the coasts in the ocean and level the mountains in southern California. Also Yellowstone will erupt and a mini ice age will form in the upper Midwest from Yellowstone to Chicago due to heavy ash blocking out the sun. There will be another earthquake and tsunami in Japan and many earthquakes and volcanoes erupting along the Pacific Rim. Volcanoes in Europe will erupt and there will be massive weather changes across the globe reflecting Earth’s need to make the planet temperant and verdant and change all the deserts to grasslands and forests.

    I’m not saying Earth flipping is impossible but it seems to me not to be necessary. Why destroy everything to get rid of 3D people and their way of life? 3D people will leave on their own through death eventually and that way of life will be replaced after a couple decades.

  3. Christed

    I have always known that with this ugly and very slow pace of transition, with way more than half of humanity steeped in their 3D ways, something will have to give…if the 5D Earth must come. Many sources have said everyone will make it and that Gaia has decided to hold for everyone to awaken but, like I said, with this pace I am seeing from surface humans all through the planet, it will take further centuries for them to awaken. For instance, I often wonder: How many people from Africa, where I have resided for fifty some years now, even come to this site to read one or two Light filled messages necessary for some raise in awareness? And how much do the Light communes which anchor these messages for the rest of the unawakened collective understand a “ding” about the vast wastelands of human consciousness darkening the entire continents of Gaia in materialist existentialism?
    I think that save a few lighted pockets of 5D humans pining away in isolated corners of our planet and contemplating this scenario as presented by beloved Anne Bellringer the rest of humanity couldn’t really care!!! Hence flip, our Earth just might.

  4. Matilda

    I had a dream two days ago,there was darkness at once and I started calling mother Gaia for help because it was very scary but I knew what was coming and what it was. We are ready but a lot of people have no idea where I am right now. Thank you for the message . Love and Light