Deep Cleansing with Archangels Gabriel and Christiel

Immense work is being done on our sacral, base, navel, solar plexus chakras since the solstice.

Much of the ancient trauma, pain, fears, etc. which are deeply subconscious are surfacing in order to be released now.

It is time to deep cleanse these areas.

Archangel Gabriel is working intensely with the base, sacral and navel chakras now, and the White Flame of purification and ascension and you may call on him to assist you, with his pure white energy. The 9th dimensional unicorns and white flame dragons work with Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel is immensely involved with his angels and dragons to help us so that we can experience higher Love, transcendental love in all expressions and forms, and thus step into the fullness of our soul mastery.

Archangel Christiel who works with the Causal chakra is lighting in the Higher aspects of the Divine Feminine and the feminine wisdom of your soul, Christ consciousness and this connects directly to the higher Heart, activating the highest unconditional love. It anchors in the angelic connection. This radiates then through the Heart Center.

Archangel Gabriel works with Archangel Christiel to bring balance, healing and higher transcendental Love, unity, harmony.

Archangel Uriel works with the solar plexus and he can assist you with the clearing here.The solar plexus works like a huge psychic pump. This Archangel with the higher realms releasing negative cords and attachments and clearing this area with cosmic light so that we are freed. He brings peace and unity. He makes us aware of our own energy fields and how it impacts on others.

When we stand in our mastery outside forces and energies cannot influence us anymore.

These areas are where we are most attached to old programming and negative cords, attachments, fears, insecurities, survival issues, shame and blame syndrome, victim mentality emotional charges, persecution syndromes carried over from previous lifetimes, subconscious programming etc.

This is the time of the great releasing of the lower body as we ascend into the new Lightbody.

Releasing brings a wider opening of all 12 chakras etc.

All is intensifying as all is now ascending at accelerated speed.

The Higher Heart centers are activating with the Higher Powers of the upper chakras, with the spine.

**By Judith Kusel


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