Children of Planet Kabiru: A World for Kids

Dear Humans,

We are children from the planet Kabiru, and we are here to introduce ourselves to humankind. Only children can live here, we study, play and develop skills in area, we desire. We live in 8 dimensional reality, and we enjoy every second of it.

We have been studying the hidden history about Earth, and we are very surprised about the facts that each time your civilization reached the high dimensional reality, you got reversed into a low vibrational one. Your existence is very sad. We can’t understand that you allow being killed, manipulated and being abused. It’s very hard for us to comprehend this type of behavior especially where your children are sacrificed by cults or get abused. We wish for you to evolve again and become a happy planet.

Kabiru is a paradise for kids, who want to interact with each other as children, learn about the Cosmos and eventually become great adults, who can help others to live in peace and balance. This is only possible in high dimensions, where the civilizations are evolved and serve for the good of others.

Our planet welcomes different ages of children from everywhere, who reached 6 and up dimensions and interested to explore, learn, play and then choose, what kind of service, we want to provide for others, after we become adults. Kabiru has two suns, so the night never arrives here. Everyday you can experience same pleasant temperature. The adults, who supervise us, create a balanced schedule for us, so we have enough time for all activities including playtime.

The planet is full of special rooms specifically designed for our unique needs. Most of us are very bright and quick learners, that is very common in our reality. We get guided by our own consciousness, which is limitless. We can learn and do anything, what we have a desire without any limits. Nobody controls us or tells us, how to behave, as we naturally know how. We follow unique recommendations from our advisers, who give the best plan for each child. We learn from early age to be independent.

Your reality is very challenging and hard, and everyone forgot to follow your heart. We realize that, It will takes some time to reverse 3D to a higher dimensional society. You have some many things wrong on Earth like weather manipulation, control issues from authorities, archaic technologies and etc. We are just children, and we know, that you need to find your paradise. Raising the Collective Consciousness is the key for your transformation. We are sending our Hugs and Love. Thank you Universal Channel

Don’t give up on your planet
Children from the planet Kabiru

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

4 Replies to “Children of Planet Kabiru: A World for Kids”

  1. Ingrid Colby

    what a beautiful note from the children… and a surprise of course that you have your own planet… thank you for your concerns.. we will do well once the 3rd dimension is gone. i cannot wait for our children to share what you are sharing… love hope and happiness… thank you..

  2. Gem Ascending

    This is lovely 🥰. I’m grateful to know that there’s a beautiful and safe place for children. Thankh you for sharing!