Hilarion: Journey of Forgiveness

Dear Brothers of the planet Earth! I am Hilarion!

Once again I am here participating in this Journey of Forgiveness. As always I will repeat what I have already said, the Green Ray comes to heal, to heal, to heal, to fill, all the spaces that were torn out of your soul as blockages. Everything that is cleansed from your Souls leaves an empty space, because there was a low vibration energy there, a dense energy, an energy of pain, of suffering, of evil, it doesn’t matter; a low vibration energy, which we usually call a blockage. When this energy is cleared it is as if a big hole is left and the function of the Green Ray is exactly to recover, regenerate, heal, heal, heal, that space, bringing a new vibration, an energy of Light to that place.

It’s interesting, the way each one of you receives what we do. When we say that you need to see, you need to participate, you need to interact, and it doesn’t happen, you get desperate, you want to solve it, you take even strange attitudes, contesting what is said. We come to this point, where we ask for nothing, and there are always those who think: “Nothing is happening. I’m not seeing anything. What is being done?”

Effectively, trying to understand your mind is something extremely complex. The human being, by his free will, has learned to contest everything, has learned not to believe in anything that is not in front of him. If you don’t see, if you don’t hear, if you don’t feel, it doesn’t exist. Nothing is there. It is really a counterpoint, an interesting contestation that you make, but I can say that we are not worried about your reactions.

We are doing our work. Souls are being liberated. Souls are being taken off the planet. Souls are learning to love again. Souls are evolving. And this is our role. This is part of the work that we are doing with you. So we don’t care what you think or don’t think. Now, let me be very clear, I will repeat what has been said here: With every contestation, with every non-belief, everything is over, everything is gone; it is as if you with one thought destroyed the whole path you have taken. Because you doubted, you didn’t believe, you contested.

So why go on? Stop, and go on your way contesting everything that is in front of you. You have your free will. Make use of it, but I warn you: Don’t go on, because you won’t bring anything good to yourself. You won’t bring anything bad, because we don’t hurt anyone, we don’t punish anyone; now you won’t bring anything good. You will not be helping yourself or any soul, because if you don’t believe in what is done, why are you doing it?

Then stop. Be consistent with your own doubts. If you don’t believe, then what are you doing? It’s no use. There will come a day, hopefully, when you will start believing without seeing, without hearing, without feeling, just knowing that there is something there, there is Light, there is a loving being there, there is a road; and on that day all of us together will clap our hands for each one of you, because at that moment you will be ready for the Fifth Dimension.

Until then, the road is still long. You will still have to go through many more setbacks to prove to yourself that you are ready. You don’t have to prove anything to us, you need to prove it to yourselves. Our role we are doing, and each of you is walking the path in two ways: Either believing everything that is said and striving to fulfill it, or doubting it, not believing it.

There is no middle ground. I don’t have the…: sometimes I believe, sometimes I don’t. A simple doubt destroys everything. Doubt is a very powerful feeling. It has a very big negative charge that destroys the whole path you have already walked. So if doubt is appearing in your heart, stop and reflect, how are you doing on the journey? Believing or not. Make this reflection. Maybe this moment is not your moment; maybe you still need to walk other paths until you retrace the whole journey.

You can restart the journey whenever you want. So do an analysis of what you are feeling today, right now. How are you behaving on the journey? Are you surrendering to it, believing in everything, living each moment, or simply participating for the sake of participating, because you see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing? This is a question I ask and leave here today, to each one of you. How are you doing on this journey?

Are you effectively forgiving or is it very hard to believe that something might be happening, but that the answer comes from the heart, because if it comes from the mind, it will come full of ego, it will have no validity. The answer has to come from the heart. Ask yourself this question. And more than ever listen to the answer that comes from your hearts.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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