The Great Quantum Transition: Operations In The Maldives Part 1

The task of Lightwarriors’ operation in the Maldives was to destroy on a Subtle Plane the remnants of the existing infrastructure which in the distant past was built here by the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe.

Today, he is in the ranks of Higher Light Forces. But the objects created by him still store his by-gone Dark energy and manifestation bodies in various forms, poisoning and killing our part of the Universe, preventing the Transition of Earth and earthlings to 5D.

Among such objects were the so-called equatorial crystals, which he installed in the area of the zero parallel in the Maldives.

The crystals were used to store the illiquid and unaccounted karma of the Galactic Logos. In addition, they contained powerful and very toxic viruses. The sacral-geometric configuration on the model of Perfect Power Matrix, the unity of Male and Female Foundations (Yin-Yang) gave them special strength and vitality.

The operation in the Maldives was conducted under the guidance of Ascended Masters. Before it, to develop immunity in the ground group, they decided to inoculate the team members with a poisonous substance of crystals.

Necro-energy, thoughts of death, suicide, etc. literally overwhelmed Lightwarriors while their Monads annihilated the embedded virus. After they coped with it, they were injected not with a vaccination but a full-scale dose of a poisonous karmic crystal. That was the real challenge.

Immediately after the injection, the virus began to aggressively penetrate and gobble the Monads of the group members. Their body began to resist. The life-and-death struggle lasted for several days. To say that it was hard is like saying nothing.

As a result, all the Monads survived, completely annihilating the most powerful poison they have ever encountered. Based on the experience gained, Ascended Masters developed a plan for further actions.

They immediately proceeded to remove all these crystals from the Earth’s field with the help of the team members, despite they had not fully recovered yet.

The op took a few more hard days. But in the end, all the karmic crystals were completely destroyed. The cosmic time bomb that endangered the Local Universe for a long time has ceased to exist.

However, for the Monads, this did not pass without a trace, all turned out to be in a dilapidated state. They had to carry out rehabilitation. It resembled the scrapping of bones, when they are incorrectly fused after a fracture, and their fusion is performed in a new way.

It was a very tough and painful procedure. When restoring the Monad, the increased load always falls on the head and heart.

Therefore, Ascended Masters performed the operation “under anesthesia”, i.e. in a deep sleep of Lightwarriors. It took several such ops.

But they did not give the desired result. The process began to drag on.

Then Ascended Masters decided to act differently. The group members still had to go through the Absolutization of their Monads – the transition to an Absolute-like version. And if that’s the case, then why not try to do it now, and through self-organization again.

If successful, an optimal scheme will be available for the lifetime upgrading of human Monads to the Pleroma’s level.

And so it was done. To do this, parts of the Absolute-like Monad were singled out and embedded in Lightwarriors. The fragments merged and synchronized with the core of their Monads, and their transformation into an Absolute-like form kicked-off. It took a few more hard days.

Of course, for most earthlings, this is a very difficult path, and it’s too early to talk about a massive transition to it even for advanced people. Although, and one segment (atom) of Co-Creator’s Monad embedded in an ordinary human Monad should be enough to transform it.

In general, there is no final scheme yet. In Pleroma, they tend to the idea of creating a Single Co-Creating Logos of an Absolute-Like Transformation of Monads. Currently, many Higher Logos are already switching to a similar version, preparing for the continuation of evolution in a new Local Universe.

All of this was part of getting ready for upcoming operations in the Maldives. The additional burden of prep fell on the group leader.

It began on the way to the site of the first operation on the farthest atoll of the archipelago – Addu (Seena). It is located 450 km from the capital Male, on the equator, slightly capturing the Southern Hemisphere.

As soon as Lightwarrior got off the plane at the capital’s airport, he felt a strong energy blow to the head from which he almost lost consciousness. The vibrations of the heart jumped sharply to the limit, the pulse exceeded 160, the myocardium was bursting, the temples and the nape were splitting with pain. He had pre-existing condition.

Lightwarrior held on with the last of his strength so as not to pass out, constantly pinching himself painfully. He forced himself to walk around the terminal, trying not to close his eyes, because he felt that he would not open them later.

This went on for quite a long time. The group had already passed through passport control and customs, went outside and checked in for another, domestic flight to Addu atoll, and the pre-fainting state still did not leave Lightwarrior.

A few hours later, they landed at the airport of Gan Island in the Southern Hemisphere. In Addu, after accommodation at the Equator Village hotel, the leader of the group felt so bad, especially with his heart, that he mentally said goodbye to everyone. Thank God, he still managed to fall asleep, and slept for a very long time. And when he woke up, he felt that I had survived and would live.

What was it?

As Ascended Masters explained, they, without warning, introduced into his Monad a Replacement Crystal consisting of the Heart Aspects of the two Pleroma’s Hierarchs.

This Crystal was very important for the upcoming operation. It needed to be installed in place of the equatorial crystals of the former Black Co-Creator to restore the broken integrity of the Earth’s Logos.

Through Lightwarrior, the Replacement Crystal in segments was introduced to Earth, and their assembly took place exactly at zero latitude. This was the main idea of the operation.

The fact is that any change on our planet is hardest at these latitudes. But if it’s done, it would be stable.

As soon as the Replacement Crystal was installed, the active healing of the wounds of Earth caused by the removal of the equatorial karmic crystals, which slowly killed the entire space around for thousands of years, began.

The goal of the next operation was the Water elemental. Earlier DNI narrated about the complete purification from karma and the Absolutization of this planetary Subtle matter.

At first, indeed, it proceeded successfully. However, over time, the Absolutization of seawater stopped, and returned to its former state. If the transformation of fresh water was excellent, and it is stable to this day, with salt water everything turned out to be much more difficult.


In its composition, it is similar to human blood. This gives a good reason to assert that it is seawater (and not oil, as some believe) that is the “blood” of Earth. After all, oceans and seas occupy more than 70% of the planet’s surface.

This is the key to understanding why the simultaneous Absolutization of fresh and sea water failed earlier. Fresh water is pure water, and sea water contains almost the entire Periodic Table of Elements.

Each of them (especially the radioactive ones) is the carrier of the cumulative karma of 3D Earth. Some (for example, gold) have the smallest amount, others (uranium) – the maximum.

The problem is that our planetary reality consists of physical, field and causal parts. Physical is what 3D matter is made of: 144 elements (some are still unknown or have not been manifested). The field component is the substances of the four natural elementals: fire, water, air and earth. The causal form accumulates info-energy and creates events.

It became clear that to transform the water elemental (its marine component), it was necessary first to transform the physical reality, i.e. all the elements of Periodic Table that are contained in seawater and prevent its Absolutization.

Taking into account that there is no better place than the ocean at the equator for such an op, this became decisive in the task of the ground team.

With the help of Ascended Masters, Lightwarriors started assembling a Periodic Table of Elements on the Subtle Plan.

The body surface of each team member was divided into sections according to the number of elements. Each zone served as an antenna through which they were loaded into DNA.

It felt like contact with sulfuric acid. The whole body burned and hurt. So it went on for the first two sleepless nights in the Maldives. It was very difficult, because at the same time the organisms of Lightwarriors were purifying these elements from karma. Then they were assembled into a common energy-information Matrix.

The next step was uploading to Lightwarriors and assimilating a new Matrix of Elements created by two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. It took another sleepless night. By morning, the group members were completely exhausted and prostrated, but the tropical nature helped them recover quickly.

After a short rest, their bodies began to replace the Matrix of purified elements with a new, Absolutized one. During the operation (actually a complete transformation of the physical body), all the bones were twisted with terrible force, as if something was squeezed out of them. The procedure was accompanied by severe chills, icing of the body, although the temperature outside did not drop below 28 degrees even at night.

During the day, Lightwarriors were given some sleep and rest, the next night everything happened again. The Absolutization of elements was carried out at the cellular level.

This part of the op was also completed successfully. The next day, the group went out by boat into the ocean, as the new work needed to be carried out from the water.

At the specified location, Lightwarriors combined the crystals of Absolutized elements loaded into them into a new Matrix, activated it and placed it in the center of Addu atoll on a Subtle Plane. Jokingly, they called the atoll “Creative Cockatoo”, for its shape resembling a chicken or a small cockatoo.

Then, Lightwarriors generated a powerful double pulse on it from the Pleroma’s center and the Earth’s core. Under its impact, the seawater’s energy-informational substance began to be drawn into the Matrix of Absolutized water, purified from karma and transformed.

At the same time, through a Matrix in the middle of Addu atoll, a similar substance Periodic Table of Elements was convoluted into the same Crystal.

However, unlike similar works with other elementals, the Absolutized substance was not brought out and did not spread all over Earth at once.

It accumulated in a special Crystal created by Higher Light Hierarchy.

By the evening of the same day, it reached a critical saturation point and completely self-formed a new Matrix of elements.

After a moment, it opened up with a huge explosion on the Subtle Plane.

With the speed of a hurricane, the the new elements spread across the Earth’s field, circling it in a matter of seconds, returning to the center of Addu atoll, and anchored in the planet’s core.

This was how the global transition to 5D formula of the Nature elements was prepared.

New ones will be added to them, and several artificial will disappear. The total number will be 144 at first.

This program of the Galactic Committee is implemented not only by the ground team, but also by Argorians and other friendly space races that run quantum flows going to Earth.

Each participant does his part of the job – a complete transformation on the Subtle and physical plane of the Archons’ substance by which they, under the guidance of Yaltabaoth, created 3D Earth and pumped their poisonous karma into all its elementals and natural elements. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

An important factor helped the success of the Absolutization of natural elements. During the op, Higher Light Hierarchs blocked Dark Curator of the Earth’s elementals and the elements.

At one time, he was created personally by Yaltabaoth with the introduction of a DNA fragment and the Monadic aspect of his father – Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. This substance – atomized DNA – was dispersed throughout the entire 3D physical plane.

So Black Co-Creator made another backup copy of himself to self-restore in case of his destruction. Both father and son (now – Yaltabael) are joined the Light Forces today, but their former black aspects are still preserved in some places of the Local Universe and on Earth.

The threat of resurrection came precisely from the DNA sprayed on the planet, and was very high, since they were guarded by a Dark Curator on the Subtle Plane. He was also the Keeper of 3D Time and space.

Now it was necessary to deal with him.

The first part of the Lightwarriors’ op significantly weakened him, but he still continued to exist. And he was extremely dangerous and ready for anything, knowing that he did not have long left.

After analyzing several options for the elimination of Dark Curator, Ascended Masters chose a plan proposed by the wife of the group leader, or rather, her Higher Self.

To lure the Archon out of 3D, Lightwarrioress offered to use her Monad as “squid”, and then catch him on “live bait”. The operation was extremely dangerous, but the game was worth the candle.

To implement the plan, it was necessary, first, prepare the replacement body of Archon, because it was impossible to simply eliminate him, the entire planetary reality would collapse. It’s as if all the bones of a skeleton were suddenly removed from the man’s corpus.

For the replacement body, Ascended Masters took the part of the Lightwarrioress’ Absolutized Monad. A small fragment was taken from the team leader.

Then her Monad was pretested. First, in the form of castling of its two segments (atoms), which quickly changed places with each other. Gradually, the test was brought to a maximum – simultaneous castling of all 144,000 atoms of the Monad cores.

After that, these 144,000 cores singled out their phantoms and projected them into 144,000 points of the Local Universe, creating the illusion of the Monad’s omnipresence in them. Plus, these phantoms’ projections could still swap places with each other countless times.

By generating such false targets, the invulnerability and invisibility of the Monad was ensured, because it was impossible to determine where it really was at the moment.

In addition to invisibility, all-pervasiveness was achieved due to the fact that the core can divide itself into 144,000 completely autonomous segments, and each of them is an exact copy of the Monad, and these segments penetrate the right place with a massive attack. No defense will stand. The most important quality of such divisibility of the Monad’s core is the possibility of constant access to the Absolute.

Due to the acceleration and interaction of the decompressed atoms of the Monadic cores, the effect of powerful thrust is achieved. It can be used, for example, to pull, tow, ascend or dissolve any Logos. That is, the capacities of an Absolutized Monad are fantastic and limitless.

It was such a Monad that was used for a temporary replacement body as bait. Everything was arranged in such a way that Dark Curator felt that it was a real opportunity for him to escape from Earth to Saturn, which still remains the refuge of Evil forces.

It was guessed that Archon mobilizes all of himself, pulling together entire 3D elementals and the elements of Earth, the Absolutization of which has not yet been completed. Then, he will enter the replacement body and use it as a vehicle to Saturn.

At the appointed time, when both team leaders were in their hotel room, the operation started. Archon entered the Lightwarrioress’ temporary body. But then something happened that no one expected.

Dark Curator turned out to be the smartest of all. He used the replacement body not as a vehicle but as a mean of intruding and capturing the Lightwarrioress’ Absolutized Monad. This gave him real invulnerability, at least for a period.

At the moment when Archon penetrated to her Monad, she suddenly, for no reason, began a wild hysteria with all the accompanying manifestations. For a while, Lightwarrioress completely lost control of self, gasped, could not see through the flowing tears.

Trying to help her, the group leader merged with her by his heart and Monad. It helped a little but not for long: the deadly struggle started between Archon and Lightwarrioress. If he had captured her Absolutized Monad, she would have died.

At some point, Lightwarrioress, in a completely uncontrolled state, ran into the bathroom and locked herself there, shouting that she did not want to live, and did not respond to all calls to open the door.

The team leader decided to break down the hatch. Three kicks did not lead to the desired result. Then he went to the opposite wall, ran away and with all his weight knocked out the door along with the lock.

Lightwarrioress was in a semi-conscious state. He cuddled her in arms, and did not let go anymore. Then the Ascended Masters’ help arrived. Thanks to it, her Absolutized Monad dealt a crushing blow to Archon and annihilated him.

The op’s goal was achieved, but it took all the vitality of the Lightwarrioress. She barely managed to fall asleep and slept without waking up for two days.

Meanwhile, the team leader expressed his complaints to Ascended Masters: why they used such a small segment of his Absolutized Monad to make a bait. After all, in the end, they coped with Archon only in the dipole format, and it’s not known what would have happened to Lightwarrioress if he had not been nearby.

Ascended Masters explained to him that her Monad was significantly higher in its level and strength than his. And in general, the winners are not judged, the game is forgotten, the score remains, and the main thing is the result. There was nothing to answer this argument. Team leader had to agree and start preparing for the next operation.

(To be continued)

**By Lev