The Great Quantum Transition: Ops In Maldives Part 2

The cleansing from karma of Earth’s natural 3D elements and the annihilation of their Dark Curator (see Part 1) allowed Lightwarriors to proceed to the next operation in the Maldives – the purification and Absolutization of the sea water elemental.

On the day of the op, they agreed with a local motorist who, for $ 30, took them to the northern part of atoll Addu, to the edge of its farthest Hithadhoo Island.

There is a unique freshwater lake, the only one in the Maldives. By what miracle did it appear?

Parts of the Maldives archipelago are peaks of the Lemurian Mountains. In some ways they resemble the Seychelles, with the only difference that the latter are mounts protruding from the water, and Maldivian ones do not reach the surface of the ocean 20 meters. Corals begin to grow on the top, gradually forming an island or atoll.

Addu is just such an atoll, located above the Lemurian peaks. At the top of one of them there was a spring, which, after changing of Earth’s poles, together with the entire continent went under water.

Over time, coral began to grow over the top that lasted for tens of thousands of years. Gradually, water began to seep through it under pressure, filled a niche on the surface, and formed a fresh lake.

In the time of Lemuria, this peak was a sacred Power Place, where a Sacred Temple was located. This spot was perfect for the operation.

Firstly, Lightwarriors had previously Absolutized the freshwater Matrix.Secondly, the lake is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, sea water, which had to be cleansed from karma and transformed.

Thirdly, they could use the energy of this sacred Power Place. The team decided to find a secluded nook where they could calmly work.

Seeking out right place, they had to wade through the agave thickets, squeezing between palm trees, piles of garbage that the residents of the nearby village discharged everywhere.

Soon, on the shore of the lake, the group found a suitable spot. From it, Lightwarriors installed an Absolutized Water Matrix in the center of the mere. Then, they linked into it all the energy-informational substance of the seas and oceans water on Earth.

Its purification from karma and Absolutization took a day. In the meantime, on the Subtle Plane, the group built a new equatorial Absolutized Water Temple. Everything went perfectly, easily and simply. Thus, at present, the ENTIRE planetary water substance has been completely transformed.

During the work, the Lemuria Lords unexpectedly came out to Lightwarriors, posing as the Keepers of this Power Place. In the Crystal of the new Temple, they installed their Crystals. It greatly increased the power of the sanctum and accelerated the global water purification from karma and its Absolutization.

Also, their request, two team leaders took one Crystal from them and loaded into themselves. One of them contained information about the work of the Lemuria Ashram, which was located at this place in the past, as well as the technical scheme of the Cleansing Crystal, which was then created here.

The second loaded Crystal contained samples of water retroviruses studied at that time. Both Lightwarriors did not yet get what cosmic problems they had touched.

Over the next few days, they, layer-by-layer, unpacked these Crystals and studied their purpose. It was connected with purification. At one time, in this Ashram of Lemuria, a group of Initiates developed means to clean up Earth and people from negativity, including karmic.

All their achievements and acquired knowledge were put in the Crystal of Strength and Purity, which was transferred in a preserved state to one group leader. Together with Higher Light Hierarchs, he studied its properties and possibilities of application for the benefit of Earth and humanity.

For the second team leader, everything was much more complicated and harder. The Crystal he received turned out to be very dirty, multilevel, and contained the most dangerous retroviruses. Unpacking it, he gradually burned by Absolute Light viruses and huge clots of karma. All his strength was spent on annealing.

Little by little, the group began very much to suspect that they cleanse only an outer shell, beneath which something very important was hiding in the core.

By their request, Higher Light Hierarchs of Lemuria gave the necessary info.

It turned out that in the distant past they had already tried to get rid of the equatorial crystals of the Black Co-Creator (see – Part 1), but failed miserably.

Their attempts led to the decapsulation of one of the crystals, and from it a huge mass of deadly viruses was thrown into the Earth’s space.

They were based on a the sacral-geometric configuration of Perfect Power Matrix, the unity of Male and Female Foundations (Yin-Yang), that gave them special strength and vitality.

Supreme Black Hierarch used this Matrix as an ideal, all-crushing and invulnerable life-killing machine.

There was a real threat to the Earth’s existence because no one and nothing could then neutralize these viruses.

That’s when the two Lords of Lemuria – a dipole pair with the names Lemmos and Lemna – decided to sacrifice themselves.

They sucked in all the viruses from the Black Crystal and managed to block them in selves, their causal bodies.

There was no other solution to the problem at that time.

It has come in our days. There are people on Earth who can cope with such viruses. Among them were the participants of the ops in the Maldives. One of them immediately got to work.

After a few hard days filled with unbearable pain in the heart and the appendix where the cleaning was carried out, Lightwarrior burned all the layers of the crystal containing the virus.

During its further processing, the semi-molten dipole core of the unified causal bodies of Lemnos and Lemna was exposed, which had held in selves this deadly threat for millennia. It took some more time for their rehabilitation, and Lightwarriors could communicate with them telepathically.

The culmination of the operation was the ascension of Lemnos and Lemna into the Logos of the Local Universe. But the very next day they returned to Earth to help Gaia and the earthlings go to 5D.

The next op was targeted on the identification and rehabilitation of zombie Monads of the former Black Co-Creator. As noted in Part 1, he has returned to the Higher Light Hierarchy, but his past aspects and manifestation bodies are still active in different parts of Earth.

In Pleroma, an op’s plan was developed to remove zombie Monads. It included a one-time rehabilitation of the Maternal Logos of all human Monadic Families (for details about them, see Operation in Germany, Part 2).

The main part of the operation was taken over by Lightwarrioress, the dipole of the ground group head.

At night, from the Pleroma, an impulse from the Hearts of two Co-Creators was directed into her Monad. It exploded and shattered into 144,000 fragments. Their number was very scrupulously fixed. Each segment of Absolutized Monad was introduced into a specific Maternal Logos and was used there as a reference sanitizing Matrix.

All the Monads of the corresponding Maternal Logos were passed through it. Scanning and identification of zombie Monads were performed. Upon detection, they were urgently quarantined, and sanitized.

For the Lightwarrioress’ Monad, it was also a “combat” evolutionary crash test, because the impulse of Co-Creators actually destroyed it by blow-up. But it self-restored to an Absolutized quality, proving its invulnerability.

Within a few days, all existing zombie Monads were identified and sanitized. At the same time, not a single human Monad was destroyed, although many had to be artificially reset in the Maternal Logos for rehabilitation.

The Law of Karma was not violated, since the restoration was carried out to the state in which the Monads were initially. Only aspects of the former Supreme Black Hierarch have been removed from them. All the Monad’s personal karma and their evolutionary programs remained, and were re-installed, using a previously made copy.

The next operation in the Maldives concerned planetary Time, the civilization from the Constellation Leo and the Redin people. And all these topics are intertwined into one.

Op was preceded by very unusual events. In the hotel, Lightwarriors sheltered a local kitten which came to them to eat and sleep.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, he jumped up as if scalded, began to hiss, then furiously meow and rush around the room.

Lightwarriors got scared. They had to put cat outside, their whole skin turned cold, as if it had been doused with icy water – a clear sign of contact with necro-energy.

Naturally, they began to dig in what had happened. Cats, as it known, see a Subtle Plan. It turned out that the cat saw a retro phantom of Time.

This is a fragment of an event that actually took place at this place in the distant or not very distant past. Such phenomena are very rare, and happen only if some kind of malfunction occurs in the Earth’s chronal field.

Indeed, that night, such a failure occurred, and on a global scale.

With clairvoyance, Lightwarriors viewed the contents of this retro phantom and were horrified. It was a terrible and bloody scene of human sacrifice which involved some white people who ritually killed Aboriginal natives.

The whites were the Redin, described by Thor Heyerdahl in his book Maldive Mystery. For obvious reasons, the Norwegian traveler never found out the truth about this ethnos.

On many islands, the sun-worshipping Redin built their Temples – havitta, precisely oriented to the cardinal directions. Inside them there was a ritual pool with fresh water (and not rain), that confirms their knowledge of ancient Power Places on Lemurian Mountains and the lake, described above.

The Redin decorated the havittas with three sacred symbols: a Swastika, a Lotus and a Winged Sun. The first two are well known, and the Winged Sun was rare. What did it mean?

The answer was given by Ascended Masters. This is really a solar symbol, only not our Sun, but the Alpha Leo Constellation. That is, the Redin are representatives of the space race sent to Earth for a certain evolutionary mission.

Their main task was connected with the Lion Man, a hybrid created by genetic crossing of Perfect People (representatives of the 77th Monadic stream, direct descendants of the First Family of Absolutized Monads in the Local Universe) with natives of the Leo Constellation.

It was all a long time ago. The experiment was personally led by Yaltabaoth, and his goal was to develop an ideal Intelligence forms.

He also created the lion-like race personally in his own image and likeness (as we remember, he had the Face of a Lion and the body of a Snake). By the way, the Sphinx in Giza is also very similar to the Lion Man.

The resulting hybrid had many disadvantages, and the main one was constant and very high aggressiveness. The genes of the Yaltabaoth’s farther, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, had an impact.

A huge Lion Men population was born in a laboratory in present-day Sri Lanka, the sacred island where they lived and were studied. Despite the isolation, some managed to escape.

Almost all of them eventually died, only one could survive and move to the Maldives. It was he who was destined to become the hero and character of the ancient epics.

As a result, according to the decision of Karma Lords, experiments on Lion Man were stopped, and all surviving species were destroyed. But not at the Monadic level, since they did not have their own, separate Monads’ stream.

The group of crossed Monads remained linked. In 3D, the hybrid was intelligent and viable (and even for Love), and on the Subtle Plane, the Lion Man was a terrible monster.

Yaltabaoth violated the basic Law of the Source and Creation – the highest forms of Intelligences cannot be created by crossing, especially at the level of the Monad.

However, one way or another, the Monads of the 77th Absolutized stream were crossed with a civilization from the Leo Constellation. On the Earth’s Subtle Plane, this Monadic family was threatened with extinction. Lightwarriors found the place of their incarnation – the habitat of the primitive Vedda tribe in the center of Ceylon.

To prevent the death of the entire 77th Monadic Family, the Lords of Lemuria – all the same Lemnos and Lemna – adopted crossed samples. The Monads were put to sleep, put into suspended animation because at that time there was no technology for their separation and rehabilitation.

At the moment of Lemnos and Lemna’s ascension into the Logos of the Local Universe, the crossed Monads held by them were withdrawn and moved to the Lightwarrioress’ Monad. It was approved by her Higher Self and Karma Lords.

She had to separate, restore and ascend all the Monads. The procedure was very difficult and painful, with pain in the heart and high blood pressure. For several days, Lightwarrioress could not get out of bed due to severe dizziness, because the Monads’ separation was carried out by their maximum spin that created a splitting effect of a centrifuge.

When the Monads were finally separated, Lightwarrioress fully restored them in her Monad with the energy of Love and Light, giving them everything she had.

The Lion-like Monads were then transported to their native incarnation reality in the Leo Constellation.

With the Monads of the 77th stream, everything turned out to be much more complicated.

After the rehabilitation was completed, Co-Creators decided to immediately, in a test mode, to upgrade them to a more perfect format in order to Absolutize them in the future. This process is still ongoing.

And what’s about the Redin? Why they didn’t fulfill their mission? Everything was banal simple: the Dark Hierarchy that runs Earth engaged a psychotronic zombie weapons against them. It was based on one of the viruses of the equatorial crystals of the Black Co-Creator.

The virus contained the energy of the dolphins and other marine species’ death cries, transmitted at an infrasound frequency. The similar schemes are used in some modern types of psy-weapons.

The Redin were exposed to exactly such impact that turned them into bloodthirsty zombies. During their crazy dances, Archons planted possessors in them, forcing to perform the wildest human sacrifices.

A living person’s heart was first cut out and sliced into small pieces, then, the body was dismembered. It was such a bloody ritual that Lightwarriors saw in the retro phantom of Time. The answers to all questions lie in the name of their dance which means “Devil”.

What higher mission could one talk about after such a thing? Naturally, the Redin were soon removed from the planet to stop these atrocities. And Lightwarriors were extremely proud that they could contribute to such an important work for Co-Creators. With that, their Maldivian operations have ended.

**By Lev


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