Archangel Michael: R vs W

I am Archangel Michael and I have another task for the Angelic Warrior Group this week.

As you may know, important developments within the history of humanity are being overturned by the Supreme Courts. In the landmark case of R versus W, passed in the 1970’s, abortion was legalized. Now it is overturned in many States, and considerations made in others.

As there are people of two mindsets on earth right now, we ask you to help those who do not understand to realize the truth: the truth is there is never a need to terminate the life of another being, at whatever stage.

Yes, with your limited knowledge there are many of you that are reacting to this statement. You believe it is the right for the woman to determine whether she is pregnant or not, and this is absolutely correct! It is her right.

However it is not her right to terminate a life once it is at any stage of progression, unless the soul decides to terminate itself. It is always up to the soul, never the physical manifestation, to determine the life’s course.

However many do not know this yet. Many of you still think you are in charge. On the other hand, many of you give your entire lives over to God and wait for direction. These are two extremes of the same continuum: misuse of Universal Law. The Law of Surrender asks you to surrender to God when you do not understand, not when you understand what the next steps should be. God will not communicate with you through a burning bush or in sending you angels to converse with, these were biblical acts and the biblical times were times when man was losing his potency as a divine being. The last public example of this mastery was Yeshua or the one you call Jesus. Only in again beginning to walk the path of truth can you live as Yeshua did.

You are not in charge of your lives, however you must live them. You must make choices and learn from those choices which it is that God wants for you. He always wants your happiness, your peace and your love. He wants the opportunity to show you His love for you because love must always be given away, so He wants your happiness.

In fact, at this point in time, you know little of what God wants for you, because it is not realized upon the earth and you do not live as He would have you live.

On that note, we now look at the large major cities across the earth and realize they will become the stage for many acts of unhappy protest by those who feel the right to determine the life of another is at their hands. This is the other extreme: the ones who think they are in charge of others’ lives as well as their own. At one point, the definition of what constitutes life fell into question and was conveniently routed to allow for abortion.

Yes, three lives are at play, here. Would it not be obvious to you that the subject of abortion holds the seed for much growth and development of humanity, if in fact you would allow that growth? Now you will go through this as a collective and many other life questions will arise from the restructuring of law and society for you in days to come.

Today I ask you to focus on the capitol city of your choice: be it Denver, Portland, Mumbai or Paris. Make a choice and meditate, pray or send wishes of love to this capitol that it may sustain any damage by those forces rebelling against the overturn of this court decision. Send your love so that the people living in these cities will suffer little or nothing at all of the turmoil that will ensue as a result of this decision.

I am Archangel Michael. I bring you Truth, I bring you love, we are Legion.


**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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    1. harrrrrie

      To exploringandconnecting,
      I wasn’t kidding when I said everything was/is planned. Not one person is born without it planned. If they were not planned to be born they will die in the womb. Same for death, every death is planned. No one will live longer than their planned death or die early. The Angels will step in and make sure everyone lives and dies as planned.
      Yes murder and abortion are immoral to you. But not to everyone. There were and probably still are tribes who feel a person who is a problem to the group is better dead than causing more problems or taking effort and time to keep imprisoned. If someone is determined to continue to be a severe problem to their society, I understand why capital punishment is their option. Not everyone can be rehabbed, and not every group has the means to deal with a problem individual. A women in the same tribe is not going to have her baby if she doesn’t have the means to care for it.

      I don’t consider a woman immoral who chooses abortion. We don’t know the circumstances that drove her to that decision. It’s very likely she doesn’t have the maturity, emotional or mentally to be a mother and if she is like most women in America today, she is living at poverty level or from week to week or month to month. Society insists at keeping alcohol legal, birth control fails, family and job pressure to succeed and husband pressure to have risky sex can drive a woman to give up a child to abortion. And there are as many reasons as there are women. Not to mention the high rate of sexual abuse, sex slaves and assault.
      There are people who feel no reason is good enough to have an abortion but they are the minority. Most women inherently know that an embryo is not divine to them unless they really want and are glad they have that baby. The embryo represents problems to them, not a coveted life.

      The reason the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade is not because of abortion being immoral. It’s most likely because they want to keep the embryo tissue out of the wrong hands. Another reason is because their job is to stir up trouble for the Cabal. And what better way than to choose to upset people about babies. There could be other reasons, but immorality or pro-life isn’t it.

      Planets at higher dimensions don’t see our murders as a crimes because they know murder is planned in all its variances in our 3D. Crimes are seen differently by those in 5D and higher, they are not labeled as crimes but as experiences. They watch us in our daily lives and wonder how we can stand it and deal with it. We do deal with it because of the way we were designed. There were over 400 (I think 423) types of practice humans made and dropped off here on Earth to see how we would fair/survive. Creator liked us and dropped groups of about 50 of us all over Earth and we multiplied and they are watching us. They wish we could jump on the Love bandwagon a little sooner and get to 5D.
      Immorality is a personal decision. Many who are close to 5D love everyone and are willing to help everyone, but do not consider themselves immoral if they stay away from people who cause problems. They know who to help and whose negative energy is best to avoid. I don’t consider them immoral if they don’t have the constitution to involve themselves with negative people. But maybe someone else would.

      Co-Creators stated that an embryo has a possibility of living to birth. The longer the pregnancy lasts the greater the possibility and probability. But they know there is no guarantee that every fetus will make it to birth. They also know that every abortion is planned by our souls and our Angels will do whatever is necessary to see to it that these abortions will happen. Just as our Angels will see to it that miscarriages, murders, accidents, and births will happen according to the soul’s life plan. There’s no going around it, according to your assumptions, that’s just how it is.

      In the 5th dimension and higher they do not have unplanned pregnancies and they plan when they are going to get pregnant. So abortion is never a consideration. Miscarriages might occur do to unforeseen circumstances. For example, the Shoemaker-Levi comet that hit Jupiter in 1994 veered off course and broke up because it was too close to Earth and was affected by humanity’s negativity. When it hit Jupiter, it killed and injured millions. The had a very difficult time recovering from the hit. I bet there were some pregnant women there who miscarried. I say that because the negativity we can stand here on Earth is thousand times greater than the negativity or adversity higher beings can deal with. Our constitution is such that most times when faced with adversity we jump in and take care of it. That is not so easy for anyone at a higher dimension. They are very, very sensitive and the stress can bring on illness and miscarriage. I also call them people because every planet in our solar system has humans living on it or in it. It was designed that way so we would feel more comfortable with humans on these planets during our first forays into space.
      I will make a concession here, not every lie or cheat is planned ahead by our souls but some of them are. I misspoke.

      1. harrrrrie

        I forgot to mention that an Archangel will not tell us what crimes to not commit.
        We are in 4D now in most respects and interference from beings who are not ‘sanctioned by Creator’ or who are not 5D or higher is much more probable now. They can channel through anyone and claim to be an Archangel, Elohim, a Saint or anyone else.
        Another confounder is that there are 12 timelines and these beings who channel through people here, don’t realize they are speaking through a channel in the wrong timeline.

      2. Miller

        harrrrie, if I understand clearly and please correct me if I’m wrong, the single and simple reason the Supreme Court overturned R vs W is simply because it is not within their jurisdiction to make a ruling on it so they were basically just putting the issue where it belongs which is in the hands of each individual state. their responsibilities are confined to “The Court has appellate jurisdiction on almost any case that involves a point of constitutional and/or federal law.” (Also may include lawsuits between states, diplomacy with other countries, and marina considerations). When the Supreme Court made a ruling on this 50 years ago, it was an overreach on their part, and they were stepping out of their jurisdiction. All this did a few days ago was get that corrected.

        Pertaining to my thoughts and feelings to abortion, I’m torn. I’m not as clearly decided as many of you. I can see it from the violent aggressive act if murder and taking the freedom and rights away from another, and I’m all about freedom to each and all! On the other hand, I can totally understand and feel with you in all of your explanation. I can BELIEVE you are correct that we have all come into this “pre-decided” earth journey and it is for a certain purpose, for a certain time, and there are no victims, no waste of a life, but that all is perfect, right on track, perfect timing etc.
        No matter which of these, it’s NOT the right of any government or entity to decide for another, because that in itself is control of others’ freedom.

        I would appreciate your comment.

        Calm day to you…

        1. harrrrrie

          Regarding states making abortion laws now. I agree the Supreme Court formally gave law making re abortion to the states. But I firmly believe every decision they make is based on what the special interests want, and what the Cabal wants. They have proven it over and over again during the last few decades by making decisions that favor corporations for example. One awful decision is that corporations are now individuals.
          The Cabal, governments and industry leaders want us unhappy, angry, fearful, poor, sad, sick, worried, in despair and hopeless and they are doing a terrific job. In the 50s and 60s we were looking at a wonderful, solid future. The Deep State (dark ETs) wanted to take possession of Earth and eventually the Galaxy. They coerced our presidents, kings, governments, industry leaders and the Cabal to do their bidding to make us poor and unhappy over the last couple centuries. Those that rebelled were threatened or killed (John F. Kennedy). It wasn’t in any way really apparent because the Deep State didn’t want to arouse the Galactic Federation. With the rising population, the Deep State has stepped up their efforts the last few decades. Along with the Cabal, they are giving orders to every leader, government and industry to make life miserable for us and the world. That includes our Supreme Court. For some reason the Cabal doesn’t want abortion to be a federal law and told the Supreme Court to hand the reins over to the states. I believe this is to keep our minds occupied on abortion, protesting in every state that forbids it, stirring up anger and nightly news, as a distraction, so we don’t care to think about all the real problems. Why isn’t there any news about how we are being illegally taxed, losing our rights, our education system is 70 years outdated, nothing is getting done in congress, we as a nation are getting poorer, poisoning of Earth and us (we get cancer from toxins), Big Pharma is poisoning us too, our tax dollars are mis-spent, military gets most of our money but we really don’t need a military with guns and bombs any longer, where are the jobs they promised, why are they making decisions we don’t like, why aren’t they reporting the vaccination deaths and illnesses and the list goes on.

          When you think about it, even the states shouldn’t have to make laws regarding abortion. It’s a private medical matter between a woman and her medical caregiver.

          What woman in their right mind wants others to make her decisions about her body?

          The politicians love to campaign about moral issues like abortion because they know most of America is easily swayed to think about what’s in the news and not the problems they are actually facing. Rather than focus on the problems in America like the homeless, jobs, infrastructure, etc, we are distracted constantly by nightly news about abortion and on what Trump and his cronies did wrong. The reason we don’t get the real news is because the Mainstream Media is controlled by the Cabal.

          The government with all branches wants a dumbed down America so the Cabal and our governmentand industry leaders can keep making money and keep their power. If we don’t question how ineffective our Government really is, they are happy. Then they can make us poorer, try again and again to kill off the population (covid, wars, etc), make us sicker, less powerful, and hopeless. Then we are easily distracted by an abortion decision made by the Supreme Court that really doesn’t mean anything. We don’t need laws telling us what we can do with our bodies.

          Think about it women. We are being used as a topic of conversation so the population doesn’t ask about the real problems facing us. And they want to take our personal rights away to make us angry and hopeless.

          Sorry this is so long, I have difficulty using fewer words, not repeating myself and rambling on.

          But this is basically it.

          Thank you Miller for caring about this matter. I love you and want you to be happy. Love and happiness to everyone. Thank you eraoflight.

          1. Miller

            Harrrie, I agree with all that you wrote and have followed and learned the same over the years.

            Even tho nearly every aspect and facet of our system such as food, supply chain, education, medical, banking, manufacturing, media, Hollywood etc etc has been corrupted to weaken, maim, kill etc, I DO strongly believe it is the exact pressure necessary for the deliverance of a New Era of Love, Light, and Peace that is coming. A kite doesn’t fly without resistance, babies are born under restrictive pressure, and engine runs only because of pressure and resistance etc etc haha so it’s all good! This is all PERFECT! This is the compression we need for an awesome explosion into change! PLEASE, someone hit the detonator!
            Seriously tho, I’m having a grand time of life, content in the moment, watching the drama that others have chosen to clothe themselves in for their journey.

            Everything is ripe and right on track for the good of all.

            A calm day and my love to all

          2. harrrrrie

            I agree with you Miller. Let’s step aside and let the machinations proceed to a very surprising and beautiful result. L & L to all.

          3. Miller

            harrrrie, I like the image, the feel of “Let’s step aside, and [allow]…”.

            I think that’s our part, do whatever we feel, follow our inner being, and allow. Not applying stories to what we observe, not getting caught up in others’ drama (very little is our own) simply resting in our Divinity.

            Love and Light to all


          4. Miller

            harrrrie, you said, “Now I understand why you wish others calm” Please explain a bit further. You may have clarity on it beyond me! 😆

            I wish I had a way of gaining your insight on various other questions in the future. I thought about just posting my email address here and you contacting me.

            I love you and wish you a day of pleasure and calm, FEELING your One-ness with the Divine!

  1. harrrrrie

    To Miller and everyone else. I’m saying here what I have learned. It’s not my opinion, it’s been said to not just me but to everyone. And I feel it’s right.
    Every soul has had karma and needed to balance the karma. And every soul has a list of experiences they need to experience in their 1000 lives on Earth. It was PLANNED by all of our souls.

    Not every soul wants to live a life after birth. They want to live in a womb for a few minutes, days, weeks or months but not as a human after birth. There are miscarriages, abortions, stillbirths, and death at birth during labor. Many, many souls want this type of experience and all parent’s souls lived this life to experience it. It was pre-planned and agreed that the baby human would die during pregnancy or labor. There are just as many or more souls who wanted to live short human lives and their human bodies die at infancy, toddler age, and so on.
    This type of death is not just for our experience and learning but also for our soul’s learning and for Creator’s learning. Our soul and Creator are learning through us at all times.

    Because Creator and our souls know we are perfect and love us totally, we are allowed to do what we need to do through our free will in this 3D. If we make a mistake and become pregnant and our only option (due to fears, options, circumstances etc) is abortion, abortion is our right. What we forget is that this abortion was PLANNED, by our souls. Our souls, Angels and guides do everything necessary to make sure we follow our life plan and have this huge variety of problems and getting pregnant and having an abortion is one of them. Also because our Angels, souls and guides know we are going to have an abortion (or miscarriage, stillbirth, etc) they tell the soul of the embryo/baby to go ahead with it’s plan to incarnate the embryo at conception, knowing it will get to live it’s planned life in the womb, without the eventual life after birth. Because it didn’t want life after birth.

    We are not sinners, criminals or low lifes because we are being guided by our Angels, guides and souls to make mistakes in our 3D lives here on Earth. Every single mistake we make was all PLANNED. Every murder, rape, incest, assault, abortion, lie, cheat, battle and war. They guide us to do these things because we agreed to live out these life plans with all the highs, lows and the ugly.

    So it’s not your fault that you made countless mistakes or had an abortion. You were guided to do so.

    So you are thinking that your free will should have made better decisions and not all these mistakes. If that happens, then you will be incarnated again with the same life plan to make these mistakes because it is for your learning, and for your soul and Creator’s learning. One way or another you will be incarnated into many lives of mistakes that you will make because it was PLANNED.

    So don’t feel guilty, or repent or punish yourself or others because we are all in the same boat. None of us are at fault.

    When you think about it, it’s much easier to forgive yourself and others when you realize that everything we have done we were encouraged to do by our Angels, guides and souls. We are not at fault.

    God knows we chose this 3D life and even asked us to come to Earth to experience it. We are Angels too. We are spiritual masters who were the right fit to be here. Nothing less would satisfy Creator to be incarnated here on Earth during 3D.

    God loves us exactly the way we are. God is thankful we came here in 3D for all the universe to learn from our example. God is grateful for all the life experiences we created because we are going on to bigger and greater things and we needed these experiences.

    Be thankful and grateful for every life plan you followed for everyone’s learning. Yes you suffered but you will be acknowledged forever for your sacrifice and you are going on to bigger and greater things.

    I’m not saying go out and get an abortion. If you are pregnant, do what you feel is right for you, because you are being guided by your Angels, guides and soul for whatever decision you make. If they do not like your decision, they will guide you to your life plan and make sure you change your decision. They are very intent that you follow your life plan.

    So you think you are a puppet being manipulated by the Angels, etc. Yes, it seems that way. But you agreed to this life plan before you incarnated into this body. And you agreed to receive all their help to follow this life plan. Also, don’t forget you do have free will. If you decide to not follow your life plan, you can follow it in another incarnation (in an earlier life as this 3D era is ending).

    1. exploringandconnecting

      “And every soul has a list of experiences they need to experience in their 1000 lives on Earth. It was PLANNED by all of our souls.”

      This is true, but it’s also true that certain acts are immoral.

      Maybe my soul wants to experience murdering someone in this life. Well, great for my soul, but it’s still right to say “don’t murder” as a general advice to people.

      “Not every soul wants to live a life after birth.”

      As you said, the universe can already arrange that via stillbirths or miscarriages or deaths during / shortly after birth.

      You could also say “some souls want to experience being murdered.” Well, that’s probably true, but we don’t need to legalize murder to “help” those souls. They can already have that experience without our help.

      “Because Creator and our souls know we are perfect and love us totally, we are allowed to do what we need to do through our free will in this 3D.”

      Creator loves me and I have free will, therefore I’m allowed to murder people, right?

      Yes, you are allowed to have an abortion, just like you’re allowed to murder people, in the sense that no angel will come down to physically stop you from doing that. Yes, you do have free will in that sense. But just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

      “What we forget is that this abortion was PLANNED, by our souls.”

      My soul planned to murder Joe, therefore it’s ok for me to murder Joe.

      “Also because our Angels, souls and guides know we are going to have an abortion (or miscarriage, stillbirth, etc) they tell the soul of the embryo/baby to go ahead with it’s plan to incarnate the embryo at conception, knowing it will get to live it’s planned life in the womb, without the eventual life after birth. Because it didn’t want life after birth.”

      Also because our Angels, souls and guides know we are going to murder someone in the future, they tell the soul of that other person to proceed with their life up until the point they’re murdered, knowing it will get to live its planned life up until that point, without the eventual life after. Because it didn’t want life after the point of murder.

      It’s very convenient that every time there’s an abortion, you just assume that this is exactly what angels / prime creator needed to facilitate soul growth. Despite Archangel Michael telling you the exact opposite here.

      How do you know that’s always the case? I can’t disprove that maybe that’s sometimes true, but at the same time, maybe there are people walking around whose soul really does want them to get murdered so they may reincarnate elsewhere, and we also don’t legalize murder.

      “We are not sinners, criminals or low lifes because we are being guided by our Angels, guides and souls to make mistakes in our 3D lives here on Earth. Every single mistake we make was all PLANNED. Every murder, rape, incest, assault, abortion, lie, cheat, battle and war. ”

      I don’t think it’s true that every single lie we utter was planned out and hence inevitable. If so, we’d basically have no free will. And we know we do, plus “people don’t have free will, if I do anything evil that’s okay because it was predestined” is a dangerous position to take. You could justify anything like that.

      What I do think is that our soul pre-planned certain things for us, but then we’re always allowed during life to make our own choices. For example, maybe our soul wants us to move somewhere or do a certain job, but then during life we get scared and don’t. Maybe our soul wants a woman to have a baby, but then she gets discouraged / scared and aborts it.

      Even if your post was 100% right, at the same time we shouldn’t murder and we shouldn’t rape and we shouldn’t cheat.

      If I rape someone dear to you, would you really go “oh no problem, angels guided you to do so, this was all planned, the person you raped probably gained valuable soul growth out of that”? I’m guessing you wouldn’t.

      I’m reminded of the saying that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, in this case because you can use it to justify immoral acts. Or alternatively, it’s all well and good to have spiritual knowledge, but you need to be able to switch back between that and a common-sense reality perspective to keep yourself grounded.

      This reply is more than long enough, but I could some of the rest of your post to justify murder too. If a pro-abortion argument works just as well to justify murder, then I don’t think that’s a great argument.

      What I do agree with you on are the importance of gratitude. Also “If you are pregnant, do what you feel is right for you.” Decide from your heart, not from your ego / fear. You can easily “feel” like you need an abortion, but there’s a huge difference between a feeling coming from your ego / fear vs a feeling coming from your heart.

    2. Miller

      harrrrie, Thank you for your gentle response. I appreciate it. I often value your comments after articles.
      My peace, love and light to you!

      1. harrrrrie

        Thank you Miller. I appreciate your comment. Peace, love and light to you. I hope what I know about the guidance of our Angels to live the lives we do, will lessen the burden we feel when we do make our mistakes, or as they call them ‘experiences’.
        At times I wonder how this Earth School is really necessary to get all the experience and knowledge we need to become greater beings. But someday it will be much more clear to us. I know we are to go to the stars and help beings on other planets solve their problems and surprisingly they have problems like ours. So all this experience will be put to good use here and there.

  2. AzureLeaves

    Sorry, doesn’t feel like AA Michael; or he could be, but as an impostor (lots of beings like to do that), or he could be “one of” the AA Michaels from the multitudes of realities out there.

    Want to connect with the “Original”? Then one must raise their consciousness even higher to see all things on a more macro scale–the “bigger picture” of the whole of Existence, which I feel the Channeler and this particular “AA Michael” didn’t display in this post as it is too grounded with the Physical Microcosm and happenings rather than the Macro, with all due respect.

    >”…the truth is there is never a need to terminate the life of another being, at whatever stage.”

    Yes, it would be nice to live in a world where you don’t have to consume the life of another, be it plant or animal, in order to prolong the existence of your physical vessel anymore, but unfortunately, that’s the system in place right now in this dimension. I know; not about pregnancy termination but the point is:

    Life and Death are part of this Illusion and can result in both Entropic and Negentropic outcomes.

    Take Ectopic Pregnancy for example; either the baby dies and the mother lives on, or both the mother and the baby dies because terminating pregnancy is against some “Universal Law” that forbids terminating a life or something; when the very system in place on this planet and on lower dimensions made it a necessity to terminate the life of a living organism to become one’s food for sustenance.

    I highly suggest to see things on a more Macro perspective: at the very Macro of existence, this is all an illusion and a grand play and each has their own roles:

    –“All the world’s a stage.”
    – William Shakespeare
    “…and God plays all the parts.”
    – Neville Lancelot Goddard

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because beyond this Illusion is just the Void/Nothingness/Sunyata.

    And there are many ways to the top of the same mountain; whatever you do, whatever you decide upon, “All Paths lead to Source” and every possible scenario MUST be played out, be it too “Love and Light” or too far end of its opposite e.g. the most gruesome occurrences beyond one’s imagination.

    Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, my dear Co-creators: “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

    The whole of existence is essentially indifferent–though with a bit of bias towards Negentropy–at the end of the day, “Good and Evil” are just stupid worldplay; even the “Evil Dark Ones” a lot of “Love and Light-only” lightworkers seem to hate are just Fractals of the same Divine Source enacting a Play.

    –“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”
    – Hassan-i Sabbāh, Grandmaster of the Assassins

  3. Nancy Castellvi

    I envision the day when no abortion laws will be necessary. That a high conscious humanity will not feel the need or desire to contemplate such an act of destruction. Love to all.

    1. exploringandconnecting

      Yes, well put.

      One Pleiadian woman whom I discussed abortion with, said something like “no one of us would ever even consider having an abortion. That said, children are raised much more communally — “it takes a village to raise a child” — so if a woman doesn’t want a child after all, it’s possible to have someone else take up the parenting duties. There’s no judgement there. That said, we also don’t have rape in our society.”

  4. exploringandconnecting

    Suppose your dear friend is happily married, pregnant and is super excited to become a mother. Which of the following questions do you ask her?

    1) “How is your baby doing?”
    2) “How is your soulless fetus doing?”

    Number one, you say? Hm, seems like we don’t really think of babies-in-the-womb as fetuses without a soul, unless we’re trying to justify abortion.

    1. exploringandconnecting

      Also, if a woman miscarries or has an abortion, she often feels emotionally like she’s lost a child she could have had. Not like she’s lost a clump of soulless cells.

      Also, if you kill a pregnant woman, it’s often double murder.

      When a baby kicks often, a woman says something like “oh, my baby is a lively one”, ascribing character to the child. She doesn’t say “my soulless fetus happens to be moving for whatever reason.”

      When it comes to anything other than abortion, we do feel and act like a baby in the womb is a living being with a soul.

  5. John

    Abortion is a satanic act if you dont want kids take precautions it really is that simple, even if a young life comes in for even a brief moment it learns so much but we humans still see things far too emotionally dont get stuck its ALL preplanned even abortion

  6. harrrrrie

    I read the first five paragraphs and knew this isn’t Archangel Michael or any Archangel.

    1. Miller

      Harrrrie, how do you justify the violent act of taking the life of another human, claiming you have rights by denying the rights of another; the right to LIVE?

  7. Zuza Duszynska

    Pleadians said something a bit different. That abortions are another lessons, and many souls actually can benefit from the experience. I wouldnt blame women who take such decision, we are not here to blame. We are love.

    1. exploringandconnecting

      I don’t know what the exact words of the Pleiadians were, but AA Michael’s message here and what you wrote might not be contradictory.

      As in, “women shouldn’t abort babies ever, but if they do, then lessons are learned and there is a degree of benefit to be gained even from a suboptimal circumstance.” Something like that.

      After all, me beating someone to death with a club is something I absolutely shouldn’t do. But if I do, then both my and the victim’s soul probably learn something from that experience.

      Though again, I don’t have the exact words of those Pleiadians in front of me.

  8. Keith

    “You are not in control of your lives….” Some lady said that be-lie-ved she can channel messages.
    Not sure how this article made it thru.
    Anyone that believes you are not in control of your own life must not be trusted.

    1. Lightworker

      The text suggest that it’s your soul that ultimately makes decisions in your life.

      So small ego 3d you isn’t in control, You (including your soul) are.

    2. AzureLeaves

      Regarding information like that, I unfortunately got into a habit of silently saying to myself–while reading an article or comment of someone on websites like these: “It seems like you all need to learn and practice Neville Goddard’s teachings…”

      –“All the world’s a stage.”
      – William Shakespeare
      “…and God plays all the parts.”
      – Neville Lancelot Goddard

      And guess what? All of us are the Directors and Scriptwriters of the play; according to a combination of my personal realizations and Neville’s teachings.

  9. C

    “ the truth is there is never a need to terminate the life of another being, at whatever stage.” ~ and yet, there are still wars, death penalties, pharmaceuticals that poison, purposefully contaminated air, water, soil and food. Our society is rampant with aggression, violence, decrepitude, starvation, homelessness, illness and disease. Human slavery, trafficking; biological and agricultural weaponry. And more!

    The slow, methodical, destruction, and decimation of the human SPIRIT – is also a form of “life termination”.

    The slow, methodical, destruction and decimation of the physical body is also a form of “life termination”.

    I would request for those inclined – please go quiet and seek to connect with Creator. Continue seeking this connection. Ask your questions, get your answers and continue to go deeper and deeper for understanding, revelation, guidance and wisdom.

    These constant chatterboxes do not have all the answers, nor are they necessary for any of us to have our own Divine Communication. And many of them may not even be real; discernment is imperative. 🙏🕊

    1. exploringandconnecting

      “We still have wars, therefore murdering babies is ok” is a weird argument. I’d like to do away with wars, too.

      I agree with your last two paragraphs.

      1. C

        You “quoted” a statement that does not exist aside of your own imagining, and referenced it as a “weird argument”. Yet it’s one you created yourself.

        My comments were in response to a specific sentence, quoted directly from the article. An article alleged to be a direct message from an Archangel.

        I don’t particularly resonate with the author as being a truthful or legitimate “channel”. My commentary was directed in that manner. The sentence I quoted stood out to me in a much broader context, and my comment reflected that. I neither mentioned nor implied anything about the specific topic of the article, nor my views or opinions on it.

        Perhaps going forward, it’s better to simply address what is actually written, rather than false quotes and assumptions. 🙏🕊

        1. exploringandconnecting

          Yes, I did read your paragraphs 1 – 3 combined as a pro-abortion argument.

          If it wasn’t that, what point were you trying to make? I honestly don’t know how else to read that, even after your second post.

          I’d love to address what you wrote, but I still don’t understand what it is. And I don’t think it’s fair to put that blame solely on me — communication is a two-way street.

  10. Christed

    I don’t believe this is an Archangel talking. This is Sharon Stewart and her opinion full time! A time will come when we will stop parroting the names of Ascended Masters and Archangels and simply own up that on issues of soul growth and awareness we are giving our opinions from developments around our differing personalities and perceptions. Read the Matthew Books by Suzanne Ward and listen to Matthew’s monthly messages to humanity and you will have a far deeper understanding of soul at pre- birth and post- birth interactions with other souls on our planet. Then issies such as R vs W will be crystal clear to you. Thanks and Good luck!

    1. C

      This one here -(SS) whether an actual “real” person, bot or computer algorithm on story teller mode is not one that I resonate with, and generally don’t read their articles. The continuous co-opting of the names of Ascended Masters, Archangels and other supposed HighDivinity beings is an indicator for me to increase discernment.

    2. Lightworker

      Archangel Michael confirmed to me that this is him.

      At the end of the day, don’t believe “christed” or me. Believe your own heart (not ego) or ask Archangel Michael yourself.

        1. exploringandconnecting

          Go ask Archangel Michael yourself if this is him, if you don’t believe me. He’s actually surprisingly easy to channel.

    1. Lightworker

      Yes that is a horrific situation, but that does not mean that ending a life is the answer.

        1. Christed

          Great and valid question! Many souls today are choosing that experience as a vital part of their learning and balancing process both for themselves and for other souls involved. Souls also interchange fetal experiences while in the womb allowing other souls who may not incarnate to choose to experience a brief span of bodily warmth in the womb until the rightful claimant takes over at birth. Souls also change their minds and prefer not to take on a claimed fetus in the womb and the result is stillbirth, and the lessons for the would-have-been mother and other souls are completed in such event happening. There are myriad frequencies in perspective available at soul level regarding physical experience on Earth. The truth is that these extremities of opinions chanelling “pro-life” and “pro-choice” arguments and making generalized judgments about “taking life” and “not taking life” do not know a “tad” about life and existence beyond the physical body. No Archangel will tell you things that this channel has said in this forum. Except the “archangels” that are mere externalisations of our own strong feelings at this stage of consciousness transition.

          1. AzureLeaves

            Agreed; such is the common issue with a bunch of Channeled messages.

            At the end of the day, no matter what happens, everything is for the sake of Learning, of Evolution, of the whole of Existence; hence parallel realities and infinite timelines exists; every scenario MUST play out for the Divine Source to learn and evolve through us–it’s Fractals.

            And for the sake of example, will definitely contain “realities” wherein a mother didn’t encounter a complication like Ectopic Pregnancy to terminate the whole process and deliver the baby safely, or a completely opposite reality wherein she had an Ectopic Pregnancy and chose to live on or die with the baby.

            Or another reality wherein a natural disaster hit and either killed both or both are safe and a whole myriad of complicated things, which cannot be realized unless the individual learned to look at things on a Macro scale–the “Big Picture”, which, for what it’s worth, is definitely how an individual–human, or angel or other–with a much more evolved consciousness, would see things.

            In any case, I think it’s highly beneficial for people–on a spiritual path or not–to learn the teachings of Neville Goddard and the Heart Sutra; to see the whole of Existence as it is, and know that every individual has the power to change their reality and get the answers through their own power, instead of relying on something/someone that is outside of themselves.

        2. exploringandconnecting

          This is a bit like saying “we must legalize murder, because what if a soul wants to be terminated”?

          Well, we can’t legalize murder just because some people might want to get murdered. You can’t just assume that any time someone gets murdered / aborted, probably the victim’s soul wanted that to happen, like pro-abortion advocates are doing elsewhere in this discussion thread.

          1. G

            You also can’t assume that unwanted or dangerous pregnancy wasn’t part of their plan. Ultimately it shouldn’t be anyone else’s decision except the souls who are involved