Feeling Our Way

There is so much going on. The incoming energies are almost nonstop. We’re receiving codes, we’re embodying all the new light, and we’re noticing the increasing gap between us and the ones who are still hanging out in the old world.

Many of us came here for what is taking place right now, and we can feel this growing commitment to the work we are doing. We have become focused, we’re holding the energy and not letting anything distract us. But we’re also connecting with those we know or with new people, in a new way, even if just for a short time. This happens as we hold the new space.

There is a convergence and a separation. The convergence is all the energies flowing in that are connecting with us in a big way and making it very clear to us what we are doing. I can remember years ago asking what my purpose was, asking to be shown as I explored various avenues, and in the last few months I feel incredible clarity. Like many others, I am holding the energy of the new as it takes shape, helping to create something that I have wanted my whole life but didn’t know how to create. Now we’re learning how this is done. The peace we feel inside takes root in the ground around us, and we can live in a peaceful world. We hold this peace even when others do not. We hold harmony, we hold trust, we hold love, and these grow in the world we are creating.

The incoming energies are almost nonstop. We’re receiving codes, and we’re embodying all the new light.

We are at the inception. This new world is being created. It is coming into being, and it is up to each to guide and shepherd this. We’re bringing it in, watching it take form, and seeing the ramifications of that in our experience.

This work is intense. There is nothing else like it. We learn as we go.

On Thursday night we were experiencing strong energies coming in, bringing divine feminine codes. Anchoring this energy made the bones in my feet hurt so much I couldn’t sleep till 2 am. And I could see, psychically, how blindingly bright the light was. When I’m going thru something like this, I wonder who else is out there also feeling it. The next day a friend told me her dogs woke her up at 1:30 am to go outside, when normally they sleep thru the night. A friend’s young son told her his hands have been tingling. Hands, feet, the whole body can tingle. He and his cousin were discussing the balls of light they see, and the rainbow colors. Currently also there is what feels like pressure in the ears and across the nose as we anchor these new alignments. So the energy is impacting all of us, even our furry friends. But we may experience it in different ways and at different times.

The more we embody of the new energy, the more challenging it is becoming to operate in the old, and this is becoming increasingly obvious. I just went to the store I have enjoyed shopping at, and lately this store feels like it is going downhill. I used to recognize many employees. Now there’s only one, and he told me he’s thinking of quitting because of how the staff are treated. In the last month I have begun to limit my time there, only getting the things I can’t find elsewhere. And this is because the store no longer feels good. These days we operate a lot on feeling—how things feel. We’re drawn to what feels good, pushed away from what doesn’t. It’s very intuitive. And this is part of our new guidance system. It’s also one of the ways we create. We’re withdrawing energy from what is no longer supportive of our vision. You will notice that a lot of this is happening naturally. It’s not that we’re thinking or planning it, it is just evolving. And we are learning, as we feel everything and encounter many triggers, to hold our balance, our center, to not deviate from the place of internal peace in spite of the shifting winds around us.

We are all choosing our levels, the frequencies we want to spend time in. Those of you reading this are choosing to hold the heart energy and anchor the new frequencies on the planet for our new experience. At this time we are all being called to focus. We have to do what we are here to do. Many are choosing to help and are doing great work, but many more are choosing to ignore what’s taking place and will at some point come face to face with what they need to do at the frequency they are at. Thus we want to continue clearing in order to embody and hold the highest frequency we can.

**By Terry Andrews


3 Replies to “Feeling Our Way”

  1. Lizzi

    Thank you. This is exactly how I feel…well it’s all about feeling. People, places feeling loved or loving or I just can’t be there. No judgement as they have their own journey but loving them anyway. No matter how chaotic the world is around me, it’s who I am in the chaos. So challenging yet so important to embrace these new frequencies and keep holding them no matter what.

  2. Nancy Castellvi

    Felt the energy of your words through my energy field. I feel these energies as waves through my body and mostly my heart. I run them through and release them with love to the Collective 💖

  3. Xie Yunjiao

    We can telepathically communicate with each other, right? I love your energy through your writing. If I want to communicate telepathically with you, how can I distinguish your frequencies?