The Grandmothers Speak: The World is Opening Now

“Because you said ‘Yes’ to us,” the Grandmothers said, “The world is opening now.

Because you have allowed love to live in and flow through you, the Divine is infusing you with ever more love. This opening within creates and encourages the opening that’s now taking place on Earth, in the cosmos, in all the worlds. As above, so below,” they said, smiling happily. “As within, so without.

“As you’ve worked with us, you’ve allowed yourself to become a vessel of love so that now you are ever filling, ever pouring forth love. Each time you call on us or any form of the Divine, more love fills you. Each time you think of the Net of Light, more love fills the Universe. Over and over again we have reminded you that, ‘You are the light switch. Light is broadcasting through you/from you, and this is now in full operation!” the Grandmothers crowed. “You are fully lit! And because you are, all life everywhere is being affected.

Then the Grandmothers began to laugh. “We realize that we are telling you this while your world is in utter turmoil and we hear how ridiculous this must sound to you. And yet it is true! Evil, hatred and blockages of every kind on Earth are now surfacing from the subterranean depths to be purified by the light,” they explained. “We are happy to see this garbage rise up!” they cried, “happy! Let it rise!” they declared. “Let it be revealed. Revealed and purified by the light that you are helping hold steady.

“Do not doubt the great good you are doing by standing firm in the light. Do not despair as all this ugliness comes forth. You were born to do this work. So, stand with us,” they said, “stand with one another and let the light pour forth. You are doing what you were born to do.

Then the Grandmothers directed me to pick up Return of the Mother, Return to Love. I opened the book and read: “The time for community, the time for communion, has come,” they announced. “Commune with one another’ commune with nature; commune with us. Join together. The time of the lone operator is over,” they said. “So, open your hearts and share. Share!” they repeated. “Seek one another out. Stay in touch with each other. Touch and share all that touches you. More love, more togetherness, more, more!” they spread their arms wide.

“Everyone today is starving,” they said. “People are starved for love, starved for community, starved for sharing. Create opportunities for sharing,” they said. “Come together in joy, in song—to share food and to serve. Come together.” Return of the Mother, Return to Love, page 150

Sharon & the Net of Light team


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