Co-creating A Shift Toward Divine Government

This is a powerful moment for the people in the United States of America. We are being called to a higher service, and we are being presented with the opportunity to change the direction in which this country is headed.

Time is of the essence, and in order for this country to fulfill her Divine Destiny, we must act now. We must get involved, and we must respond to the inner prompting of our heart which seems to keep repeating the refrain, “Your time is at hand.”

When we watch the news or read the newspaper it appears as though everything on this Planet is spiraling out of control and disintegrating into an abyss of chaos and confusion. It seems as though the people in positions of power who are associated with governments, the courts, corporations, energy, religions, the media, financial institutions, medical and pharmaceutical interests and most of the other institutions that profoundly affect people’s lives have lost their way.

They have succumbed to the paralyzing grip of their fear-based, fragmented human egos even though this aspect of Humanity’s fallen personality is now obsolete. They have bought into the illusion of lack and limitation. Many of them sincerely believe that they must lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to survive. These people are committed to doing whatever they think is necessary in order to maintain their power.

It is difficult for the average person to fathom how we will ever get out of this mess. It looks like an impossible task, and it seems as though our humble efforts are futile in the face of such powerful adversity. Fortunately, our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father-Mother God are directing the Company of Heaven and embodied Lightworkers on Earth to help every person on this Planet understand that NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!

We are not worthless sinners or worms in the dust. We are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God, and ALL that our Father-Mother God have is ours. We are in the physical plane of Earth at this time to learn how to use our Creative faculties of thought and feeling to become Cocreators with our God Parents. We were given the gift of free will so that we would voluntarily use our thoughts and feelings to Cocreate new patterns of Divinity in the physical world of form, thus expanding the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. As Children of God, we are powerful beyond our knowing.

No matter how remote that Truth may be from our conscious mind and memory, it is still pulsating in the genetic codings of our Divine Potential. All we have to do in order to bring this Sacred Knowledge to the surface is ask our I AM Presence to reveal to us the Truth of who we are and why we are here.

In order to change what is happening in the outer world, we do NOT have to do battle with the forces of imbalance. That particular focus of our attention would interfere with our ability to be the Peace Commanding Presence we need to be at this time. It would actually distract us from fulfilling the Divine Plan.

Buckminster Fuller once said, “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called.

We must start by knowing that we are ALL One. There is no “us and them.” Every soul who is acting out adversely is still a Son or Daughter of God, regardless of how far that soul may be from reflecting that Truth in his or her behavior patterns. Consequently, every person on Earth is our Sister or Brother in every sense of the word. We are interrelated, interconnected and interdependent, not only with every person on Earth, but with every facet of Life in the whole of Creation.

It is imperative for us to remember that every man, woman and child has a Spark of Divinity pulsating within their Heart Flame. If that were not true, they could not exist. As we focus our attention on the Divine Spark within every person’s heart, it begins to expand and expand. This allows their I AM Presence to integrate into their physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

The I AM Presence, which is our true God Self, always sees the bigger picture. This aspect of our Divinity knows our individual purpose and reason for being. Once our I AM Presence integrates into our Earthly bodies, it is able to influence our thoughts, words, actions and feelings in new and constructive ways. This will result in new behavior patterns that reflect the Oneness of Life and the highest good for all concerned.

In the United States of America we are in the midst of our midterm elections. Due to the Cosmic Moment at hand, this is one of the most important elections we have ever faced. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have indicated that through this election process, a Divine Plan of monumental proportions is unfolding on Earth. In order for this plan to succeed, the involvement of every Awakened Lightworker is vital and necessary.

The Truth is that fundamental change never begins at the top. Change of this magnitude begins with a shift of Consciousness at the grass-roots level and expands into an unstoppable momentum. People at the top who are in positions of power, however, do have the ability to wreak havoc on this Planet and Humanity. For this reason, it is critical that the people who are elected into office in United States of America be people who understand the Oneness of Life and the Divine Destiny for this country.

America is an anagram for the I AM RACE. This will be a race of God-conscious souls, a race of people comprised of all races, all religions, all nationalities, all cultures and all creeds. America is literally the microcosm of the macrocosm for this Planet.

The I AM RACE will be a race of people who truly represent the Family of Humanity living together in peace, harmony, joy, mutual respect and abundance. This will be a race of people who revel in the unity of our diversities, people who are learning and growing through our shared experiences, continually working toward the highest good for all concerned, Cocreating win-win situations for all of our interactions with each other. The I AM RACE will be comprised of people who are modeling Humanity’s Divine Potential for all the World to see. That is the Destiny and the Divine Plan for this country.

This archetype for the Family of Humanity will then expand until all of the peoples on this sweet Earth are experiencing Oneness and the Reverence for ALL Life. As the I AM Presence expands through every Heart Flame, Humanity will succeed in Cocreating the wonders of Heaven on Earth.

It may seem as though this reality is a pipe dream or, at most, a remote possibility in the far distant future. But, in Truth, we have the ability to Cocreate this Divine Plan right here and right now. This is not a colossal feat, but it does involve a deliberate shift in Humanity’s Consciousness.

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Truth have given specific guidance on what Lightworkers can do to assist in Cocreating this vitally important facet of the Divine Plan. It is never the intent of these selfless servants of God to interfere with our free will, so they will not tell us who to vote for or what the result of the elections will be. In fact, they said that there are several variables in these elections that could result in a positive outcome IF the candidates will give their I AM Presence dominion of their thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

What Lightworkers all over the World are being asked to do at this time, is to be the Open Door for the Light of God. Even though the Company of Heaven is standing in readiness, they cannot intervene without our permission. Once we ask for their assistance, however, the floodgates of Heaven will open in response to our invitation.

Because of the miraculous Activities of Light that have been accomplished since the Birth of this Decade 2020-2030, the Earth and all her Life are now vibrating at the highest frequency that we have experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago. As hard as this may be to believe, this shift of vibration is allowing the Legions of Light from Systems of Worlds beyond our previous experience to assist us.

The Beings of Light are beseeching all of us who are able to vote in these elections to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. They have asked us to evaluate the candidates according to our wisdom and our understanding, then we can ask our I AM Presence for guidance and illumination. After listening to our inner guidance, we are being asked to vote for the person who resonates in our heart as the one who will bring about the highest good and the Divine Destiny for this country. Then, after completing the voting process, we can affirm within our hearts: “Thy Will, not mine, be done.”

Since we are One with all Humanity, we have the ability to serve as surrogates on behalf of every voter in the United States of America. That is true regardless of where we reside on the face of the Earth. We have the ability to ask the I AM Presence of each voter to intervene in his or her voting process, just as we have asked our own I AM Presence.

From now until the midterm elections, we have the ability to create the sacred space for the right and perfect outcome of this Divine Plan. The Beings of Light have given us some very powerful affirmations and invocations. This will give the Company of Heaven permission to intervene in powerful ways in this election process in the United States of America.

If we will do these invocations and affirmations knowing that we are joining in consciousness with Lightworkers all over the World who are doing them with us, our efforts will be expanded a thousand fold. This amplification of Light is a gift from both the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Legions of Light assisting us from other Systems of Worlds. I will state these invocations in the 1st person, so that each of us will experience them personally and tangibly in our own lives. Simultaneously, we are invoking this Activity of Light on behalf of ALL Humanity.  And we begin.


As I Breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically, I absorb every Holy Breath into the Divinity of my Heart Flame. With every Inbreath I AM cleansing the cells, molecules, atoms and electrons of my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. With every Outbreath I AM expanding my Holy Breath into the physical plane of Earth to bless all Life. As I continue focusing my attention on my Inbreath and Outbreath, I AM lifted into the full embrace of my mighty I AM Presence. Within the radiance of this resplendent Light, I surrender my lower human consciousness to the perfection of my I AM Presence.

In this higher level of Divine Consciousness, I know I AM One with the Divine Heart and Mind of God. I AM also One with every man, woman and child on Earth. Now, within the embrace of Humanity’s unified Heart Flames I affirm as One Voice, One Breath and One Consciousness of pure Divine Love: I AM a Beloved Child of God, and ALL that my Father-Mother God have is mine.

As a surrogate serving on behalf of ALL Humanity, I invoke the I AM Presence of every person to expand the Threefold Flame within their Heart. I kneel in recognition of the Light of the Cosmos, and I draw forth the Flames representing the Threefold Activity of Life, as exemplified by the Holy Trinity in the Threefold Flame pulsating in every person’s Heart.

I invoke the Blue Flame, which represents the Divine Power of my Father God.

I invoke the Pink Flame, which represents the Comprehensive Divine Love of my Mother God, the Holy Spirit.

I invoke the Yellow-Gold Flame, which represents the Divine Enlightenment and Unity Consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God.

Beloved Father-Mother God, come now and assert your rightful authority within me and within ALL of Humanity. Show us how to reverently and humbly express this perfectly balanced activity of Power, Love, and Unity Consciousness daily and hourly in our lives.

Now, within the Divine Balance of my Heart Flame I decree:

O Supreme Light, I acknowledge you in all Life. I give Gratitude to the glorious Cosmic, Galactic and Ascended Beings as I invoke them and the great Angelic Host to amplify the energy which I AM now releasing to assist with the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for manifesting Divine Government. May that Light expand and expand as it travels throughout the Universe, ever widening the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in fulfillment of God’s Will.

Beloved Presence of God—the Source of All That Is—I Love and Adore you. I acknowledge you as the owner and giver of my Life, my intelligence, my substance, my all. Seal me in the Power, Love, and Unity Consciousness of my Threefold Flame. Blaze your Light and Love before me so that I may always walk the Path of Light.

Guard and protect me. Guide and direct me. Give me the Illumination of the Truth that will set me FREE. Help me to BE your Divine Love in action at all times.  Sustain your Love through me to bless all Life I contact.

I dedicate this Activity of Light to the manifestation of Divine Government—a Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence of every person on Earth.

I now specifically invoke the I AM Presence of every person who is now or ever will be associated with the Governments of the Earth. Dear Ones, I ask that you record in their conscious mind and their Heart Flame the portion of the Divine Plan for which they are or will be responsible. Reveal through the Flame of Illumined Truth the Divine Purpose and Plan for each of the positions they will hold and give each person the Spiritual Courage and Desire to fulfill that plan perfectly.

Now Beloved Legions of Light, Blaze the Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through each of these souls and clear away any destructive activity of their own free will which might rush in to try and impede their conscious desire to do God’s Will. Help them to remain obedient to the Laws of Harmony and to BE God in action at ALL times. Seal all Governmental positions individually and collectively in the radiance of God’s Will.

I now Invoke the Legions of Light throughout Infinity to direct their full-gathered momentum of Loving and Illumined Obedience to God’s Will into the thoughts, words, actions and feelings of all people who are or will be associated with the Governments of the World at national, state and local levels.

Through the Power and Presence of my Father-Mother God, I decree that Divine Government shall manifest NOW and that ALL Humanity shall follow the Will of God in fulfilling the Divine Plan for this blessed Planet and all her Life.

And So It Is, Beloved I AM.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles


9 Replies to “Co-creating A Shift Toward Divine Government”

  1. John R

    You have described the 3D nightmare to a T. This article is about a shift towards Divine (Self) government. It doesn’t matter if your Swedish or Sri Lankan. Not where we are going. Unless you need to play it out in 3D worlds where you will experience BOTH SIDES of the divide you say you KNOW so much of.

  2. John R

    We don’t take our ‘wrappings’ and masks where we are going Gustavo, we only take who we Are. That is and can only be Love, devoid of race, creed, sex orientation etc. Every decision we make Awakened is made in Unity with our Creator within Who knows absolutely no division as there is only One. You’re using the language of separation to keep separation alive, when factually it never existed but in the ages long collective dream Now being vaporized. There is always the personal free will choice to play out these notions of yours on other 3D worlds though.

    1. Gustavo Frein

      I’m stuck here in this 3D nightmare, so are you, and as an American of European lineage I’m not seeing a whole lot of love coming my way. So as 3rd world darker people are ginned up with hate like CRT I should just love them? Sounds like a recipe for my assured annihilation.

      I think diversity is best served by different races remaining in their own living space and organizing their society as they see fit.

      It’s only European societies that are called upon to embrace diversity and admit people who have no racial, cultural or blood ties to the societies they are fleeing to. They are just going there to take advantage of what European people have built. Countries like Sweden are allowing themselves to be overrun with Arabs and Africans who burn, loot, murder and of course rape, rape Swedish women and children.

      What will you do? Love these savages as they committ atrocities? Are they somehow going to have their hearts filled with love and stop gang raping young White women and then cutting off their heads and using them for soccer balls? That actually happened in Morroco to two Scandinavian women in their twenties who thought the world is a place full of love and unicorns. I know I saw the video of it as these savages that you claim I am one with actually filmed their fun escapade.

      I’d like to see what you love bunnies would do when confronted with a gang of these blood thirsty savages. Tell them you love them and we are all one? LOL, good luck with that. Your head will be the next soccer ball.

  3. Gustavo Frein

    Sounds like multiculturalism repackaged as spiritualism. You know one race the human race, we all bleed red, skin color is the only thing that separates us. Celebrate Diversity!

    Lies, all lies. The races are profoundly different. One method of Jewish infiltration and societal destruction is to divide and conquer. America was 90% European when the Khazars landed here in significant numbers after WWII. There was no dividing the White people they found here, so they altered the immigration laws in 1965 to bring non-Europeans to America to create division.

    Let’s be honest, in this sick clown world we live in only Whites are accused of the ultimate sin of racism. What is called wondrous Diversity in non-Europeans is called racism, the ultimate act of evil when Whites do it. A White man and a White woman marrying and having children is called racism.

    Whites are the top priority for extermination. The Jewish soldiers of Satan consider us their only potential opposition. The other races they see as only a mopping up exercise, and what ones they do allow to live will be their slaves. Jews consider all non-Jews to be inferior, Goyim – their cattle, their beasts.

    Any of this Com-ba-ya non-sense of all races blending themselves out of existence comes from them.

    1. Evan Nonge

      It’s only when your REACTION is CHAMPIONED by ANGER that you END UP missing the point. What is of paramount significance to understand here is, indeed, Humanity is COMPRISED of PEOPLE of different RACES, however, we are ONE with EACH OTHER as we are ONE with all LIFE as well as Our MAKER.

      The major DETERMINATION here is LOVE, which knows no COLOUR and RACE, without which there is a HUGE VOID.


  4. Kirsten

    This is a very beautiful message, but as Saphire points out, the electoral system is rigged, so I really can’t see how voting is helpful one way or another. If the ills of the world could be solved by voting, they would already be solved. To my way of thinking, putting any energy into the existing system merely keeps it going. The 3D system is obviously outmoded. It doesn’t work for anyone but the ones in “control,” and voting is just another 3D placebo. I am taking my energy out of it and putting it into my inner work and into creating a better life for myself and the people in my community – a life that is not dependent upon a bunch of psychopathic bureaucrats on a TV screen.

  5. Saphire

    With all respect of Patricia and the message. It has been proven that the 2020 election was stolen. The issue is not the voter! The issue is the election process and machines, they are all able to be hacked, and programmed to cheat. Democrat election workers are used to accomplish this. These are the hearts and minds we need to pray for. That they be filled with the truth through the Holy Spirit! That they will do an honest job is securing the honesty of the vote! And those who’s hearts will not agree, that they be removed.We The People want clean elections on paper ballots and an honest hand count. No early voting, no absent ballots. Voter ID. USA citizens voting only. God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌❤