Ascension Update; Authenticity, Simultaneity & Continuously Increasing Waves of Energy and Light

We’re in a tremendous phase of rapid change and the energy is mixed, with 3d/4d and 5d time-space coming online. The energy potentials continue to increase continuously. Be extra gentle with yourself. This is a lot for our bodies to integrate and process.

What’s opening up for some next is tapping into SIMULTANEITY. This can feel amazing, but it can also make us feel like we should have accomplished everything we ever we’re going to accomplish, now! LOL Overwhelm!! So if you’re feeling like you can’t get on top of things see if that might be playing out for you and then pivot; choose a new relationship, a new rhythm to time and your day unfolding. We suggest opening to the present and inviting yourself to be led, in knowing, from within. Let the mind’s expectations go and be in your body.

Many people I’ve spoken with lately, are experiencing the energy as a deep clearing of old patterns right now. If that is you, please be extra gentle with yourself. If it’s not, that’s okay too. Know that here are many different ways to participate in ascension and each of us is creating our own experience with our Soul and All That Is. Our SOUL is really lining us up for everything that serves us most. And the more we go within, open, surrender and invite the SOUL to lead, the more graceful this can be.

AUTHENTICITY is also coming online for many in a deeper way. Personally, I got really activated last week. After being in deep rest mode and very quiet for most of June. A massive peeling off of my body’s previous occupants energies out of my space, has cleared a lot of room and revealed to me, more deeply who I truly am. It’s wonderful and also a little disorienting. We’re so used to patterns in our lives! Even those that aren’t expressions of our true Self.

I’m a walk-in so this experience for me is about my predecessors in the body. But for those who are not a walk-in this can feel like family lineage and/or cultural, historical expectations being cleared out. It takes a lot of sleep, hydration and energy to move this much energy out and into new expression. Honor what is happening and trust your body to let you know what it needs to attend to what is going on for you.

To arise as our True Divine Radiant Self, is to expand beyond personality limitations and paradigms of separation, scarcity, lack and limitation. Notice where you’re being freed up, support yourself in it, celebrate and embrace it!

I’m hearing that JULY into AUGUST is going to be wave after wave of higher light lifting us, and all the inner changes that come with increasing illumination and expansion. Daily practices that keep you feeling centered, calm, open and rested, are important.

Even without ancestral or cultural clearing, our bodies are absorbing a great deal of energy and information (instructions and activations) and then doing all the work of integrating, reformatting, and aligning to what is coming in. If you’re more tired than normal, rest more.

I know that our non-physical friends are here for us and will be suggesting ways for us to come together and open to this support. I can feel it coming so more on that soon. I’ve started posting on the Expect Wonderful Facebook Community page multiple times each day — offering short messages and inspiration to help us stay connected, aligned and feel clear.

What practices and spaces help you to feel most supported, connected, clear and loved? Make time for these each day. Take really good care of yourself. Everything you need is here for you. Ask for what you want. Take time to open, feel within and receive.

Your willingness to expand and shift into higher consciousness helps create supportive transition energies.

Those of us who are awake can sync up with the planetary field, offering energetic presence as a bridge to one another and to those who have not yet awakened to their multidimensional Self. Making these changes more gentle.

You matter.
Thank you for being YOU. Here. Now.

With love,


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  1. Pamela A Dennis

    Facebook is going away or so we’ve been told. Truth Social is the new place to post. I deleted Facebook. When you cite a Facebook connection, you are not allowing for many many who have moved on. Please update so we can all share in wisdom. Thanks!