Archangel Michael: Take Action

I am Archangel Michael with a message to the angelic warriors on planet earth.

For some my message last week was not very well received. I did not say to relinquish your weapons. I did not say that you could not fight.

I said you should not fight. ‘Thou shalt not murder’ is one of the ten commandments and it was this I spoke of. I also told you that a plan is being carried out out of your sight so that you will be liberated in a way that will be made permanent. Earth is a free will zone and you are free to carry weapons if it is your desire to.

I wish to make a point of Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka this past week thousands of people tore down the president’s and the prime minister’s residences. Three thousand people were arrested.

Politicians stepped to the fore and said that the problems of this country cannot be resolved quickly. It will take time. Yes, you’ve all heard that before. It will take time.

This is only an attempt to appease the anger of all Sri Lankans – asking for your patience to keep you waiting, and then saying it will take a long time which indicates that they will attempt to do something about the problem, but they will not.

Me: Like the Tenth of Never, that kind of time.

AA Michael: Yes. Sri Lanka, as are many countries, is under direction of the globalist regime. Destroying the homes of the president and the prime minister will get you nowhere. The president and the prime minister resigned. They will only be replaced by new, yes, you call them puppets if the globalist system is not overturned. The globalists are still in power there. They were creating hunger and poverty in Sri Lanka and this will not abate with a new government as long as it is their government that is in power.

The problem with this government was cited as being “rampant corruption.” All globalist governments are corrupt. This corrupt government is holding debt bail-out talks with the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Who do you think runs the IMF? The globalists do. The hopes the people of Sri Lanka have of securing a better future by destroying homes of their leaders is very remote simply because their government is an arm of the globalist body, as is the IMF.

This is why we keep asking you not to start a civil war. Go peacefully to the fifth dimension and allow all to be left behind you.

The entire financial system of this planet is currently being replaced. Those who have switched to the BRICS gold-backed system are on the new financial system.

Another comment on the IMF bailout: “Many believe the much-anticipated IMF bailout could be delayed due to the political crisis. IMF officials told reporters they were hoping for the situation in Sri Lanka to improve.” It’s impossible for the situation to improve in Sri Lanka because the IMF are the ones who are causing it. Please open your eyes and see this!

We ask you to continue to open your eyes and see the truth of who is actually running planet earth. It’s most likely that Sri Lankan officials will simply ask for military lock down and they will get it. This is further control over the people who now would not even have the freedom to move at their leisure.

Most prime ministers and presidents are only spokespeople. They are expendable. When you lash out at them you lash out at the people put in place to take your reaction on the chin. When they are replaced the same circumstances will continue. The system is being taken down at a global level. This is the only way forward.

Yes, it is true. The DS fears you. They have diminished your power throughout the years and only created a system that added to their own. They have used your energy to create this system with. So, the answer is not to be part of the system any longer. Remove yourself in any way that you can.

This does not require violence.

Sharon has had many suggestions on this: Remove your money from the bank. Stop paying them for keeping your credit with the bank. Yes, they have changed the fine print enough to switch the banking situation for you. You owe them, they do not owe you for keeping your money in their banks. Back in the 70’s banks paid a nominal interest charge to you for depositing your money with them. Now you owe them banking fees at the end of the month and no such interest is paid out on most accounts. Yes, you have credit with them, they do not have credit with you.

Stop eating manufactured products and start eating natural food. Grow your own food. Those in warmer climates can eat all year long without ever paying the DS money for their food. Buy from a local farmer instead of buying from the grocery store.

Purchase a house for cash. Do not get a mortgage.

Work on line. Do not hold a normal job.

There are many ways to extricate yourself from their system, but the best way is to understand universal law and to use it. As it has been pointed out by this cosmic team, universal law is being used against you here on earth. It is being used to further enslave you.

Now use it to liberate yourself.

This week we have another project: I ask that you send your positive loving energies to Sri Lanka. As it is expected that repercussions will arise from the actions of this past week, we wish to see this situation improved for the people of this country.

I most graciously thank you.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your leader. I am your servant.

We are Legion.


**Channel: Sharon Stewart


11 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Take Action”

    1. harrrrrie

      Listen to yourselves. You act like you have learned nothing reading the articles here. You are still critical, disallowing, intolerant, and judgemental.

      It matters not that Sharon’s ideas might not be feasible.
      Even one good suggestion is not going to work for everyone.
      Can you use her suggestions as a stepping off point to come up with your own ideas to be independent of the system? Yes

      Could the being Sharon channels be someone other than AA Michael? Yes, of course, it happens all the time, to all channels. The beings try to get through because they want to help.

      Who ever they are, they have information we don’t have, they have good advice and they are in a better place, where we want to be.

      So pick up the good points in these articles and give the channel some slack. You are not perfect and Sharon doesn’t have to be perfect.

  1. Emerson

    C, I liked your “ The darkness is rising as it is diminishing”. I agree and that comment reminds me of our swimming pool service and how debris/contaminants in the water either rise to the top or sink to the bottom, and either way, it gets sucked up by the pump, caught in one of a couple different baskets, or sent to the filter and caught there. Whatever the case, it’s gotten rid of and the water becomes pure crystal blue.
    The darkness is diminishing; at the same time it’s rising to the surface for all to see, allowed to dissipate or be transmuted into love.
    Again, whatever the case, clarity, purity, love and light is coming!!

    I agree heartily with all the comments here that Sharon’s posts (supposed channelings) are depressing, dark, and suspect at best.

    That’s OK I guess, because readers are perceptive, and if it doesn’t resonate, we don’t buy it.

    Love, light and a calm mind to all.

  2. Calgon Take Me Away

    These channelings somehow feel distorted. AA Michael would NEVER say “We are Legion.” That’s what a demon said to Jesus in the “Loaves and Fishes” episode of “That Darn Christ!” Go look it up. Also, AA Mike would NEVER bring up money, or give fin’l advice. Never. Sorry, this ain’t AA Mike. (When I think on this post I can SEE him and he’s shaking his head.) But believe what you want.

  3. Debbie

    A friend of mine told me this along time ago. If you don’t have the cash to pay in full for it, you don’t need. I’ve been telling this to people for years also. I don’t believe in the “credit” system. It just messes people’s lives up.

  4. Rich

    Sharon Stewart is likely compromised and her msg’s are plagued with low vibing nonsense. Yeah work from home only and buying a house cash somehow gets you out of the system lol, get your head out of your ass sharon. Her messages are such a mix bag of half truths. I dont trust her info at all anymore, she complains alot also, just low vibes.

    1. Gustavo Frein

      It’s just plain stoopid. Yes, if I had the cash I would not take out a mortgage.

      Maybe this Michael fellow has some cash he is handing out.

      Sit behind a computer all day? No thanks.

  5. C

    Ask your HighSelf – would a PurelyCreated, Divinely Natured Being tasked by CreatorGod to assist in the bringing about of The New ever suggest for anyone to sit “online” behind a device “working” all day? Go beyond any pre-existing beliefs, beyond indoctrination, beyond societal programming, beyond agenda, and into the Realm of CreatorGods Heart Imaging, Dreams and Desire (for you, for all).

    This article has many markings of low vibrational, distorted drivel.
    Discernment is imperative. The darkness is rising as it is diminishing. Self-silence and intention to connect with, through and as that which is Sacred and Eternal is the Order. Allow CreatorGod to be that which directs and informs, directly.

    May the Light and Truth of CreatorGod shine upon All those and that which is operating under delusional bondage; may the Truth of Natural Law become plainly evident; may we each and all be strengthened and fortified through Compassion, Grace and Forgiveness; may those who are entwined with deception be come Released, Free; may CreatorGod’s Will allow us to Bring, Establish and Experience Peace upon the Earth, and within the hearts, minds and expressions of All Life upon her.

    And so it Is. 🙏🕊