Saint Germain: The Path of Least Resistance is the Path of Less Learned

I am your St Germain with a message for the freedom fighters of today’s world.

Yes, it’s true, the path of least resistance is the path not traveled by so many now. So so many. They are taking the hard task of change. Others who, for their own reasons, continue to comply with what was are taking the path of least resistance.

Is change hard? It need not be. It can also be invigorating as one win after the other is noted. I am telling you right now that you must take the time to focus on the wins. I realize that the process you’re enduring now is a fast process – today’s news is tomorrow’s history – however keeping up on a daily basis is what’s required of you now. Keep up with at least the basic outline of events. Be witness to the change in your world for it will be dynamic.

Incidentally, Sharon provides a recap of the week’s events to you in case you missed them. These are available on her rumble channel.

More is learned when there is change to be made. The path of least resistance indicates that less change is to be made, and for these it will take more in order to have them realize they are making a mistake.

For that is what you all had to come to terms with: That you, at some point in your life, were mistaken. It takes courage and bravery to admit you were tricked, and you have the depth of character to be able to embrace that idea and to run with it. Yes, you point fingers and state: They tricked us. But you still were tricked.

It takes faith to continue on when all events seem to appear that you are failing. Of course your opponents would like to trick you again: They want you to believe that efforts are inadequate and that they are more powerful, so they stage incidents and events that make you doubt whether you’re right or not. You are right. Carry on, soldiers.

In the face of high gas prices and rising food costs and shortages, you must continue to have faith you are doing the right thing. So many of you have the courage to continue, you have the courage to believe that you are right and you believe in the goodness of the one who you call Number 45.

Some of you look to the past to understand what will happen as you understand that history does repeat itself. You’ve seen this happen just in your life alone. The reason history repeats itself is because there is more to learn and more to change. When you have created the change you wish to see, then history’s pattern will be broken and new patterns will emerge: Patterns of peace, goodness and good fortune. But you must persist in breaking these old patterns. Your fortitude is of the utmost importance now. Let history end and let a new age begin.

You are walking the path of most resistance. This past Sunday there was threat of nuclear war and it was suppressed from the public. Why? Happily because your belief in it and your fear of it may have created that situation. We had it in hand, and it was walked through by those involved.

I realize you may resent the fact that there are those with nuclear arms who suppress news of their intent to use it. It’s your world, you should know if your life is under such threat. My dears, your lives are always under threat, they have been since you were born, and now you are fed up and are going to free yourselves of this threat, this damning threat that they have controlled you with for so long.

The brave hearts upon this earth now make my eyes swell with tears. I am so proud of you. You are doing the work of God and are holding up to enormous challenges, challenges that so many others have never encountered abroad. Yet you are the stalwarts, the children of faith and of the Light, and I be with you as we walk together into the golden sunrise of the new world.

I am always here for you,

Your St Germain

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


5 Replies to “Saint Germain: The Path of Least Resistance is the Path of Less Learned”

  1. Tammy

    Thanks to St Germaine and Sharon for telling it like it is. As we mature in our evolution, we are being included in the process more and more of the liberation of our World 🌎. We are becoming Masters.

  2. Iris

    I appreciate Sharon Stewart’s sincerity, but little alarm bells often go off when reading her channeled messages.

    She’s been honest about her physical and emotional struggles, and she’s also quite polarized politically. So both emotionally and mentally, there’s lots of impediments to truly clear, selfless channeling.

    Actually, it’s almost humorous to hear the Higher-plane beings she channels “speak” in such geopolitical detail – so unlike their messages via other channelers.

    Bottom line: She’s a good soul, but a bad messenger for Higher beings.

  3. Teddy

    Yes! We are indeed doing the required work. Transformation is the vibe. Liberation is the goal to restore the Divine Plan on Earth.